Why I Fear for my Country

For the first time I'm scared. I mean really scared. For the first time in my lifetime it looks like America may actually be coming to an end.

As I traveled over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays I payed special attention to the public. At gas stations and shopping centers - I took the time to observe. We are doomed. These people have nothing, know nothing, and are not interested. Talk about rabble.

As I spoke to members of my family at holiday celebrations - about topics foreign to me - like what's going on with their favorite TV show... my heart sank. No hope.

As I browsed the web to see the most recent joke of a terrorist attack - just enough not to cause property damage but just enough to scare the cringing American soccer-moms - I just stared. The conversation in the background continued - I didn't participate.

America is presently doomed. I've not even had the energy to do much blogging - since the words seem to fall on a mass of sheep intent on filling their stomachs. These are not citizens - they are consumers - oblivious to the death and destruction spread in their names.

The American citizen has become a penniless tool of credit card companies - unable to perform their duty as citizen since they cannot collect enough brain energy to grasp the mind-fuck under which they live. They live for a few moments between jobs - or rides to their children's activities, while monsters blow their still-uncollected tax money on expensive robot-drones used to kill "terrorists" - whatever they are. Ask an American what a terrorist is - you might as well ask a cinderblock.

We need a plan, leadership, and decisive action to save America. Our leaders have failed us. Many are being blackmailed. Unless those of us with the answers are taken seriously in public and supported this country is gone.

But maybe I'm wrong - that there really are Americans out there. That there are people who understand that anyone pretending that they have the power to take away their rights is a traitor and an enemy.

In the coming year it will be of the utmost importance to educate, invigorate and galvanize all. The American public is up against an organized force of thieves, liars and power-hungry oligarchs with the means, motive and opportunity to take everything. But what does it matter?

Our Bill of Rights is the only thing we have right now. There is absolutely no respect given to the Constitution of the United States - Why? Why when we have a so-called constitutional scholar in the White House? Perhaps the best way to undermine the Constitution is with someone who understands it best. And I've concluded from my holiday observations that no one is looking out for the American citizen regarding the Constitution of the United States. Especially not the American citizen. No - they cling to their belief that "somebody cares" - or maybe they are so ignorant of the theft of the only thing they have that matters - unique in time - and unique in world history - their Bill of Rights and Constitution - ...

I am concerned that the media is useless providing zero feedback to the population so elections can work. I am concerned that our elections are stolen - by companies who can give a paper receipt for a bank transaction at an ATM but not at the election booth. I am concerned that we have mercenary armies raping and pillaging half the planet with our money but not representing our ideals. I am concerned that our elected representatives, blackmailed, are using mercenaries to continue wars that have no support here in the United States. I am concerned that false-flag operations are constantly used, with the support of a phony news media - to stampede the American public into actions contrary to their freedoms. That's treason by the way.

For the first time in my life I've heard stable even-tempered adults discussing violent revolution. How crazy is that? Is that what it is going to take?

Where is the FBI on 911 Truth? AWOL. Our insane alphabet-soup agencies, CIA, NSA and the rest of them are simply a bunch of robotic brainwashed idiots - running around the world sticking their noses in everyone else's business - then when their nation-building antics backfire - we, the American public, are supposed to sit here and accept the police state required to maintain this madness. How about no?

How about no more prisons? How about no more cops running around with automatic rifles in this "land of the free and home of the brave?" How about some real change we can believe in?

Obama is a fraud, a liar, and as far as I am concerned a traitor. He is a one-world government con-artist with no respect for what America really stands for. He is a front-man for a group of con-artists - troops to Yemen, Columbia, Pakistan - continue the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, saber-rattling toward Iran. Is this clown for real? Why doesn't he declare war on the North Pole? Or is that a coming attraction?

Here in Charlottesville, Virginia we've recently been buried under a blanket of snow too high to drive through with most Jeeps. The entire town crippled - couldn't plow our own roads. What if Al Quaida attacked then? People were stuck in their cars overnight - no emergency crews could reach them. Yeah - we are really a superpower. Meanwhile our military is deployed the world over to save everything.

2010 must be the year of the plan. We need leadership, ideas and action. We need to shit-can our members of the House of Representatives - the first place to look - who don't know what a Bill of Rights is. We need to kick out anybody trampling on that Bill of Rights. Then we need to start working out from there.

Our dysfunctional House of Representatives is the starting line - the first place to focus all actions. And we need them to tackle the big issues - like 911 Truth and these phony wars. Anybody using the term "War on Terror" needs to be fired - period.

I guess I've ranted enough - I just hope some of this sank in. We are in big, big trouble here in America - and if we don't get organized and unite as Americans - we'll be saluting a new flag very very soon.
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UPDATE DEC 27, 2009 Read more here:
UPDATE DEC 27, 2009 IN Response to commenters on Al Quaida - I use the term in the sense of the "scared terrorized American's" viewpoint - I was trying to say that the best time for an attack is while the victim is under a blanket of impassable snow with un-usable roads - good time for a terrorist attack since response would be impossible. I thought this might make my fellow citizens realize that instead of being more prepared to face the boogieman we are completely vulnerable in the most basic ways. My apologies for lack of clarity - my writing style - well... I'm working on it. JR
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  1. "Here in Charlottesville, Virginia we've recently been buried under a blanket of snow too high to drive through with most Jeeps. The entire town crippled - couldn't plow our own roads. What if Al Quaida attacked then? "

    You are an imbecile. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

  2. Anon above says: "You are an imbecile. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself."

    JR says:

    I'm not getting your point. Please make a point.

  3. Amen! Truer words have never been posted!

  4. Isn't it unreal at the total lack of awareness most consumers have.... you begin to try to tell them and the blank stare resumes upon their faces.

    The look of the sheeple.


  5. The guy calling you an imbecile is probably one of the sheep with 1/2 a functioning brain. He probably thinks your honest analysis of the state of the USA is somehow anti-American because the indoctrination program runs 24/7. My stomach churns when some ex-jock football announcer says, "And we thank our troops in 177 nations for protecting freedom." To explain the irony of that statement would render a response akin to, "If ya hate America, then leave it!" I don't hate America but I left it over a quarter-century ago. I hate what America has become because of the examples you gave and the first response you received. I can only hope that some peaceful (r)evolution takes hold back home and a real multi-party democratic republic replaces the Oligarchical farce. (Anonymous II)

  6. “In a dark time, the eye begins to see,” Theodore Roethke.

  7. The current state of the nation:

    “I, like any head of state, reserve the right to act unilaterally if necessary to defend my nation.” U.S. President Barack Obama, December 10, 2009

  8. I think the article was to the point. One might want to look at the BBC documentary that says that AL Quida was an invention.

  9. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 27, 2009, 2:03:00 AM

    Karma, blowback,call it what you will.I call it justice.Any scumbag nation that tortures prisoners gets what it deserves.Rot in hell you evil cunts.

  10. Jack Rabbit is right on but of course so is
    Ivan. The American sheeple deserve all the crap that is coming down on them. But don't blame me I didn't vote for any of the SOB's.

  11. We're screwed. Nuff said. We have allowed the media and popular culture to dictate policy...at that point, it permeated into our educational systems, and so on. Sad to say, there is not a lot of optimism to be had.

  12. feel scared, confused afraid and all the other adjectives I can think of? Welcome to the REAL world bud, where the rest of us live in. Where we had to endure poverty, hunger and be treated like sheep by our governement becauase of YOUR country so people like exactly YOU can live a nice nice 1st world lifestyle while we suffered all sorts of economic hardships. Yeah, karma is a bitch. You and people like you will be providing me with countless hours of free entertainment in the upcoming decades as I watch you suffer and moan and bitch and complain and essentually do nothing but keep on talking about revolutions and electing the proper people into office. The more you moan the more I shall laugh. I am bookmarking your cralp just for that and nothing else.

    P.S. You obviously STILL havent got it yet, because still you say crap like: "our military is all over the world saving everything". Don't worry, you will... eventually. Maybe. Or maybe not.

  13. Who's talking about violent revolution?

  14. You could very well be right, Ivan.New Zealand. We will probably "burn" in Hell, rather than rot, but either way will be most disconcerting.

    But I must address you in particular. Ivan.New Zealand, is there not corruption running rampant in New Zealand, also? If you check around, you'll find a stench from your various "systems" that run the multitude of shows over there. You think we are the only ones? LOL

    Don't point the finger unless you a perfect, and if you are perfect you don't need to point the finger.

    We all have the potential to find our selves in the "Hell" you mentioned. But I think we all have a very big task before us, to clean things up.

    Hell will have to wait while we all attempt to grow up, drop the small selves, and consciously act now to heal ourselves, recover, then heal the planet like good little boys and girls.

  15. To Ivan and petkov, Please understand not all Americans are OK with the way the US Government runs the world. We do not all think we are all deserving and we do see the wrongs being done. Please do not wish ill will on we the people, for it is we the people of the world that need to band together as people, against the piggy Governments. We are not your enemy, they are. You shouldn’t hold the place a person was born against them or you become just like “them”.

  16. Ivan.New Zealand.Dec 27, 2009, 4:19:00 AM

    It will take many generations to wash off the filth you are continuing to cover yourselves in.Think nazi Germany,then remember that you are the only country to have used nuclear bombs against another people.Cowardise and hypocracy are the hallmarks of your politicians and your military.Also remember the "good germans" who stood by and allowed the death camps to operate.So yes,you are my enemy,and the enemy of peace.





  18. In the eye's of the beholder, sadly what you say is cloer to the truth then the diatribe we see coming from any major news source.
    There was a time when Americans had to spend weeks getting the word out to protest things, such as forming gatherings to protest the Vietnam war.

    America can now form massive protests at the simple touch of a computer, but instead would rather play like children and have snowball fights. Those students killed at Kent State dies so America could live the lie.

  19. Take a look around in the UK, Australia, Canada, and all of the other countries that are pioneering the new way of things to come, and you will see the same thing. Roughly 55-60% of the population believe the media hype, whatever it is, and give up their rights for "safety" reasons, then go watch sports on their bigscreen or watch the new hollywood movie that shows us just how the world really works and think that it's just the way of the past and now that it has been pointed out it won't happen again. If these terrorists really wanted to stop imperialism they might pick a target like the G20 or copenhagen or something.
    Of the rest of the people that are concerned, they find that if they talk about things like the government overthrows of nearly all of africa and south america in the last century, they are labeled as crazy nuts and probably get put on terror watch lists. There are plenty of people that know whats going on, at least 15-20% of the population, but for the reasons stated you won't find many that will talk about it and you won't take much notice of them because they are uninterested in the pop brainwash culture and will just take care of their own business for now. Those people you see that are quietly going about their business are the people that know whats going on besides those labeled whackos.

  20. At least we in England are moving to indite Bliar for war crimes - self admitted war crimes, the arrogant B. Other than that we are scarcely better than the USA.
    I think more people may be aware but revolution is not mentioned - we have been stripped of our weapons. As for 'leaders' dream on!!!!
    Disarmed, exactly what Obama plans to do in the USA.
    For the first time I think it is a legitimate question to pose -'Whats in the water'?.
    Something is turning human beings into mindless morons.
    Well 2010 is going to see real financial collapse. There is nothing like watching your children starve to concentrate the few remaining brain cells. Even then the sheeple will just vote the other lot in, to stupid to realise it is merely two halves of a whole, instead of cleansing the political cesspit.
    Britains nearly as bad.

  21. This reminds me of one of those conspiracy theorist films I saw where they actually got a shopkeeper in the UK to say herself that "we should give up our rights for safety." It's not just the Americans!

  22. "Well 2010 is going to see real financial collapse." Financial collapse has been engineered in the past on countries and even groups of countries. This time they have the entire world ready to go down.

  23. Luckily my town doesn't flouridate the water but sadly there are many other ways, such as air, that toxins are being injected into everything. Deliberate or not, just look at cancer death... the current generation has a 1 in 2 chance of dying from cancer up from something like 1 in 30 just 100 years ago.

  24. Americans may all be idiots but at least there are still several of us that can type without SHOUTING. You should really try using capital and lowercase letters... it makes for a much more interesting post.

    I laugh at these assholes who think they are immune from white guilt just 'cause they ain't "americans" HaHaHa... the current world situation is as much the fault of their damn "common wealth" as it is america's problem. We're all guilty of not doing enough to stop the steamroller of "progress"

    When NZ returns all the land the gringos have stolen from the original aboriginal inhabitants, then you freaks can try looking me in the eye and explaining why I'm such an asshole just 'cause my DNA happened to land me in America instead of South America. What sort of backwards-ass redneck idiot are you?

    Do you really think the average folk can make a difference? Kind of like you're doing with your argument that the current world is solely america's fault? What about all the money spent by london banking interest? Speaking of London... Can you name the nationality of the largest group of foreign owners of U.S. lands? Did I hear you say Japan? How about China? No and no. It's the English, just like down there in that little pip-squeak of an island, called New Zealand... I hear tell Old Zealand was worse, that's why you don't hear much about it these days. :)

    It's obvious the whole world is in the grips of a few wealthy psychopaths who have easily convinced enough idiots to support their stupid plans.

    If you want to know what the real problem is watch this:


    People need to come together to stop this crazy bullshit, not spend their efforts typing insults directed at a blog that is at least pointing out the problems we are facing.

    Just remember what that crazy beatnik Jesus said a long time ago which still rings true today, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."


  25. "This reminds me of one of those conspiracy theorist films I saw where they actually got a shopkeeper in the UK to say herself that 'we should give up our rights for safety.'"

    ... I think the actual quote was, "we should give up our liberties for freedom." What a dumb bitch ;-)

  26. Dave S

    What crap you write.
    'When NZ returns all the land the gringos have stolen from the original aboriginal inhabitants'
    What 'original aboriginal inhabitants'?
    You are as off planet with your geography as you are with your ranting.
    New Zealand - if it ever had any original inhabitants is now a nation of immigrants.
    Some just arrived a bit earlier than others.
    However New Zealand certainly is a member of the corruption club.
    The PM is ex Lehman Brothers.
    Australia's is Goldman Sachs.
    Says it all.

  27. "I laugh at these assholes who think they are immune from white guilt just 'cause they ain't "americans""

    hey buddy don't pull the race card like our beloved leader. There are plenty other races involved in this that sold out their own people too. They want to split us apart with racism don't bring it up.

  28. Dears, no nation deserve what is happening now to American people and what will soon happen to all of the world.

    It is not much their fault as, same is happening in most of the countries. If you are enough smart, you already know that all the world governments are already "sold", just they are a bunch of greedy traitors, which have other, occult agenda, and that is not of their people, to be well understand.

    So, the americans are not more guilty than the british, or italians, or russians or serbians or romanians, for the wrongdoings of their respective governments.

    We are talking here about people and no people deserve such atrocities, neither americans, palestinians, etc.

    All this world is doomed, is close to "their harvest" as they say, so if you do not understand that, in your inner core, you are with nothing different than the "sheeple", you people are talking about!

    So, you should love and understand the "sheeple", because sheeple is you, or has been you, until a moment ago, when supposedly you woke up.

    And by the way, your article"Why I Fear for my Country" is written from heart and saying the truth.

    This comment is from a Romanian which has been and saw almost all the world!

  29. Yah africa, asia, the middle east, south america, do you consider them white too? Their "leaders" are all in on it too.

  30. I would like to say that this was a fantastic blog/rant entry. Please know that there are some out here that have not had this fall on deaf ears.
    When government sanctioned rebels attack villages in 3rd world countries, what do the villagers do? They run and hide because they know they will be destroyed. They don't want to be destroyed. When government sanctioned tyrants in 1st world countries attack the survival of its citizens, what do the citizens do? They hide because they know their families will be destroyed. They don't want their families destroyed.
    What do all these have in common? Fear! It is fear that is instilled into the common people by some government sanctioned entity. Anywhere in the world, they find something that the people in the area do not want to lose and attach fear to it.
    I resent the statements that all of American people are complicit in the fear-mongering. We do what the government says due to fear of what will happen to our families (extortion). We do try to stand up but it is like having a gang of rebels beating you back down. It is all fear, all over the world. It is the common people that are placed in this basket. Would you sacrifice your family, your children, for your own freedom? Believe me, they WILL take your family if you stand up against them because that is the fear they have instilled.
    Do you really think there are no people in the U.S. starving or have no place to live except in the street? Look again. If it is happening here, there is something terribly wrong and I see it happening in different ways all over the world. If it is happening anywhere in the world, there is something terribly wrong.

  31. America; The Bankster Takeover and You

  32. As usual it takes les than 2 blog comments before it collapses in acrimony. Anyway, refusing the chance to call everyone an idiot, I note that things (as usual) have to get a lot worse before they get better. The only way that the 2 party system is going to get overturned is for them to monumentally screw up even worse than they have done. We're getting near "end of days" for these guys though when you see Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich joining hands and agreeing about policy.

  33. The conundrum you are facing is the question referred to by Albert Schweitzer in -The Philosophy of Civilization- as he defined the crux of western philosophy as tipping and teetering on the semblance of a "world view".

    Boiled down to layman's level, it is this, 1) Do you believe that nature, (the natural world, reality) is ultimately going to prevail over humanity, e.g, that the complexity of reality is so overwhelming -and- our inability to improve or enhance reality with any real and sustainable efficacy will ultimately prove so psychologically enfeebling, that our paramount philosophic approach to life should be to surrender to extolling the virtues of -and- admiring life-giving nature for what it is and its overwhelming power? -OR- 2) Do you believe that humanity is capable of grasping, clutching and HOLDING the brass ring of the rudder meant to steer our collective ship toward a -better- -more enlightened- and -humanly modified modern human future- (as in Star Trek)?

    The truth is this, John, -We have to abandon all hope and every pretense of our human competence for a while - and surrender to the power of nature-, -until we comprehend better our own limitations as these are contrasted by the unlimited power of nature and the infinite complexity of the reality against which all our human efforts must be placed.

    We are getting ahead of ourselves -again- and in a very big and dangerous way. We are not gods. We are not even competent scientists!

    I will not say what we are. The reader here can pontificate about this -while peering into those muddy waters- at their own leisure.

    FOR, -in the long run -in order to create that better future, all our goals today should be aiming at dismantling the many mistakes of the past which have pushed and shoved humanity ever closer and in ever greater numbers toward the precipice you (and many others) are increasingly becoming aware of, -because- our reality is observably not improving, -far from it.

    Our reality has been tossed into the trash heap of history NOW even before it is written by the endless lies fed to everyone by those in the wheelhouse and at the helm who struggle to hang onto the brass ring that is NOT controlling the rudder that could be steering this great leaking and listing ship.

    Progress today, will only be marked by retracing our steps as best as we can, to see where it is we all went so wrong. Back away from these shoals of despair, and the rocks in the surf before us.

    We are all imbeciles -if we still think there is some hope of voting or worming our way out of this mess with a more humanitarian approach.

    If the democratic experience has taught us anything, John, it must be -that voters do not have to read. Their minds are already made up. They want free beer.

    Give human beings everything they want, and they will throw their empty beer bottles at the wall length mirrors and let the bathtubs run over for hours as they sleep off their drunken stupor.

    As a writer, John, the first thing you will come to realize is that those who aren't so ignorant that they are incapable of reading, are also too haughty to bother.

    Authors then -end up merely yelling into a gale -like madmen. And perhaps we are. We should flatter ourselves -to think so- anyway.

  34. many people are weary and confused about what or who to believe,and to survive they try to shut off the relentless barrage of negativity and bad news with the various forms of entertainment..a true spiritual awakening is needed.

  35. FLUORIDE. I had no idea how serious it is. Look into it. It was given to German POWs because it makes people LOSE THE WILL TO BE FREE.
    It is in the water, the toothpaste, SSRIs and osteoporosis medications. Those are only the ones I looked into so far.
    Americans are being DELIBERATELY poisoned to prevent meaningful resistance.

  36. Paul Craig Roberts puts it brilliantly as usual


  37. look what it took to turn a once good people, into a nation of i could care less greedy a holes!!! drugs in our food and water, drugs and a liquor store on every corner,a mainstream media staffed with nothing but satinest liars. an entertainment industry that promotes immorality and violence! football,basketball,baseball,ect. instead of family,frends and neighbor. abortion instead responsiblity.
    the biggest evil perpatrated on this country, was when they destroyed the true IMPORTANCE!!! of WOMAN. by making them feel infearior, if they weren't out in the work force making the almighty dollar. the wife the mother the WOMAN,taught us as children, kindness,gentelness,what true love is.security that warm feeling of safety,respect for others.all things good! for the man the husband none of these things were taken away,more was given!!! a sense pride, strength, purpose, motivation towards good. the importance of family. they held it All together.may god,or whatever name you use when you ask for guidence,bless us all.

  38. Nice blog rant, my fellow Charlottesville resident! TJ is gonna come back with Jesus and smack all of us upside the head.

  39. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 27, 2009, 7:21:00 AM

    Feel that vibration? That's your grandfathers rotating in their graves at the sound of the jackboots marching over your foul country (and many others).They died fighting fascism,then you allowed/helped/voted for your own shiny new home grown version.Fortunately the Soviets dealt to the nazis,but this time it will be suicide by banker(upcy).

  40. I see I got a few folks pissed-off... I guess that was the plan all along, or maybe I just wanted to see if anyone out there was paying attention.

    Yeah, we need to lose the nationalistic patriotic bullfeces and start building sustainable communities that values everyone's contributions more equally. Recently I read an article that pointed-out janitors are more valuable than stockbrokers in terms of real good. Are we surprised?

    And I do apologize if anyone was offended by my previous post... Including any members of the band, formally know as various Polynesians, and now called the Maori who started to continually inhabit NZ about 1300... which is interesting as that's when the Navaho where supposed to have migrated to the southwest from the somewhere around Alaska. But I digress, and hopefully no one has formed an army to attack me over my ignorance of NZ first people whom I referred to as aboriginals (correctly, as I was talking first people in general and not the Aboriginals of AU)

    aboriginal - Definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
    1 : being the first or earliest known of its kind present in a region < aboriginal forests>

    What I find disheartening is how these discussions often deteriorate into flame wars rather than all of us recognizing that we need to stick together regardless of where we were born, or what color we happen to be. It's far too easy to divide humans into small, rather useless groups, that constantly bicker about small crap and lose sight of the big stuff.

    Take the most recent holiday... which did you celebrate? Which holiday if the true holiday? Hopefully you picked none of the above, because that's the right answer. Why do humans worry so much about other people's gods when there are people near them who don't have enough food, shelter or even hope?

    I can find people near me that would die to stop an abortion but wouldn't lift a finger to keep their own kid from joining the army. WTF?

    If you have a computer and you're online then you and I and everyone else who is also online are part of a unique community where we can almost interact sans the usual profiling bullfeces we'd do face to face. Yeah, it gets rough and ugly, but we're more of a community, and a joined people then we'd admit.

    And admit it we should, because if draconian feces hit the fan, we're probably the class of citizens that will be the first to suffer from the stench. Or from the re-education camps or whatever the bastards will call them.


  41. It's clear the site has been hacked and the article tampered with. The statements about 911 truth and Al Qaeda make no sense whatsoever and appear to have been mischievously inserted.

  42. Dave S
    Still posting crap.
    Theory is there were folk in NZ before the Maori.
    Trouble is we can't tell you much. The Maori killed most of them together with the Moa etc.
    The Maori are not an an aboriginal NZ people.
    Latest thinking they originated in China many moons ago.
    As New Zealand looks like becoming a province of China in the next few decades thanks to mass immigration, its a case of what goes round, comes round I guess.
    Don't let your anti-white bigotry spoil everybody's day.

  43. Ivan
    Please understand that this tyrrany is spreading world-wide. If someone lies to you, you must be able to decipher the lie pre-emptively in order to take effective action. These controlling entities are so good at covering the lies that we usually cannot pre-emptively decipher them. This is why they keep gaining advances in their agenda. It is very difficult to rectify a situation after it has taken place. Place "foul" where foul should be. It is not America as a country that is foul. It is the controlling entities. If you have a fool-proof method to pre-emptively decipher a lie, it needs to be distributed world-wide to the common people. As stated in a previous post, let him without sin cast the first stone. If you cannot present a gainful solution, what is your point in name-calling? When they finally take New Zealand by force with this world dominion agenda, as they have others, will you be at fault because you did not stop it? Or will you sit back and wait for it to hit your country as well?

    I implore you to stop the agenda if you can. If you cannot, then you are one of us.

  44. Great article, except for one point: Al Quaida does not exist. It's pure invention.

  45. Anon–

    what anti-white bigotry? who spewing what now?

    Good Grief!


  46. You are very right to be afraid about America's future
    God will use very soon the Northen Army to punish USA, UK Israel and the English Speaking Word

  47. Invention, by definition, makes it so that something does exist. Al Quaida, however, is not a group of terrorists as portrayed. They created Al Quaida to be one of the fear factors. It is a psychological product of the fear mill. It is a childish game on an adult level. Children can be cruel and a childish game played by corrupt adults is evil.

  48. Thank you for expressing what so many of us feel in this country. This isn't an issue of Republican or Democrat. It isn't an issue of Independent or Libertarian. This is an issue of think tanks like the CFR producing the puppets who supposedly represent us in Washington and the lobbyists who control the puppets via backhanders and the promise of lucrative jobs in lobbying firms when the 'representative' finishes in Washington. We the People have no representation. Those of us who are outspoken are outnumbered by those who are apathetic and lazy. When I have enquired as to why they are so unmotivated to stand up against the Government, I am told that this is because they have tried and were unsuccessful. People have thrown in the towel. Instead they choose to live in their shells....to entertain themselves with the boob tube and to pretend that we still have a Constitution that anyone in Washington respects. If we want things to be right...we need to outlaw lobbying, we need to have citizen funded campaigns and we need to make it a crime for any representative to later work at companies or organizations that in any way can influence representatives in Washington. How do we do this? Maybe a revolution to remove the criminals? It may be too late - they may already have government forces and military contractors like Blackwater in place to prevent any uprising.

  49. Jason - Glasgow, Scotland.Dec 27, 2009, 9:07:00 AM

    Ivan do you seriously think that the Government of New Zealand is somehow completely disconected to what is happening in the World today? The likes of Obama and indeed virtually all Government heads, are mere puppets! That aside, can you please inform us as to why the American People are to blame for the decisions made by a Military Industrial Complex Dictatorship? Please take into account the fact that the American People have been exposed/subjected to Water Flouridation and such neurotoxic chemicals as Aspartame and MSG in their foodchain for a couple of decades longer than the rest of us - this clearly has had the profound effect that 'they' desire, in that there has been a serious dumbing down of society, to the point where most people in America are literaly unable to comprehend the bigger picture.

    Thanks for the great blog Jack Rabbit.

    Peace all.

  50. I agree 100% with the author. Most of my friends/relatives, that is 90% of them, are dumbed down idiotic TV addicted sheeple. They have lost the ability to think for themselves or think logically. They seem to only care about themselves, and their possessions. They have no idea of what is about to happen, or what is happening to our country and to them/us. They do not care, they care about who is on American Idle or if the Cowboys will win their next game.

    I have to say one thing, the owners of this country did one hell of a job on brainwashing them. I thank God everyday I stopped watching the TV or reading the newspapers. It's absolutely sickening to hear what the news media is telling the sheeple, that is the every once in a while I get a bit of it when visiting my sheeple friends/relatives.

    I calculate at the maximum, there is about 25% of the general population who are either awake, or living in reality, or somewhat awake. Many students are NOT brainwashed, as they do not sit in front of their TV's during their spare time. Otherwise, maybe 10% of my age group, 50ish, might be living in reality.

    It will take ALL of us to lead the way. The first step is to get people off their brainwashing machines, some how get them interested in something else, other than American Idle or Dancing with the Stars. Maybe reading a book about the real history of our country, or, maybe reading the Constitution.

    I believe only 3% of population were originally patriots , and they beat a sophisticated British Army. We can do it. Lets start by educating and finding the ones, the sheeple who are willing to listen and change their lives, to help save our country!

    God Bless the USA and the Patriots!

  51. You are making the same mistake as many others. Us against them, the "organized force of thieves, liars and power-hungry oligarchs with the means, motive and opportunity to take everything".

    No, they don't exist as "organized force" that "we" could locate and destroy. The current situation is only natural development of the conflict of interest between the corporate and population. Corporate values are not human, but they are members of the society equal to humans - so of course they then go about their interest by all means, including media and government.

    So it's not "our" media. It's theirs, because they pay for it. For example, this very website you are using to blog your thoughts is financed by them. And you are able to blog only because on the left of the page there are ads from the same credit card companies that make us "penniless tools". Or from their equivalents. Go to whatreallyhappened.com we all love, and try to find an ad that would not be total deception.

    It's really simple: they pay for everything, so of course they make it their way. If their way is war against terror, then so it will be. And it's even fair, isn't it - if you pay, you do expect something in return. And you can't fight, really, because "they" are in fact "us" from 8 to 5.

    These are not citizens - they are consumers - oblivious to the death and destruction spread in their names.

    The American citizen has become a penniless tool of credit card companies - unable to perform their duty as citizen since they cannot collect enough brain energy to grasp the mind-fuck under which they live.

    organized force of thieves, liars and power-hungry oligarchs with the means, motive and opportunity to take everything.

  52. The CONstitution is not, and never has been, legally binding on anybody. This means that the criminal syndicate in DC has no legitimacy or legal authority, and everybody should start treating them as the treasonous criminals that they are.

    If there is any hope left, the sheeple are going to have to decide that they don't need, or have to obey, a well-dressed criminal mob that is trying to enslave them with their own money. Every state legislature needs to declare its independence from DC, and confiscate every military base inside its borders, just for starters. Then each state needs to start its own bank, issue its own money, and cut the feds out of the loop. Let's see if these gutless crapweasels have the cojones to come after at least 90 million gun owners, many of whom are ex-military and armed to the teeth.

  53. The posting from 9:12 AM needs to read the following book to learn who the real power is that runs this country and it is NOT you and I.

    Shadows of Power by James Perloff

    James Perloff exposes the subversive roots and global designs of the Council on Foreign Relations. Passed off as a think-tank, this group is the "power behind the throne," with hundreds of top-appointed government officials drawn from its ranks. Traces activity from the Wilson to Reagan administrations.

  54. "gutless crapweasels"

    LOL I love it!

  55. This is a great post that sums up the fears I have had for years - and that's why i left the US. I realize that not everyone has the ability to d so, and running away isn't solving any real issues.

    One commenter wrote, "Who's talking about violent revolution?"

    Lots of people. Every pacifist friend of mine now has a gun (or many guns) and lots of ammo. They have seeds. They have maps, water purification tablets and books on creating alternative currencies and bartering systems.

    You mentioned that we need a plan. Some of us have plans, but given the political climate in the US right now, mum's the word. My fear is that the average American a fool and will fall at the knees of some NWO Hollywood actor when TSHTF. . If it came down to it, Americans would pick the Terminator over someone like Michael Rivero because they have been brainwashed that only celebrities can save them. In the end, the ones without a plan will gladly go to the FEMA camps because government will take care of them. That might be a huge benefit to the rest of us.

  56. My family brought me here after the war in Europe because it was a wonderful country. full of opportunity. One of my first memories was my mother showing me the Constitution and telling me that it was the very ethos of our new home. An ethos of inalienable rights, of decency, an ethos of government accountability. A government by and for the people. My "old" country was run by a king, and a corrupt group of oligarchs in a class based society. But not here, not in America. Here all men were equal and all men subject to the rule of law. I read this blessed Constitution over and over as a child. Such wise men, these founders to create this land of justice and opportunity. I've lived here over 50 years and I've never been more frightened. Frightened because I've seen this all before. I've seen what happens when good people don't speak out against injustice. I've seen what happens when private banks seize control of a nations money supply. I've seen what happens as "free" societies are systematically shut down. I've seen what happens as the wealth of the middle class is shifted to the ruling elites. I'm the guy who pays his taxes. I'm the guy who gives up his seat on the bus to the elderly lady. I'm the guy who watches the time so he won't run out his parking meter. For the first time in my life I'm terrified that soon I will have to make a decision to either move back to the old country or stay and fight for this blessed document the Constitution. For the first time in my life a violent revolution is possible, perhaps unavoidable. JFK's words keep ringing in my ears "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable". It is so clear to me that this whole rotten system has become so corrupt that it must be purged or we, as a nation cannot survive.

  57. In case you haven't noticed, the guilty verdict in the "Neo-Nazi" Bill White case just established the "Shut up or go to jail" precedent. The First Amendment is now dead. But for my money, the United States has been gone ever since the Supreme Court let George Bush have the presidency. The people alive now who were born before 1964 were the last generation of real Americans. We are the only ones that know all that we have lost as a nation of free people.

  58. Nice read, Rabbit.

    America is finished? Sure it is. It's about time too!

    But the JOO-controlled US military is NOT.

    The US military has been inflicting death and destruction all over the world since WWII to fill the coffers of its masters.

    The US military is out of control and will bring about the end of civilization, as we know it.


  59. if you want to know what's really wrong and who the enemy of the US really is, look here:


    and here:


    there's no al-qaeda, only Mossad!

  60. Remember, you (everyone who knows they are inheritly free) are a soverign in and unto yourself. State your right of claim to it and abandon this doomed cesspool known as "American free society" You are not obligated to serve any person or body, for any reason. Especially when your well being and persuit of happiness and liberty have been done away with as part of that person or body's agenda. It takes a lot more effort in life to take back your sovereignty, keep it and defend it and above all proclaim it. Because there is always going to be slimy pukes who will want other people to do their work for them and they'll figure some slimy puke way to do it to the sheeple every time!

  61. While everything this man says is true nothing will change and the country will become a large third wold basketcase.

  62. Your Papers please, comrade.

  63. Peeps, don't forget it hasnt been that long since people have started seeing what is going on. Only since we had the internet have we found out how we have been lied to by the MSM. And only since 9/11 have we started seeing how we are being led by a bunch of psychopaths. People are waking up at an incredible rate. Many people who you regard as sheep are aware of what's going on, but most are in denial, simply unable to admit to what they can see each day.

    It needs a few more kicks until they come out of their denial trance and get into a rage unseen on this planet.

    Anyone who's ever made morter knows that a small drop of water can make it very thin all of a sudden. The same is with society. Nothing seems to be happening and then BANG!

  64. I am so glad I am not the only shepard who has been trying to get the sheeple to wake up - Thank you

  65. nobodysaysBOO:
    "I guess I've ranted enough - I just hope some of this sank in. We are in big, big trouble here in America - and if we don't get organized and unite as Americans - we'll be saluting a new flag very very soon."
    What will the new flag look like?
    a peace symbol will be nice for a change instead of the star of david!NEVER HAPPEN HERE!!!
    It is weird that most posts here are anom, HMMMM,and from isralies?

  66. US military have 700+ fully-staffed bases around the world, including 37 - 38 MASSIVE bases; the size of small cities, bustling with "heroic" soldiers.

    And americans say, "Oh! The poor military is overstretched and tired!" or, "Where will we find 30,000 more soldiers to bring democracy (to invade) to Afghanistan?"

    Really, Americans are just too dumb to live.


  67. so you're scared, just now? where've ya been for the last 9yrs? hmmmmm?

    go back to sleep....

  68. When will we realize that we cannot protect ourselves from 1.3 billion Muslims?

    We either stop invading and murdering Muslims for the Jews who control our policies... or we live in perpetual fear that one of them will succeed in using whatever tactic is necessary to defeat Israel's underwriter.

    If we get rid of the Jews - we begin to heal the wounds inflicted on the rest of the world on behalf of this villainous, murderous, cancerous sliver of humanity.


  69. Right on, Jackrabbit. Most of the folks in this country are more concerned with "American Idol", "Survivor", "The Batchelor/ette", etc, etc. When they are thrown in the detention center and made to work for nothing for the masters they'll be too dumb to figure out why.

  70. Jack Rabbit:

    I'd like to comment, interlinearly, on your excellent article .... is there a way I can contact you directly (via email) so I can do this? Tnx in advance,

    Bill (William J. Schenker, MD) email: billyjim@hiwaay.net

  71. Al Quaida is fake. American government is the real terrorist and the only one to use nuclear weapons on civilians. America is Babylon the whore

  72. Losing control over education is the root of this. It is impossible to fool a people who are watchful and enlightened. It is EASY to fool a people who are trained to look in the other direction.

    Nothing will change until this is remedied.

    Please note that the world's communists have learned this lesson well. Indoctrination is key to maintaining their grip on power.

    A people who are taught from birth that their liberties are somehow outrageous, and should reasonably be traded for a bowl of free soup and a government issued blanket, will not retain their liberty for long.

    I hate to add this, because I know the knee jerk response it causes with the feeble minded, reactionary types, but Blacks and illegal immigrants see the FED as nothing more than a gigantic vending machine.

    We can't remain free if the predicted demographic shift comes to pass. Blacks are worthless to us in this regard. They are 13% of the population, and they commit over half the violent crime. They top the charts in misbehavior and sexually transmitted disease. They care nothing for freedom. To them, the purpose of Government is to hand them a bowl of their neighbors soup.

    If you think I am joking, I am not. If you think I am generalizing, I am not. If you think you are smarter than I am and you wish to debate the issue, you can find me here:

    www.arguewitheveryone.com - The "Race Issues" section.

    On average, Blacks don't care about liberty or the Constitution.. Neither do many Hispanics. If you think that's "racist" you really need to remove your head from the sand... Cause that's not racism, it's the reality.


  73. Rampaging ManateeDec 27, 2009, 11:21:00 AM

    Bite me Ivan.

    You're WORSE than the 'idiot sheeple' because at least they don't claim to know everything.

    LOL (not)

    If I'm your enemy, come and get me. All enemies are welcome.

    Pretty good article, by the way.

  74. The Civil War was simply one more war of invasion/occupation. When Americans can't invent an outside "enemy" to kill, they kill each other.

    It's the bloodiest country. Literally.

    The Civil War had nothing to do with "freeing" the slaves, as Lincoln, that freakin' ugly Ichabod president himself admitted.

    Blacks were not freed. Following the bloodshed, they were left adrift for a while and then were made to resume their slavery, in another form.

    We are all slaves to the jew and the "elite" and their military machine will keep it that way.

    Best Regards,

  75. You write well, and the concerns you've expressed have good thought behind them. I agree that we are in trouble. The real battle here is for the minds of the uninformed, which brings up an important point: one of your anonymous responders here says that "blacks don't care about liberty or the constitution" and "neither do many Hispanics." When it comes down to a real conflict, idiots who think like that will weaken the truth movement even further. The objective should be to educate EVERYONE about what is going on, but no one will accept the truth if we throw away our credibility with blatantly racist remarks. This article makes an effective point, but I can see part of the work will have to include separating the wheat from the chaff. Peace.

  76. DIe, US, die. Die, monster, die.

  77. "DIe, US, die. Die, monster, die."

    Simple, but to the point.

    And that day can't come soon enough...


  78. Churchman, well said!


  79. These sheeple love snapping up bargains on poorly made and toxin containing Communist goodies!

  80. You said it...we need leadership. We have none. Without leadership we are lost.
    Fortunately, great leaders rise up in rough times. Some are forged in the fields of battle and those times are almost upon us.
    Each of us will have to bear the burden.

  81. Unite Truth Seekers around the World. We the people must come together as ONE....not swear at each other and run each other down. Our enemies are the Big Corporations, the Bilderburgers, the Global Elite who think they are way superior to us. Just look on the US Dollar Bill and you will see that these criminals advertise their power over us every-where. The 'all seeing Illuminati eye' on the Dollar Bill and the Masonic Pentagram, with it's ends spelling the words MASON should be a dead give away that we have all been lied to and have been f***** for a very long time.

    Time to seek out other Truth-seekers, Patriots and Freedom Lovers and unite together. Find a partner on YOUR wavelength and join together as powerful Teams. The Elite fear OUR power. They fear us uniting. We have amazing power...but we just don't realize it. Let 2010 be the year when 'we the people' realize how incredible we are and let us all shout NO!!

  82. It is a shame to read everyone griefing each other over all this crap this is rising above the surface in America and probably the rest of the world. Ivan and Petrov,Yous are obviously very upset about the way the US empire have done business around the world, I'm sure most smart, clued up people have. Not all Americans are idiots. Its a pretty ignorant remark to make to be honest. I thought the comments from the original post would have provoked real discussions instead of lame, childish, pointless posts. The world doesnt need that kind of negative ignorant bullshit, especially at these decisive times. The problems are not created by the 'people', they are mostly created and orchestrated behind closed doors, by a very few secretive people, who have their fingers in all the pies, big business, big media and big pharma. Americans are now feeling the brunt of their doing. Its not the Americans peoples fault, America is built on Corporations and its all big business to these people, they don't CARE about the lives of the American people..or any people at all, as long as they see the $$ and the profits. I think Americans have lost their way a bit, Vigilance is the key. I think its time now that people stop being so arsey towards each other and start to talk about the real issues and what we people can do stop the tyranny and oppression that is sweeping across the globe. A violent revolution is NOT the answer, no matter how bad things get, remember they have all the money and all the weapons, its ridiculous. On the other hand, a "peaceful revolution" sounds the way to go. I'm sure the people at the top want a violent revolution to take place in America, civil war an all, cos then you know Martial Law will totally and effectively be put in place everywhere,and then its Goodnight. This is the time everyone needs to come together.

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we will see peace"

  83. I agree totally with the last two posts. At last some sense.

  84. -"Our leaders have failed us. Many are being blackmailed."

    -"Where is the FBI on 911 Truth? AWOL. Our insane alphabet-soup agencies, CIA, NSA and the rest of them are simply a bunch of robotic brainwashed idiots..."

    -"the media is useless providing zero feedback to the population so elections can work..."

    -"Obama is a fraud, a liar, and as far as I am concerned a traitor."

    I agree with everything you say but if we want to get to the BOTTOM of this treason, we cannot be afraid to venture into the mud, to get our hands dirty and uncover some despicable truths. If we cannot rid ourselves of memes and taboo's, we are no better than theses "cinderblocks".

    If we want to restore America we cannot limit our investigation to programmed beliefs and cultural conditioning. The truth, as much as it hurts, will set you free.


    TREASON: a crime that undermines the offender's government, disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior, treachery: an act of deliberate betrayal.

    "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened." Don't let this be you!


  85. "The problems are not created by the 'people', they are mostly created and orchestrated behind closed doors.."

    Ok. That's reminiscent of the line, "I support the troops, but not the Cause."

    Without the peoples' acquiescence the shadow government would crumble.

    Without moronic & sadistic flesh&blood soldiers there'd be no wars.

    Nota bene: There are "heroic" soldiers sitting in front of computer screens dropping bombs on citizens from afar.

    Just wait till they start doing it to a neighborhood near you. Soon.

    It's not the people, it's the government. Ugh, I simply can't deal with that sort of insane logic anymore.

    Thanks, and to all may you have a Blessed Christmas time & Happy New Year!


  86. I agree with those who are worried the Jackboots are itching for a reason to smash the people's will, and their faces...not that they need one.

    We don't need leaders as much as we need people to begin to lead themselves. When the American Government granted what amounted to citizenship to corporations, the deal was done. Corporations are Vampires in every sense of the Hollywood stereotype; when they are at the hight of their power they seem sexy, they lull virginal vamps of personalities who are trying to find something they too, can suck dry. And the bastards live forever, and ever and ever.

    The guys in expensive suits sip fine wines and are probably laughing as their watching us fight each other... Like rats over philosophical scraps...

    "Ah, yes James, I'd love another glass of that '84 claret, thank you good man."

  87. Wow! What a great post! Thanks to everyone, it is a pleasure to read.

    Two quotes come to mind, the first one well-known but maybe not in its full context:

    "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"
    Patrick Henry

    The second is:
    "Everybody wants to go up to Heaven, but nobody wants to die."
    Peter Tosh

    The clash of light and darkness is not just a figure of speech. The middle ground will cease to exist, and then it will be all or nothing.

    "Only since we had the internet have we found out how we have been lied to by the MSM. And only since 9/11 have we started seeing how we are being led by a bunch of psychopaths. People are waking up at an incredible rate."

    100% agree. It's the snowball, people. The critical mass point. Screw Moore's Law, the shit is going warp. The lines are being drawn deeper every day.

  88. Don't be sad, be glad! Don't be afraid, be optimistic!

    America was once a bright, shining young beauty of a nation, but she has become a fat, bloated, parasite-infested, syphilitic whore. Her death will be a good thing because she will no longer be able to poison the other nations of the world with her corruption and depravity.

  89. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 27, 2009, 5:19:00 PM

    But it is noticable that none of the americunts in this discussion wish to address the torturing of prisoners...closet perverts,maybe?

  90. Its darkest just before dawn. There are Americans, and more importantly people, all over the world that care. This isn't just about America, the whole wolrd is being imposed with this facist agenda for a new wolrd order. They are failing, and will fail. They are supposed to have martial law by now. We are supposed to be dead from there bullshit diseases now. They are supposed to be in a war with Iran now. They only have so much time, we have all the time in the world. Evil loses, don't fear.

  91. Like most aware Americans, we are appalled by the militaries actions, and the actions of all elected officials. (except for a few) What disgusts me even more, is the depleted uranium poisoning. Its terrible all over, Ivan.

  92. Ivan,

    I don't think there are any americans posting who've tortured anyone... I can be accused of torturing the english language, and that's a charge I can't deny. But I'm not torturing folks or getting any perverted kicks knowing others are being tortured.

    Ivan, I think you're angry... is it 'cause you poor kiwis are still singing "god save the queen"? Maybe once you've blokes have gotten the balls to remove your "ceremonial" leader you can start fixing the rest of the world's problems. Let me assure you, calling us americunt, is not the way to make friends or influence enemas.

    You are suffering from the unfortunate mindset that has put us in this mess, "us vs them"

    Maybe it would be more helpful for you to give us realistic suggestions, or better yet, a magical solution to our very complex problem that didn't just spring-up in america overnight. Can you do something beside hurl one-sided insults?


  93. Ivan.New Zealand.Dec 27, 2009, 6:59:00 PM

    I can thankfully assure you that there is nothing wrong with my "balls",and that the "us versus you cunts" is a learned responce,beginning in 1964 when I first visited your benighted country.The only meaningfull suggestion that I can make is that it would very helpfull for world peace if you bastards would stay in your own country.

  94. My greatest thanks to all commenters - I am honored that each of you took the time to exercise freedom of speech - without your comments this rant is an exercise in futility.

    Now that we've got the conversation going - and we can agree the problems are real and challenging - I promise that in the coming year I will do my best to come up with solutions to these problems.

    Thanks again to all of you - these blog posts sometimes are not easy for me - and they may be hurtful to some - but it is a step in the right direction.

    If I am indeed embarrassing myself with these posts I can only pledge to all of you that I will continue - as long as it takes - as long as I know there are fellow members of the human race carrying guns and following orders in my name. I'll take the so-called embarrassment - but in the end - when the bloodshed finally stops - I'll know I did my part. I hope some of you will join me.

    2010 will be the year of the plan - may the revolution begin. And may the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States live forever. And may America once again become that great shining oasis awaiting all, welcoming all, representing all - raising the standards of humanity - and becoming once again the great country I will never abandon.

  95. We know at the quantum level it's either waves or particles, depending upon the observer and quarks make up this energy

    We also know matter is made from this energy in the form of atoms and atoms are mostly empty space so matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration that we can see and touch or measure with our instruments

    Keeping in mind that we are all on a planet circling our sun at about 60,000 miles an hour while spinning on our axis at about 1,000 miles per hour so any feeling of motionlessness and permanence is an illusion

    The average person is aware of 50,000 self talks during their waking hours. These include the memories you are preserving and the plans you are making for the future version of you. Incidentally over 75% on average are negative which technically puts us all in a state of PTSD.

    Each time you think it, hear it, see it, read it, say it or sense it in any way you create another copy of "it"

    Every seven years every cell in your body has been completely recycled and changed. You are not the same person. You are emergent and ever evolving, well some are

    The only things that carry on are your memories and your vision of you in the future that you spent your time planning and preparing for or watching tell lie vision and being indoctrinated into by society

    We all get to watch movies like THX 1138, Roller ball, Running man, Logan’s run, Star wars, James Bond, Blade Runner, Judge Dread, 2012, Armageddon and the ever growing list of dystopian futures.

    Some people’s idea of utopia is a cashless credit/indulgence based society where we are born into debt/original sin with a camera/god watching our every move and police/priests in armed vehicles enforcing our compliance. It’s a theocratic hell hole where you have freedom of religion but not freedom from religion. You will be required to pick a team and fight to the death for it.

    What about a central “Computer Bank” That monitors resources, manufacturing and distribution to all? We already have the computers, programs, monitors, systems and software in place doing this in disconnected ways for profit instead of human uplift such as global phone tapping.

    Equal access to life support for all

    The programs could tell us we have X labor to harvest Y resources to be turned into Z commodities to be distributed to ABC Humans with a surplus to develop fusion generators, high speed rail and super cell phone computers for all? An etcha-sketch in every living room and a bobblehead on every dash board, I don’t think so. Does not compute.

    No money, just common sense and a global community effort. No ego, let the computer decide the best course based upon all available data, not cherry picking. If we don’t want genocide as the option for zero population growth maybe offer alternatives like free birth control and sterilization to those who ask.

    Is it really more difficult than that? Is it some kind of contrived overcomplification?

    We could be teaching cooperation and critical thinking instead of competition but no, the state knows best, trust us, we’re from the government. Regurgitate this exam data and consider yourself indoctrinated errr educated.

    Is this really our evolutionary path? Sure, we’re allowed a liberal dialogue as long as it doesn’t make the news or become too popular but it sounds a lot like George Orwell’s, aka Eric Arthur Brown’s, 1984 with created enemies everywhere.

    Where's my Purell, I can't get the germs off me fast enough I'm so scared

    I demand that the government posts a soldier at my mailbox. Cover me honey, I'm going to check the mail to see if we got our welfare check

    Happy holidays, it’s good to be alive, warm, comfortable and at ease with a full belly and left-overs in the fridge while thousands die of starvation tonight for lack of money/life support

    Cheers, Dave

  96. Damn straight, Jack.

    I've driven across your beautiful country twice - and the ideas and the experiment of your government are worth saving.

    However, Ivan's suggestion : "It would be very helpful for world peace if you bastards would stay in your own country"

    ... is probably quite a good suggestion.

    American foreign policy makers have been fisting Germany and Japan ( as well as three quarters of the world's other countries where their airbases exist ) for some time now.

    And I think that the presence of these airbases in all these countries can create (systemically) a kind of imbalance that pressures the populations of the areas where these airbases exist.

  97. Well put, Democrates.

    And Jack, you are not the slightest bit embarrassing yourself. Thank you for putting brain to keyboard.

  98. “Americans" "Muslims"
    Until a time when we can let go of the labels placed upon us by the controllers of the world, we cannot win.
    They use those labels to separate us and keep us in fear. We are all children of the earth! Wake up! Stop hating! Only then can we come together and beat back the dark forces that will try to lock us in camps, not just on American soil but across the world over.
    It is not country, or races against each other. It is we the people of the world against the global elite! We are all brothers and sisters and if we cannot take back that very simple right with out fear, we are surely doomed!

  99. Let's face it, most Americans are stupid. Too much floride in the water, I guess. Here's the thing: 9-11 was an inside job! The sooner we come to terms with this fact, that 9-11 was orchestrated from Dick Cheney's office with a lot of help from the Mossad/CIA, the better our chances of stopping them from killing the rest of us.

  100. there is always hope, but I would agree, the NWO has been pushing hard and fast for 10 years, we all feel somewhat powerless to stop the reckless government. The country already has been taken over. When was the last time you thought this was a sane county, maybe 10 years ago, 15 maybe. Is violent revolution the answer, I doubt it, although a well timed sunami to take out DC might be a gift from God. God/Love are eternal, everything else is in constant upheaval. Get enough people focused on LOVE, LOVE will expand and make it impossible for the DEMON RULERS.

  101. One more time- I pledge to everyone- solutions are next. This rant is the end of the past and the beginning of the golden age. We've all agreed we are in a world of hurt - but these problems are old and recurring bores. We have the tools - and have had the benefit of the greatest minds to bring it all together - all we have to do is not let it escape our grasp.

    There is a bright shining future ahead - possibly the best ever. The only way we will realize it is to come together - retain our differences - put aside feuds - forget that stuff for a bit - and make sure we keep the problem - enemies of liberty clearly in focus - realize the dividers - and come together on very basic tenets that have already been framed for us - the Bill of Rights -

    Using the Bill of Rights as our uniting foundation we will remain focused, and steamroll the dividers, liars, thieves, thugs and manipulators intent on our enslavement.

    Just remember - anyone - anyone - anyone - taking away your rights spelled out in the Bill of Rights is your ENEMY. It is that simple. Let that unite us all. And let that be our line in the sand.

  102. I feel Ivan's anger... Damn dude, if I could wave my hand and make all the stupidity disappear, I would. Trust me.

    ewingsc, as for the fisting... that takes a willing victim, ever see Caligula? Maybe the reason there are american military bases all over the world is because the governments in those other countries have let them be there. I'm not such an idiot to think every member of those foreign nations support the bases, but there seem to be plenty who are happy to cash uncle sam's checks.

    Yeah, we need to drop the labels... and try and regain a sense of our common humanity. If there is any left. You'd think with as many forms of communication we have available, and the speed with which we can communicate, that real, positive change would spread everywhere. Instead it's all just a lot of tired jingoistic bullshit. And reruns of Friends. Sorry about those. Those shows, and david hasselhoff (OK, all of television) should have sent the world a warning everything wasn't kosher in america.

    America is not the real problem... the corporate controlled governments of the whole world are the damn problem. Americans are just the assholes who get to carry the guns in this version of the play called banker world domination. Find me a modern western nation that doesn't have an army... besides Iceland.

    All humans have the capacity to fight, in fact it's pretty easy to see even at this site that there are some angry enough to want to fight rather than solve problems in a lucid, constructive manner.

    Yeah, there are a lot of idiots in america; hell, the earth has over six billion humans stinking it up, and stupidity tends to rule the day everywhere.

    And finally, just so you don't do something stupid and under-estimate the intelligence of americans... most of my fellow citizens suffer from having being institutionalized since they were about five-years-old and have a very difficult time seeing anything beyond what they're taught to expect. Most of us are not educated to think but to regurgitate, and this ruins a human. That said, most of americans like to believe we're still the good guys (yeah, I know the truth and it's uglier, but we're talking belief vs reality) and trust me, believing you're on the winning team is sometimes half the battle. I guess what I'm getting at is americans generally might not be very worldly, or very broadminded, but we can be damn stubborn, and clever in very deadly ways.

    The question we should be asking ourselves is how do we turn-off the propaganda? How do we organize? What beliefs do you feel could become the core of a movement a majority would actually support?

    Or maybe it would just be easier if we all moved to New Zealand, boatloads of american refugees or boeing 777s. Ivan, you've got good government health insurance don't you? How about a couch? Hopefully you live near a good surf break.


  103. Why is it all of a sudden we are doomed why didn't you have this revalation 4yrs ago. You are a fraud and come out the closet. We have been like this for 6yrs now, but because the person on the top color is different to your now you have a moment of clarity that we are doomed you are a clown. If he looked like you I think you would not be blogging about this.

  104. Anonymous above:
    please refer to the following blog post that will show that I judge people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character - I hope you have the smarts to figure out who said that:


  105. I wonder if the anonymous person pulling the race card will take the time to read the link - post - I put up there quite some time ago. Pay special attention to the updates - and the bloodbath following each and every decision of the Obama administration. It really is a sick and terrible history. If anybody wants to take a stance that Obombya is pro-colored-skinned people - look at the updates under the post I linked above. He looks pretty bad - by bad I mean he likes killing people with remote-controlled airplanes.

    Modern warfare requires remote controlled everything - I get that - but first we require a declaration of war - and the funding comes from the Congress - bicameral - meaning the house of reps is supposed to represent the people - unfortunately - they don't do that. Do you think the fact that they are being blackmailed has anything to do with their votes? If not - I suggest you reexamine your understanding of human motives and what levers are used to force human action

  106. larouchepac dot com ---- can save you time.

  107. Mr Jack Rabbit,

    First, I'm belated in thanking you for starting such an interesting discussion. So thank you.

    What I think I'm understanding from reading the comments here, and also on other blogs, is that there are a lot of angry people. Duh.

    The anger displayed is not very well focused, we still want to blame this group or that group, and that's the very problem we're now facing. American society has been being fractured for many years now... in fact I'd be willing to argue it has been fractured since it was formed.

    But we do have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, both are wonderful documents, but unless the people live those values and understand what they mean, those documents are nothing more than empty words. Humans are more often ruled by their deeper, animal instincts than they are by either thought or reason.

    I did have a couple of thoughts tonight that warmed my cold, icy heart a bit. The first was that if we do sink into a morass of unspeakable hardship and suffering, the jerks that caused it are going to want a nice safe place to live. We'll turn that into a giant banker roach motel – they can check-in but we'll never let them leave. Or maybe they think they're smart and are going to do a little selective pruning of us useless meatsacks with microbes. They may have a really good vaccine they think will keep them safe . The first round, but how about after a couple generations of mutations in a population as large as ours?

    If all else fails there is always the electric universe to call upon for some celestial lighting to deal with these beast.


  108. DaveS,

    Your comments are a great honor - thank you for participating in this discussion.

    I agree - living the values is the only way to assert our rights - and we are coming against that wall, line in the sand - any way one wishes to put it.

    My expressions describing my fellow American "citizens" are painful - I know that sounds lame - but I'm at an age where such things actually do hurt. I know Americans will stand up for things - but if those entrusted with instilling said values into them are traitors - it isn't fair to blame the citizens. Most of them are doing their best and react to things as they are fed by the fake TV/Radio media in this country which has complete control over the FCC. American people are victims of their government - not beneficiaries - and this truth is only now coming out slowly. If you can - in between missile attacks on innnocents - please understand that the American people really mena no one any harm.

    But if one takes a moment to look at the actions of Joseph I Liebermann it is easy to see why the world is a wreck. This backstabber knows no bounds when it comes to treachery and that includes the American public - who he feeds off like a vampire, leech, or bloodsucker of ones choice.

    We the People will prevail and it will be difficult - but we will overcome - and I hope all people the world over will understand that American is all inclusive - non discriminitive - and blind to color religion and every other devisive issue. You name it - we have it - but we can all make it work because the American system - three parts to the government null all that crap out.

    Also - anyone can become an American citizen - and everyone is truly welcome - there are no exceptions. That means YOU. The strength of America is our system - anyone can come here - legally or illegally - sorry for the politically incorrect statement there - but regardless - either way - Americans understand that LIBERTY AND FREEDOM TRUMP ALL.

    The coming year will be the year of the solution and I pledge promise and goddam swear I'm not going to quit until justice is served. And we will win period.

    Oligarchs be warned or just go away - it doesn't matter - there is a bright lantern coming to clear you cockroaches away - and I' providing the oil for the lantern.

  109. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 28, 2009, 12:18:00 AM

    You mindless torturing bastards wouldn't recognise "Freedom" if it climbed up your arse and bit your kidneys...and "Liberty" to do what?Go to the mall while your cowardly scumbag military sit on their fat arseholes and kill civilians by remote control.

  110. I see someone's lithium has ran out :(

  111. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 28, 2009, 1:21:00 AM

    Anon. 0101 hrs.

    Please go and watch your "Friends" like a good little girl.

  112. Ivan, your hate and anger make you no better than the mindless military’s killing by remote control. You direct your hate not at the enemy but at the victims of lies, media brain washing and poison in their food, water and air.
    Let me buy you a clue, not all American’s are happy at the way the Government operates.
    They keep their secret bases and warehouses well hidden. Yes, it is possible to see the truth but they do not make it easy.
    If you really believe that everyone in this country is a mindless robot shopping and watching friends reruns and dancing with the stars, you are way off base! Some of us see what is coming and are preparing for a brighter future. What are you doing to change the world? Spreading hate isn’t going to do it.

  113. Mr Ivan, are you for real? Below is the sum total of what you contributed to this conversation nothing useful, just a bunch of venom. If it weren't for your cute accent you might as well be writing from someplace right here in the USA.

    Ivan. New Zealand. said...
    Karma, blowback,call it what you will.I call it justice.Any scumbag nation that tortures prisoners gets what it deserves.Rot in hell you evil cunts.
    December 27, 2009 2:03 AM

    Ivan.New Zealand. said...
    It will take many generations to wash off the filth you are continuing to cover yourselves in.Think nazi Germany,then remember that you are the only country to have used nuclear bombs against another people.Cowardise and hypocracy are the hallmarks of your politicians and your military.Also remember the “good germans” who stood by and allowed the death camps to operate.So yes,you are my enemy,and the enemy of peace.
    December 27, 2009 4:19 AM

    eel that vibration? That’s your grandfathers rotating in their graves at the sound of the jackboots marching over your foul country (and many others).They died fighting fascism,then you allowed/helped/voted for your own shiny new home grown version.Fortunately the Soviets dealt to the nazis,but this time it will be suicide by banker(upcy).
    December 27, 2009 7:21 AM

    Dave S
Still posting crap.
Theory is there were folk in NZ before the Maori.
Trouble is we can’t tell you much. The Maori killed most of them together with the Moa etc.
The Maori are not an an aboriginal NZ people.
Latest thinking they originated in China many moons ago.
As New Zealand looks like becoming a province of China in the next few decades thanks to mass immigration, its a case of what goes round, comes round I guess.
Don’t let your anti-white bigotry spoil everybody’s day.
    December 27, 2009 7:40 AM

    van. New Zealand. said...
    But it is noticable that none of the americunts in this discussion wish to address the torturing of prisoners...closet perverts,maybe?
    December 27, 2009 5:19 PM

    Ivan.New Zealand. said...
    I can thankfully assure you that there is nothing wrong with my “balls”,and that the “us versus you cunts” is a learned responce,beginning in 1964 when I first visited your benighted country.The only meaningfull suggestion that I can make is that it would very helpfull for world peace if you bastards would stay in your own country.
    December 27, 2009 6:59 PM

    van. New Zealand. said...
    You mindless torturing bastards wouldn’t recognise “Freedom” if it climbed up your arse and bit your kidneys...and “Liberty” to do what?Go to the mall while your cowardly scumbag military sit on their fat arseholes and kill civilians by remote control.
    December 28, 2009 12:18 AM

    Ivan. New Zealand. said...
    Anon. 0101 hrs.

Please go and watch your “Friends” like a good little girl.
    December 28, 2009 1:21 AM

    Ivan do you have anything helpful to add? Or are you just another useless angry meatbag, pissed off, piss drunk and spewing shit from the safety of your parent's house?


  114. " ... ever see Caligula?"

    -god- yes and it seemed a lot like a great big fat swollen bloated example of how -not- to run a planet.

    (or at least 'try' as no-one has seemed to have been able to 'game' Asia, yet, indefinitely).

  115. By the way dave - if Ivan's pissed off for some reason or other - then you may just want to discover why, first.

    Let's not get all 'divide and conquer just yet.

    This is the internet, y'know.

  116. "Ivan, your hate and anger make you no better than the mindless military’s killing by remote control.

    That's not strictly true - as evidenced by say ... photographs taken inside Pakistan.

    "not all American’s are happy at the way the Government operates"

    Well, what are they all doing about it then ?
    It's been like -eight- years ...
    (longer maybe)

    "They keep their secret bases and warehouses well hidden. Yes, it is possible to see the truth but they do not make it easy"

    Or if you are comfortable enough then you will probably not bother.

    "What are you doing to change the world? Spreading hate isn’t going to do it."

    What if you just hated people's -fucking- behavior?

    What then, ay?

  117. lots of bile,lots of anger lots of protest but not one tangible solution so far...
    IMO americans have lost the confidence that their nationality gave them as a birthright,and their resulting confusion,fear and paranoia is sad to see or read.
    if on the other hand they are waking up to the deciet and lies sown by their governments that is a good thing..
    there are too many bodies coming home in bags to justify the idiotic war on drugs/terror..as if it was ever being fought with conviction in the first place..
    c'mon America you have given the world so much,now give us a break,get those liars out of your congress,vote down the cia/nsa/fbi control freaks..l dont hate you,many millions of others do not hate you,but we expect you to seize control of the sections of your country that we do hate..

  118. "lots of bile, lots of anger lots of protest but not one tangible solution so far ... "

    Sometimes just pointing something -out- can be a kind of solution, too.

  119. ewingsc–

    I think we've established that Ivan is angry against americans, even bigoted against americans. I'm not saying I blame him, but he's not adding much to the discussion is he?

    Spewing hate at people is how this mess got started... Replace american for al qaeda in Ivan's post and he might as well be george bush or chenny. Get my drift?

    Divide and conquer? WTF is that supposed to mean? I just cut and pasted all of Ivan's comments... he left them, and it is his comments and attitude that could really use some behavior modification, at least in my opinion.

    Maybe we americans could do you a big favor and we'll all just all die... tomorrow at noon soon enough for you? Then you can deal with all this shit by yourselves. Commonwealthers crying foul over american behavior aught to take a good hard look at themselves, their political reality, and how many of today's problems can be traced right back to their bloody queen. Hooha!

    Yeah, people, we're all in this together... You, me and them, so now how are we going to change the current reality? Because spewing more venom is not going to fix anything...


  120. Democrates, Jack et al: I've gravitated back 'cause the writing here is fascinating.

    By the way, the "elite" have deep underground cities ready and waiting when usRAEL decides to blow the place up.

    They are prepared and hope to survive.

    Let us pray their DUMBs turn out to be nothing more than ornate coffins.

    Yvan: Your rage is incandescent. I know the feeling well.

    As I recall it, Gore Vidal said rage alone was what was keeping him alive at this point.

    Big trouble is Americans don't know their own history.

    They know just enough to sit on their fat asses and wave their stupid "We're #1" foam finger in the face of far more ancient cultures.

    Iraq was one.

    Europeans also deeply despise Americans.

    The US made the sanguinary state of Israel possible. Try as they might, they'll never wash that stain from their collective conscience.

    Blame it on the Fluoride, the Chemtrails etc. if you will, but since the whole planet is being "experimented" on by the US military why is it the rest of the world knows, has always known, what America truly is and not Americans?

    They don't know their history.


  121. b-

    I'll let the elite have their "vast underground cities" maybe we can convince them to move really, really soon. Or we could help send them to their Domos Haidu, it would be a fitting place for those jerks.

    "The US made the sanguinary state of Israel possible. Try as they might, they'll never wash that stain from their collective conscience."

    I believe that it was the British who made the state of Israel possible...

    And there are plenty of provincial people all over the world who keep the furnaces of hate stoked... It isn't just americans, if it were, our idiot government would be easier to contain don't you think?

    Who is allowing american bases in their countries? Surely those people could force their governments to send them home – if they had the political will, and this alone would do much to end the bullshit we're engaged in.

    What the real truth is, many of the foreigners who "hate" americans, love collecting greenbacks, love calling us war pigs, but also love seeing us out doing their dirty work. The elite love war, gives them hard-ons.

    Humans are going to need to lose the jock mentality if we're going to fix this mess. Rather than blame "americans" solely, why not take a hard look around and realize there are idiots of every stripe, color and nationality. If you really know history you'll see every nation has engaged in warmongering stupidity at one time or another.

    The elite long ago realized america, and americans, were going to be a problem because of our idiotic belief in equality and that stupid Bill of Rights, so they've been working to fix this problem. It only took them 100 years, but they fixed it didn't they? And now what?

    Look at the history that led to WW II, and think a moment about how closely it resembles our current situation. Looking back, how can anyone blame the german people for falling into the empire trap? Their economy was purposely collapsed, they had been beat down by WW I – a war many average germans didn't realize any benefit from while it was being waged (what people ever do?) in fact, many we're children at the time of the earlier war and had nothing to do with even starting it, but still they were punished too. (kind of what israel is trying to do to the germans, yet again)

    I wish german citizens would have been smarter and not fallen into the bankers trap, but they did. Their national pride ruined them just as it's ruining america.

    So while I understand the world's anger at america, it's important to remember to hate the government, hate the policies, but don't hate the people, because we're all going to need to work together to fix this mess. And, since most people are sheep, it's going to take a lot of shepherds to get them rounded-up and put out into a better pasture. We're all going to need to work together to do this. Otherwise it's going to be WW III, and when that comes, we'll all lose.

    So, other than putting massive quantities of cyanide in our water supply, how do you suggest we start humanly fixing this mess?


  122. There are US troops, foreign troops, including ISRAELI troops, on North American soil practising together for the upcoming big event.

    Those brave, brave boys & "girls" of the US military, shoulder to shoulder with Israeli, eager to do battle with the populace.

    And, at long last, unleash their myriad 'secret' weapons!

    It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Go on, wave your foam finger at them.


  123. Dave, I stand corrected.

    The US had nothing whatsoever to do with creating the rogue state of Israel. Nothing.

    You've convinced me.

    As for everything else you say, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    As for how do I "suggest we start humanly fixing this mess?"

    I think Don Robertson gave us part of the answer: "We have to abandon all hope and every pretense of our human competence for a while - and surrender to the power of nature..."

    Best Regards,


  124. babette,

    I didn't say elements with-in the u.s. didn't help, but that at the time israel was formed, I'd say the british empire had more say in the fact than america. Remember it wasn't until the '50s that israel had built-up the sort of lobbying war machine they now have. The zionist had been intrenched in briton for years and years and years before that.

    It's would be easy to blame america for all the world's ills, and having lived in the usa since birth, I wouldn't blame you. My god, we should be prostrate to the world for unleashing hollywood upon them, not to mention many of the other terrible things that have been done in the name of peace and freedom.

    But there is magic here that is hard to understand if you live in an older society. You can almost be anyone and anything... not because we're really that different, but that americans think different. There are still many of us who are Freemen (and Freewomen too!, and even some kooks that are both at the same time!) and thinking this way has allowed some really niffty stuff to happen.

    The internet is america; transistors, moon landings, super highways, not to mention tomatoes... ok we didn't invent tomatoes, but we have genetically modified them... maybe that isn't such a good thing, hmm.

    I'm being a smart ass; more ass than smart I'm sure. But I really do think humans need to stop with ALL the labeling and start judging people by their actions. There is good everywhere, and there is bad everywhere.

    Personally I think the cold war would have ended sooner if all those single russian women had started posting photos of themselves on the internet, or I guess if they could have. Maybe that's the real way to end the crap, international dating services.


  125. Jackrabbit,

    I apologize for hijacking your rant... I hope you don't mind.

    "Elastic Solutions"

    Maybe this is the term we need to use when trying to solve problems that affect many different people in many different ways.

    It's like the sweatpants of solutions, the sort of thing most people look rather frumpy wearing, but they're comfortable, and designed so many different-sized people can fit in one basic idea. Cut to the chase, and figure-out a few things we all can agree upon. Leave the rest of the stuff to be debated on a smaller community by community basis.

    First we have to imagine this, then we'll have to conjure the dream into reality with the right words, because as it says in John:1 " In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."


  126. Dear Dave,

    I vaguely remember, from works I read on the subject, that Britain was compelled to do the "Israel" thing in 'payment' to the US for its participation in 'winning' the war.

    Regardless, you'd be hard-pressed to pinpoint a time in history when the US was innocent of anything.

    Ojibwe, Choctaw, Apache, Lakota, Arapaho...ring any bells?

    As for the US giving us this, that and the other, well..., the Renaissance gifted us with Michelangelo et al, Architecture, Dante; Greece, Philosophy and Medicine; Russia, Tolstoy, red leather boots and Vodka; Japan, the Toyota Crown, Ozu, sushi (yuck) and so on.


    "Moon landings"?

    "Think differently?"


    I'm rendered speechless.


    p.s. Your sense of humour is much appreciated.

  127. i'm soooo afriad of tribal men in caves 8000 miles away and government mind controlled patsys

  128. Dave S,
    You can hijack all you want - your participation is an honor - we have to have these discussions no matter how brutal - it is a starting point for sure. Only by getting the conversation started on the big stuff will solutions arise. jr

  129. babette-

    I have choctaw blood somewhere back a couple of generations, so I'm not ignorant of our rather bloody and militaristic past in regards to native peoples. Unfortunately this seems to be the way life has always been.

    Out here in the southwest, the hopi, the apache and the other puebloian(sp) tribes are in conflict with the navajo who moved in rather late; the spaniards were the first european "enemies", but now their ancestors and the "original" natives have both been pushed off to the corner (or the four corners as we call the area) by later, whiter, europeans. If current population trends continue, the whiter europeans will soon be replaced by the original freaks and then the mexicans and indians can go back to arguing with each other. Because, isn't this what always happens?

    I think back to the fall of the iron curtain and can you remembering the euphoria of those first months after the berlin wall came down? That was the closest the world has been to a big group hug and look at us now.

    Humans really need to agree to disagree on most everything... and then begin the hard work of finding simple, yet important beliefs we can all rally behind.

    And p.s. I don't think briton has ever been compelled to do much of anything for anybody. The english are the largest foreign land owners in america, and there are those who could make an argument business interest in briton were happy at the outcome of the american revolution... Business doesn't recognize national boarders the way us penned sheep do. War is always profitable for big business, and they really don't give a fuck who dies or what's ruined afterwards... keep those sheep busy rebuilding.


  130. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 28, 2009, 5:53:00 PM

    For the sake of accuracy,please note that I did not make the "DaveS" post attributed to me.I (unlike several "anon" cowards here.) would not attack someone in person (unless he was here in my face in NZ).And I am unlikely to be sitting in my parents house if I was in your pariah country in 1964.
    americunts are not hated for their freedoms,they are hated for their actions.It may seem simplistic to you bastards with the average intelligence of a parrot,but if you stop killing people,eventually they will stop attacking you.BTW. ewingsc...what country are you in?

  131. I have never had fear like I have now. I am afraid of loss of control, and want to know who controls?

    Who is it that puts my happiness and security at risk, making me paranoid, wanting to carry around gold so I may eat when the SHTF? So I can pay my rent? But of course I don't have freedom to even do that. Red tape, taxation, registration, fingerprints.

    Do I find a cave and hide as best I can?

    It has gotten to the point that I can't walk down the street and not have people in clumps, blocking the sidewalk and again, no freedom -- this time of movement. I have become so afraid from what I read on these sites I hate myself because I am a human being. I have read enough to know what is going on and don't see it being stopped.

    I want it to end, to go back to normal, happy again. Would public executions of these scumbags make me more relaxed? Perhaps it would for awhile.

  132. This is not just an American problem. We live in a global world where interconnectedness rules. People (yes, Americans and others) need to wake up NOW. What's in this article is but the tip of the iceberg...

    By the way, armed revolution won't work. Don't fight violence with violence. Do it the Ghandi way.

  133. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 28, 2009, 6:17:00 PM

    Anon 6:04 pm.

    Nice to know that you are in the state you are in,but which "scumbags" would you like to publicly execute? Typical ameriscum mindset,no civilised country executes prisoners.

  134. Someone (maybe Chomsky) came up with a list of foreign 'interventions' by the US in other peoples countries since WWII.

    The list was very long - and involves things like assassination, coups, death squad training, and installing compliant juntas who wouldn't think twice about dispossessing their own compatriots while funnelling the cash away to the north.

    Very bad behavior indeed.

    However encouraging things have been happening in South America for a few years now that are designed to put a stop to this predatory process.

    All the US can do is build more bloody airbases in Columbia, buzz the neighbours with drones, and bank roll bloody oppression all the way back up the Latin American Isthmus.

  135. Sorry, but it's these kinds of foreign policy decisions that really make people want to kick those foreign policy makers really really hard in the nuts.

  136. I suggest carrot-sized chopping blocks, um, manned by angry Dykes.


  137. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 28, 2009, 7:05:00 PM

    Oh...time for a little light humour is it?

    How can you tell when a planeload of americunts has landed ?
    It keeps whining after the engines are turned off.

  138. Um, I wasn't being humorous. I think if you took three or so inches off each of the bastards that caused this global fuck-up it might go a long, long (um, sorry, that is kind of funny) way to curbing future abuses.

    And sorry about screwing-up the post of your post... I didn't think you had mounted a sneak attack, I just figured you'd forgot to put your ID... it just sounded like something you would have said, and honestly I thought it was the most informative of the bunch. I went back and looked a little deeper into your earlier peoples after reading it.


  139. Great letter well said ! Don't start the revolution without me!

  140. I am afraid of the americans!

  141. I mean really.

    Using military weapons to disposess a planet of its wealth and resources just because "it is in America's national interest" to do so will not make you any friends.

    And it just -looks- bad.

    Fear and respect are not the same thing - and if you spend all your time acting like a bloody-minded shit - then sooner or later it comes back at you.

    yes, we are all in this together.

    The world is round, and it is a closed system, where everything on affects everything else on it.

    I'm on New Zealand, Ivan.

  142. Thank you for the rant, J.R. When I find a discussion like this (which is all too rare) it gives me a little hope.

    It's reassuring to know that some people can actually see through the devisive tactics of MSM. We are constantly reminded of the little differences between us so when things go wrong we will point our fingers at each other rather than the real culprits (the banksters and all the other corporate criminals).

    Someone (sorry, I forgot who) once said "When money talks, the truth is silent". Mainstream media IS money talking. We need to get more people to realize this. Too many people, not only in the US but in all of the developed countries, sit and stare at the one-eyed monster and absorb all the mindless, meaningless, commercialized drivel that is foisted before them. They catch the evening news and maybe a weekly political/news show or two and think they are well informed, never aware that they are being manipulated by the corporatocracy. So the question is, how do we get the masses to wake up from this mind-sleep? When enough people are awakened, the ruling elite will fall. Unfortunately, the propagandists are also aware of this. We are now in a race to awaken a critical mass before the liars convince enough people that we need to give up freedom of the internet in order to keep us "safe".

    "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent"
    - Thomas Jefferson

    There are a number of obstacles to overcome;
    - Some people believe that opposing any of the policies or actions of the U.S. is unpatriotic. Of course, this is as ridiculous as calling someone who opposes Israel's policies anti-semitic or a holocast-denier.
    - People have an innate fear of change. No matter how bad things are, they think it could be worse.
    - People are lazy. We all need to realize that a government by "We the people" requires a little more effort than simply showing up at the polls every few years. A good starting point would be to actually read the constitution, rather than get it second-hand, injected with opinions, misinterpretations and lies from the popular loud-mouths. See usconstitution.net. The Declaration of Independence is also on that site. In it, there are twenty-seven greivances against King George. How many of these are now being commited by the U.S. against other nations?
    - People feel that they can't make a difference. This is exactly the mind-set that the powers-that-be want.

    "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance"
    - Thomas Jefferson

    RW Chicago

  143. I realize that I don't have any answers, but part of the solution is to understand the problem.

    RW Chicago

  144. Another Kiwi here would just like to say that Ivan should stop hating Americans. "America is NOT the land of the free" has not been for a long time. Free thinking Americans are under attack from there Overlords and should have our support.

  145. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 28, 2009, 10:26:00 PM

    Someone perceptive on here described my hate for the untermench of your country as incandescent.Very accurate.So I will tell you part of why.
    Your disregard for the rules of war,the Geneva Conventions,the Neurenburg rules,the United Nations and common human decency.You have taken MY world back to the Dark Ages,so yes,it's personal.And you have the bare faced cheek to scold China about human rights?
    Bush,Cheney,Ashcroft,Yoo, et al are prima faci war criminals,but you let them walk free.
    In 1964 I sailed to every foul little port on your east coast,from Brownsville to Rhode Island with a multi-ethnic crew.Every male I talked to was a rascist pig.It was there that I learned to street-fight.
    In 67/68 I was on the VN coast,saw your "brave troops" in action along with their aerial cowards.(Anyone here know what used to happen in the mornings at the Shell soccer ground at Nha Be? I do,I was there.) It was there that I learned to hate.
    Your military...cowards.Your politicians...cowards.Your people...cowards.Without a gun in your hands you are whimpering nothings.
    Rot in hell you subhuman cunts.

  146. "...armed revolution won't work. Don't fight violence with violence."

    No, no, armed revolution won't work 'cause the US military and their buddies have weapons you can't even imagine.

    Anyone here know how many times through the years the US has been told to "GO HOME!"?

    You'd think the American people would get the hint!


    No effect. They have no shame.

    Never mind what Dave says about foreign puppet leaders greedy for the US dollar etc.

    The US $ is worthless now.

    When the most powerful killing machine on earth, the ONLY one to drop nukes on already destroyed cities, TELLS weaker countries what to do, they do it. Or else!

    US bases litter the planet, for Christ's sake!

    How can one believe mere $$$ can compel foreign "leaders," who are themselves power-hungry, controlling bastards, to relinquish their power to the US?

    They are threatened, that's how. The US military has a history of obliterating, by one means or another, obstinate weaker nations.



  147. RW-

    Nice post, thank you for the link to the Constitution. I am looking foreword to re-reading the grievances... maybe I'll print them out and hang them on the doors of all the local taverns.

    And as much as I dislike Ivan's vile bile, I must admit I wish more americans were exposed to opinions like his... might make a few of the asses take a good hard look in the mirror and wonder what would make a commonwealther hate america so strongly? Or why anyone would hate america? If more people stopped looking as the world through a damn pinhole in a mirror and see there is a much more dynamic, and even exciting world out there.

    The ugly american is a concept that has been around since at least the '50s, and it still exist, and is even truer now, no? The BIG town near me, Grand Junction, CO has about 55,000 in city limits, and probably has another 10,000 nearby. It is about 50 miles from me and I meet people in my small town, who have only been to Junction a few times in their lives. And I don't live in BFE. Aspen is only a beautiful two hour drive, and you can meet rich assholes from all over the world there and yet I'd bet most of the folks born here haven't done that drive more than twice, and I'd bet they only drove through, never stopping to meet anyone else.

    One generalization I can make about rich assholes (after working in asshole, co) and I'd willingly bet Bill Gate's fortune it would prove true; The only difference between rich assholes is their accents.

    I remember a family of brazilianaires I dealt with who stick in my mind, not only because of what HUGE assholes they were. But also because they somehow ended-up eating at the lunch counter I worked at in SF, this TWO years after I'd fit them for ski boots. What's the chances? I hope their car breaks down one dark night on the bad side of Sao Paulo...

    Maybe if the whole world surrounded america and all screamed in unison, "WAKE UP!" something would change. I'd at least like to think so. But I'm not sure anymore. If we don't wake ourselves, I don't think there is much hope of anyone else doing it for us. Pretty much the whole world is a political cesspool, I suppose the only hope for humane humans to survive, is a benevolent intervention by intelligent aliens (if they're intelligent, they'll get the hell out of this solar system quick, so I wouldn't hold my breath).

    Since that won't happen, what's choice two?


  148. Ivan, what happened at the Shell soccer field at Nha Be?

    Ah, yes! The US military. Sadistic parasites! Murderous shits! So many atrocities committed, and so many more to come...



  149. I'm so tempted to comment but the discussion is so good...

    New Zealand has no blood on its hands in Vietnam? That's interesting.

  150. Oh yeah - George Washington told me that armed revolution never works - especially after Shay's Rebellion - but isn't that a paradox?

  151. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 28, 2009, 11:21:00 PM

    FYIO...I wasn't a Kiwi then,and NZ has come a long way since then (try taking one of your nukes into this country) so attacking the messenger is a bit of a pointless exersize?

  152. Hopefully young Americans are waking up to the lies of there trusted leaders and have the balls to educate the generation of there parents, who are so closed minded and happy to live in there bubble of "American dreams"
    It's the young that will eventually suffer when the overlords round them up.
    We must all stick together for pursuit of the truth.

  153. And I might add, as far as america's wiz-bang weapons systems.., they've not been very effective, I mean really. We spend upteen billions on weapons, you'd think for what we're spending, the damn machine could effectively kill all the right bad guys terminator-like and the rest of us could buy pints at the bar, safe in the knowledge our machines were keeping the world safe.

    It ain't like that at all. Committed boots on the ground win wars, not technology. Ask the vietcong. Or the taliban.

    And I'd be willing to bet that with-in thirty miles or so of where I live someone probably even has motorized armor hidden in some deep cave.

    The movie Red Dawn, is probably pretty close to how things would go down, at least the later part of the movie. I don't think the russians or cubans would want any part of this mess.

    So there is the hooha speech, yeah we're a bunch of deadly snakes and we could put so many bullet holes in our country there'd be more hole than country.

    That's bullshit talk and anyone with half a brain knows it. Too many rambo movies have infected us and we too easily want to use a gun. If that happens everything is really, really fucked, 'cause just like the damn "war on terror" (should be re-named the terrible terror war) and the attack on iraq.

    I was sitting in the fishing shop/bar I worked at, and watching the ground war roll into baghdad, listening to the idiots laughing and acting like they were watching a damn movie. Laughing! Those same guys are bemoaning the stupidity of the war now, acting like they were preaching caution back then. I remember how it was. And I betcha' the big IF was watching those pricks too, making those little checks next to their names nobody wants to have when IF comes calling.

    Maybe we deserve a messy little civil war, but I'd rather see if we can't figure a better way out of this stupid mess first. Hasn't there been enough shooting?


  154. And Jack Rabbit, just on the off chance, do you happen to know my friend blossom that lives in Charlottesville?

    The chances are long, but I was born on the day of long odds, so anything is possible. If so, tell her the freak says "hi"


  155. "Your military...cowards."


    "Your politicians...cowards."


    "Your people...cowards."

    People armed to the teeth, but paralyzed with fear.

    Did any free, brave, armed Americans rush to the rescue of the Branch Davidians during their ordeal, their murder?

    Women and children, incinerated. American citizens!

    Oh, yeah, your government told you they were paedophiles.

    Did that make their execution without a trial alright for you? Did you actually believe the gov's BS? Did you lounge on the couch, sipping beer, while you watched?

    Just one more reality show, right?

    Americans talk tough 'cause they are a thoroughly deluded lot. Their unified NON-reaction to WACO was the proof in the pudding, as they say.

    The ordinary American lug might not know this, or may refuse to believe it, but he/she is next on their own military's "to do" list.


  156. DaveS,
    I may may know blossom and not even know it - but it doesn't take a rocket psyiantist to know I go to Greenberrys every now and then.

    I don't consider you a freak - quite the opposite - it's people like yourself keeping the spirit alive - keep up the good work please.

    Americans need to hear the criticism and some need to defend because America has and will do great things. But yeah - we have some hideous nasty stuff to answer for - but where is the accountability.

    You have honored me with your persistence - and I must say - it is those like yourself that keep me going. There have been some difficult times where I wonder - but as usual - those like yourself keep reminding me that it really is a lonely path when one accepts a leadership role.

    Thank you for expressing yourself - and always remember that you are speaking for so many that won't speak for themselves - for whatever reason - usually fear.

    I predict greatness in your future - don't ever ever stop. It is you - and those like you that remind me the future is so bright I gotta' wear shades.

  157. Hi JR!

    "New Zealand has no blood on its hands in Vietnam"...

    It may have. So does every other "allied" country which has to do the US's bidding or face the nasty consequences.

    Funny, I thought I said that earlier.

    Thanks JR,

  158. Future so bright I gotta' wear shades is an old song line - FYI

  159. Hey Dave,

    "...america's wiz-bang weapons systems."

    Only what you know of them, Dave, only what you THINK you know.

    The toys they are presently using are meant to be unreliable and messy.

    Those they have in reserve will astonish you, right before they snuff you out.

    Best Regards,

  160. Eh, JR, "Future so bright I gotta' wear shades is an old song line"?

    You mean it? Not the song, the words?

    What are you on?

    Or maybe is it that nothing I say registers?

    The US, bright future, good days ahead, glory glory hallelujah...


    You cock-eyed optimist, you.

    "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."

    It's time to adjust.



  161. Is it bold for me to offer a glimmer of light in this time of darkness? Perhaps - but bear with me...

    Solutions are coming very soon - recognition of the problem - as said by a previous commenter is absolutely essential - and a prerequisite.

    These problems we face - they are easy! Just a re-run!

    As we step through the thought process of the so-called "founding fathers" we will see that our problems are antiquated predictable fossils easily remedied with the modern touch...

    We have our communications network - the internet - if that is f'd up it's over. That's when the guns will come out - not my idea - just a prediction - but something to think about.

    One of the commenters above mentioned Kennedy's statement regarding those making peaceful change impossible making violent revolution inevitable. I can't argue with that - I wouldn't argue with that since I am a great admirer of Jack Kennedy.

    If the internet remains free - we can fix everything - and the "how" is something I promise to discuss on this blog - many ideas already in the making - not yet written but believe me already explored awaiting a spark.

    Coming attractions and very soon. But the venom must spew first - the anger must come out - the bitching must come first - and there will never be enough to account for the evil done in our name - but there is a time for listening...

    And after that the possibilites etc...

    Regardless - the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution - these are not accidental documents - they are well thought out systems that work - if only they were understood and followed - and that is a job to be done in the coming year - aligned with the enforcement of these ideals.

    There is a lot to do - please stay engaged.

  162. b-

    I'm not nearly as worried about "magic" weapons – like the videos of cruise missiles hitting targets in iraq, only to find later most of those videos were/are faked.

    I'm sure there are some pretty amazing things available, but most of those systems are unreliable, or they would be using them more often. Plus if you look at anything that will take place, it will be a long, drawn out and messy conflict. The size of america alone is one of the reasons it would be very difficult for the federal government to quell the entire nation.

    In hollywood, and maybe in fantasy land, such a project seems pretty easy, but you forget the biggest ally of any homegrown rebellion would be pretty much the entire rest of the world. Am I not right? At the very least china might view the internal strife as an opportunity to, say, invade japan. Or maybe give us another front to fight in afghanistan?

    The guys in d.c. might be that stupid, but there are plenty in the military that aren't. They don't want to fight the chinese and the russian and canada all at the same time. Guam could even declare it's independence and then how would the fed's get their weather reports?

    Next would be Hawaii; Michael Rivero has been chomping at the bit to lead it, or so I've heard (I may have made that up) But I imagine there are plenty of natives who would love to see the howlies gone... all of them. Maybe they'd let mike stay, maybe not.

    The guys who've modeled an internal american conflict can only hope to control a few cities, and by doing so possibly blackmail lots of others by holding relatives. But that's not the entire country by any measure.

    How many goons do you think the feds could muster? It's one thing getting a bunch of jackboots together to crack hippy heads, but it's going to be a lot harder for a goon to shoot when it's one of their frat buddies in the crosshairs.

    babette, I'd have to say you're the optimist, and rooting for the bad guy to boot ;)


  163. "...Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution" do not apply, cannot erase, do not forgive nor forget, the bloodshed your government/military have visited upon millions of innocents all over the world since your goddam inception.

    It's NOT all about YOU (USA)!

    I'm going to bed.

    Your like tires me.

    Best Regards,

  164. And JR, tell blossom the freak sends a hug. It won't be a bad thing. As for the freak thing... when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro, to quote the hubble space telescope. HeeHee.

  165. Wow, babette must not have a bellybutton... I think the he/she/clone that is without sin is welcome to cast the first stone, but would you condemn the children? The cute little babies? Just cause they were unlucky enough to be born here?

    Who is not guilty? What sort of pristine galaxy do you live on?

    Sheese I might as well be arguing with a bunch of foreign rednecks!


  166. Just as my exquisite head was about to hit the pillow, here comes Dave.

    Are you aware, Dave, that the US military have been spraying us, the entire planet, like bugs full tilt since 1998-99?


    Didn't notice X patterns or grids in the sky above your head, did ya?

    Don't look up much, do you?

    And I thought I'd given up on trying to reason with Americans, but here I go again...

    When JFK was publicly assassinated you did nothing. USS Liberty? Pearl Harbour? WACO? Oklahoma? WTC bombing? 9-11?

    Fatigue made me miss some.

    Dave, I like you.

    But trying to convince me the US military employ retarded weapons because that's the best they have is commensurate with proposing the jew banksters made lousy judgment calls -- throughout all of history.

    A bientot mon ami,

  167. ma cherie, is that even close? Shit I can't even begin to understand english, let alone other languages. I've no head for language so I'll stop while I might still be even.

    Really b, I've got my head in the clouds, and funny you should mention chemtrails... a couple of days ago I witnessed what I'd say was the first real chemtrail, watched it pouring out of jets on the back of the jet even. I may not have much of a head for language, but I've good eyes, really good eyes. And it was the freakiest thing I've seen in the sky. Broad daylight even.

    And I've been a conspiracy kook for a long, long time. My parents fought the MAN a lot while I was a child; picked the school, court case against the county over building codes, lots of bake sales and other stupid, time consuming work that achieved, in the end, crap. But I learned to keep my head down, and watch my back and don't trust too many "officials" Plus I worked as a photographer at a daily newspaper for a few years. I've seen plenty of slime in my time, up close and personal. And you've listed a pretty complete set of the governments greatest hits, forgetting the most recent, the TARP bailout... but, and I don't mean this anyway lightly, but those pale in comparison to what was done to our Bill of Rights. Habeas corpus is gone, unreasonable search and seizure, gone. I'm not sure there are even any rights left. Rights, left, hmmm.

    And I wasn't alive when JFK was assassinated, but trust me, I'd have jumped right in front of that bullet had I been alive somewhere :)

    I'm still going to argue with you that the military employs retarded weapons... at least as the rule. Yes, there is some fancy stuff that is in limited production and also limited use, but it's just that, limited. They have a gun that can shoot around corners, but it's not in the typical grunts hands, and that who is going to be holding ground.

    I don't know what you know about machines, but the more complicated they are, the more problems that appear when used in the field. That's why the guys I know, would still prefer a russian made AK-47 to about anything else... reliability. When you're fighting, too many problems can arise with complex gear, and with a fancy system you need to have soldiers who are smart enough to use the weapon, maintain the weapon and be ready when called on to use it. The mentality of the average grunt in any army is three hots and a cot. They ain't in it 'cause they're rocket scientist, they're doing it 'cause there ain't other, better opportunities.

    I can't believe so many posters can berate america's soldiers for their cowardice and stupidity, and then think they're going to be using light sabors and blasters. There seems to be a disconnect between those two rather extreme views. Or maybe some folks have bought the hollywood propaganda that we're the best?

    I think part of the problem is people look at how much is spent on the military every year, and you'd think we'd have invented a weapon that doesn't need to kill, but rather makes the other side happy to see you, and even invites you in for humus.

    There are billions wasted on experimental weapons like fighters, gun systems, missiles, but the biggest expenditures are probably plain graft.

    Remember, experimental weapons won't hold ground alone. Then there is maintaining these systems... if we're fighting here at home, that's going to screw-up the resupply of new parts, ect.

    Warring is a lot more than a two hour movie. It's better to focus, and stay focused, on the reality we face right now and what we can do to prevent it becoming any worse.

    I'm fading too. I guess the southern hemisphere will have to get the last word in tonight :)


  168. Do some of you really believe that the American public has any say in who is put in public office? Or whomever the figurehead ends up being, has anything to do with what policies are made?!
    It is all decided in closed-door secret meetings, with the boys at the top and what they are doing, is trying to find ways to best control US! All of us. Wake up and see the men behind the curtain for God sakes! Every Government in the world is part of the plan! The US will go down, as that is part of the plan!
    Why can you not see, they want to destroy us all.
    The secret US Government doesn't give a rats ass about US citizens any more than it cares about all those people getting tortured and gunned down on a daily bases. As soon as they find a way to pump out some propaganda, to make it acceptable to do so on their own soil, we the people of the US will get the same treatments. That already started with 9/11!!!
    We the people are not the enemy of the world; the elite who sit at the top of every Government of the world are the enemy of all of us. To blame the twisted bullshit the evildoers are up to, on people just because they were born in the US, is ridiculous!
    I do not think the BS those dogs have been up to for years is OK. They all got together and set up WWII! It fit right into their plan. Do you think any of those people at the top suffer? No! It is always the innocent that get torn apart in their bloody wars. Do you think any of them cried a tear for the people killed at the world trade center? Hell no, they all sat back and laughed as they were able to scare the hell out of the citizens in order to take away the few rights they may have had left. It gets worse everyday.
    The same was true with Hiroshima! The Dogs at the top find a way to scare the hell out of everyone and that keeps us separate. It is just like the crazy folks here in the US running from Muslims. Good grief. We the people of the world need to take the world back from the leaders before they have us shooting each other in the streets out of fear.
    We need to bane together and let all of them know; we aren’t afraid of each other or them. That is the way to start the revolution.

  169. are we really expecting some kind of homeland holocaust??...fema camps internment fireing squads etc??..is this what so many people see for the future of americans??
    @ivan NZ..in all my world travels l have never but ever seen such heavy handed security at any airport as experienced at yours..

  170. Ivan. New Zealand.Dec 29, 2009, 6:36:00 AM

    Nicholas...that treatment must be reserved for suspect (ameriscum or yisraeli) passport holders,I breeze in and out all the time.

  171. au contraire Ivan,l carry a english passport..no problems in other countries yet your chaps tore my stuff to bits along side my 4 year old sons..
    drugs??weapons??..no one was prepared to say...

  172. Nicholas, I wouldn't judge an entire country by one shitty experience with paid goons. I don't think anyone would want to deal with any countries goons... didn't we see all those nice dutch police helping the climate protesters find nice cold seats... I heard they even gave them all plastic bracelets, for free! Of course those nifty bracelets were keeping their hands shackled and their blood from flowing, but what a great keepsake that little band will make. What else are you going to bring home from denmark, more salty licorice?

    And to respond to PG... um as far as most of our fellow inhabitants of earth are concerned, americans screwed-up when we didn't take to the streets and shut the country down after our country started the illegal and unnecessary war with iraq.

    Look at what the people just did in honduras, and in france they can't get shit done if the public doesn't approve. Hell, the french will sit amongst piles of rotting garbage in their streets and not go to work until the government responds to their demands. That's got to suck, yet they do it because they understand the big picture.

    I'm late for an appointment, gotta go, but I'll be back... I have an interesting story about talking to one of my libertarian friends last night.



  173. "...americans screwed-up when we didn't take to the streets and shut the country down..."

    There's a world of truth in that statement, Dave.

    I'm extremely distraught. The panty-firecracker non-event will be the final nail in the coffin of what was once a vibrant, vital industry.

    And now this: To arrive at the airport even earlier, to wait even longer; to be treated even more like shit; to subject oneself to ever more indignities at the hands of Israeli Gestapo thugs (airport security here and elsewhere I heard)?

    Forget it!

    911 weakened the commercial airline industry considerably, this might just finish it.

    If people don't defend their freedom to travel then, indeed, all is lost.

    Only the "elite" will fly, and the military tankers laying their Chems turning blue skies, silvery white. Chemtails are a weapon, Dave.

    Restricted travel. Permission to travel.

    Heaven help us!

  174. b-

    why not devise a little socialist airline? I'm surprised nobody has thought of this yet. Get a whole bunch of people to form a collective and lease jets. Surely there must be a bunch of kooks who'd fly the collective skies?

    If you're getting on a private or chartered plane, everyone can show-up ten minutes before they board, hop-on and take-off. This is why the elite don't give a damn about the airlines.

    And I agree Chemtrails are weapons... I think I said as much, but at the moment they seem to be rather slow in their affects. I believe McDonalds and Wendy's are far better at quelling american dissent, and the idiots pay for that poison.

    Oh, by the way, good morning! Let the games begin :)


  175. Good Morning, Dave. I sound like HAL, eh?

    My question to you is this:

    If you know chems are weapons (as is HAARP etc.)
    then how can you insist your military is using antiquated weapons?

    And another thing, where is all the cash coming from to spray the globe's populations?

    How much does it cost to fly those tankers (mostly remote controlled) 24/7 to spread chems all over the place?

    How many people are involved? How much do they get paid?

    Think of the enormity of the project: Ten to twelve years of flight scheduling, secret sirports, guys/gals who prepare the mixtures, and those who fill the canisters, fueling and refueling and so on.

    An enterprise of gargantuan proportion! Who organized it? Who controls it?

    Are we actually talking dollars & cents or is this of a higher order of treason not requiring monetary payment?

    Somebody must be in control of those tankers that fly Xs and grids and swirls patterns leaving behind thin trails, often miles long, which spread, then widen hiding the sun bringing rain (or snow) shortly thereafter for a few days.

    In case you're interested please Google:


    FOUNDING FATHER 1776: "What the hell are they spraying on us?"

    There are many more such sites.

    Hope you'll check out this 'secret' vicious, insidious US military weapon.

    Silicone based, GMO Fast food is part of the plan, I agree.

    And yet, the US military in-your-face Super Weapons are fascinating.

    A German weatherman recently admitted the US miltary is responsible for blotting out the sun.

    It strikes me North Americans, aside from 911, never had bombs dropped on them. Hence, they don't expect anything to descend on their benighted heads from above.

    They don't give a damn when bombs are dropped by their military on others, s'long as it's not at home.

    Americans are sitting ducks, really.

    The US military is gonna 'shock & awe' lots folks right here, very soon.


    p.s. I've recently purchased a fair-sized, computerized telescope. My hope is to film, up close and personal, those deadly sky-spiders.
    Investigate the only non-spinning object in our galaxy too: The Moon.


  176. Here is a link to a long rant I started writing for here, but it's too big. So I snuck it in on some nice folks over here:


    Its the rant called The Rant, should be the last post.

    b- knowing of the problem is only the first part of solving it. I can't believe how much of my time I've spent in the past two days trying to think at least kind of rationally while discussing fringe weirdness with you.

    Normally, the shoe is on the other foot, as it were. And I agree the amount of money the usa spends on black ops is... we can guess it's in the neighborhood of at least 2.3 trillion dollars can we not? isn't this the amount rummy had to admit was "missing" from the defense budget sept 10, 2001?

    Where and how this money is spent is anyone's guess. But since I live in america I'm currently more concerned with how I can do even more to reverse our rapid decline into a jackbooted homeland than I am in exploring the x-files.



  177. You've been most generous with your time, Dave.

    It's a great relief knowing you are on the case regarding reversing the decline etc.

    Given your remarkable curiosity and tenacity, things should improve in no time.

    And we'll have you to thank for it.

    Best Regads,
    D. Scully

    p.s. I'll read "The Rant" now.

  178. The Scully tag is funny, but your inquiry is more Mulder :)
    I don't think things are going to improve quickly, I'm ready for a long haul.

    But if you want to know where I go looking for real hope:



  179. Ivan.New Zealand.Dec 29, 2009, 5:52:00 PM

    Well,ameriscumbags,it's time to leave you.I'm off to chat with some southern baptist pastors about the version of "christianity" they sell.
    One last note...not one of you evil bastards was willing to address your torturing of prisoners,the main reason that most civilised people hate you with a vengence that is so strong you can smell it.You certainly are purely evil fuckwits.

  180. I think "ameriscumbags" pretty well covers the torture issue too.

    Shine on, Ivan!


  181. Ivan,
    I hope you had fun with the baptist. I always tell them my god looks very much like the large black man in the old 7UP commercials. He sits out on a big sailboat somewhere warm, puffing his holy smoke and laughing at how serious we take life. Maybe a tumbler with three fingers of a really nice local rum sitting on the table next to him.

    Life plays out upon a glorious hawaiian shirt he's wearing, and with his movements the world changes, seasons pass, empires rise and fall... if you listen close you can hear his laugh booming out over the water, "HAHAHA."

    The problem we face is the big guy is sitting upon our section of the shirt and he ate some really spicy food for lunch. Our age will be known as the age of Supreme flatulence, and this explains from what, and why, the world is currently suffering.

    As for the torture thingy... I'm sure you will rest well at night knowing that, because we never spoke-out as a people against torture, we're now second or maybe third next on the list they're going to use it on.

    Surely this knowledge must quell a bit of your tired angst? If not, than what about the recent news terror suspects are going to need to be read their miranda rights? Certainly the only reason for this would be to make a quick switch-a-roo and pretty soon Faud, is Fred and Abdul, Arron when our hired goons turn upon the very people who gave them this awful power.

    Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy Ivan?

    Sweet dreams


  182. ... some of them want to use you

    ... some of them want to get used by you

    (both should be -utterly- ignored)

    Just picked up on some one liners presented here - and would like to scrutinise some of them more closely only because I
    think that some of these one liners are just -weird-

    When you take then out of context and everything...

    "what would make a commonwealther hate america so strongly?"

    The word commonwealth is really interesting. You don't really hear it used or said much

    Not in the commonwealth, anyway ...

    Important to consider that the word commonwealth means common wealth.

    [ Me Hearties :) ]

    Important to consider where a nations wealth comes from

    (if not from just -within- that nation).

    Important to consider -which- nation states (by name) were or still are members of the

    (or common wealth type nations and all their common wealth type ties that still may or may not still exist)

    What do/did these common wealth type nations have in common?

    And how's that working out -now-

    for commonwealth countries being all commonly wealthy, and all ...

    ... and for everyone these lives within them
    ... right ?

    the ... commonly wealthy ..?

  183. ... oh, and thanks for all the relentless effort, dave-s, dave-s,

  184. ... even if it really

  185. People don't grow out of the dirt, they migrated to where they are from somewhere else. Every race/tribe holding a piece of land took it from someone else and fought to keep it. Nothing can exist unless it is actively defended. Everyone seems to agree there is a small and powerful group maneuvering to destroy and/or control the world. And since world war 2 their biggest target has been the formerly white western countries that are being destroyed by unlimited 3rd world immigration. DESTROYED on purpose. You have to ask yourself, are you pro-white or are you pro-white genocide, because that is the only real question to ask yourself if you are white. No other race is the WORLD is in danger of losing their own homelands, except the white race.

    Asia for Asians. Africa for Africans. White countries for everyone!

    Everybody says there is this race problem. Everybody says this race problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries. The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this race problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them. Everybody says the final solution to this race problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites. What if I said there was this race problem and this race problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries? How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a race problem. I am talking about the final solution to the black problem? And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this? But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  186. ewingsc-

    Interesting post. And in light of your word magic, it's easy to include america in that grouping of the commonwealth. I'd argue we never left. We only thought we had. Little did we know The City in london was putting an electronic shock collar around our collective neck, occasionally pushing a button, applying a shock and reining us in.

    And what is empire? Is it the entire collective described with-in political borders? Is this its physical reality, or is it something else? Maybe an empire is nothing more than an idea, a malignant manifestation of the few, forced upon the many, first with words and later with deeds as more humans become bamboozled?

    Many people could never understand how the german people "let" wwII happen, I mean, how could they not have realized?

    In 1967 a high school teacher, Ron Jones, designed a classroom experiment dubbed, Third Wave, demonstrating the appeal of fascism. It was a huge success, wiki is here:


    A fellow at another blog, his online handle is Uncle $cam, turned me onto this video about Edward Burnays:


    Unfortunately I don't see much of our good uncle's work on the 'net, but his last blog entry is here:


    You should really check out all three of these sites and you might have a better idea why the flock is being fleeced.



  187. martin,


    I bet you get the above response a bunch and I do believe your mind is made up to how you believe. But I'll try to change it, if I can.

    This is not about brown. black, yellow, red or anything as silly as that. The races are nothing more than slight genetic mutations of humans. My advice to you is find yourself a nice black or brown or yellow female human and create your own hybrid – mingle and mix until the elite can't distract us with the silly race card.

    If the races were truly unique, they couldn't interbreed. But they can and do and should. What I sense you're afraid of are the rednecks of other cultures doing to us what our rednecks are doing to them. Get over it and be a nice person. Or move.

    A freelance writer and I tried to do a story about gangs in L.A., four years after the riots. I'm white, she's white, and texan to boot.

    Let's just say it was what I expected, for her it was an eye-opener. I don't think I'll ever forget the night in Long Beach when the gang suppression unit we were riding with decided to, "show us something"

    What they showed us was some housing project on a hot saturday night, in about five minutes our car was completely surrounded by people who were becoming very, very agitated. I think five other units had to be called-in to free us from the throng of angry black faces.

    I had nothing against any of those folks, I realized exactly why they were pissed and my heart went out to them, but they didn't realize that. All they saw was another honky motha' fucka's face looking our from a car that was, as far as these people were concerned, the long beach gringo Gestapo.

    I remembered photos David Turnley shot in South Africa of people being "necklaced" with an old tire full of diesel, which is then set on fire. I figured I was about to become one of those people. The cops had guns and body armor. All I had was a pair of Nikons.

    Was it only because I was white? Or was it because our civil society has become fractured by the constant message of, "us vs them"

    an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.


  188. Thanks Dave, I also feel sorry for the brown races that can't compete in white western countries and cultures built by white people, but I am much more concerned about the survival of the white race. At this stage of the game, you are either pro-white or pro-white genocide. There is no sitting on the fence over this question. Your advice is to commit genocide. No thanks.

  189. Martin,

    As long as we can agree to disagree, I don't care how you think :)

    As long as you don't oppress me if I were to want to mix it up racially, I'm not saying you need to agree, just don't try and stop me.

    If this is the case, then I'd be happy to buy you a drink...

    I've always been curious as to exactly what is the "white" race? What, other than a few external features, makes us so different?

    Which white race is the "pure" white race?

    Another story about race... You may find it funny, or not.

    When I worked in SF, there was a group of very diverse people that would get together and drink beers daily at the apartment one of the waiters, an aussie on walkabout, he shared the place with his brother.

    That was the coolest, most multicultural experience of my life. We had blacks, whites, latin americans, south africans, southerners, aussies, a guy from peru... it was a really neat group to hang-out with.

    I'd never considered my self racist in any way, at the time I was really into political rap, I thought I was pretty open-minded too. Ha.

    One of the guys that we hung with was a black fellow, Vernal who told me he'd lived in san diego, virginia, seattle while growing-up... He was a really nice guy, super smart and as laid-back a human as I've met. Well I heard the places he lived, and being he was black yet certainly not of the "gangster" type, not even in the usual suburban youth sort of way, I'd assumed (ass out of u and me) that his dad must have been in the navy, and I guessed as much. He shook his head and answered, "I've been moved."

    "what's that?" I'd asked, having never heard the reference before.

    "IBM," was his answer. His dad was a programer at IBM and I'd assumed that Vernal was a navy brat.

    When I apologized, Vernal looked at me funny. "What are you apologizing for?" he asked me.

    And I had to admit that it was for being racist. You see I'd thought because Vernal was black, well spoken and so laid back, and had lived in navy cities, that he must be the kid of a military guy. That's what I apologized for.

    Then we both had a laugh because I explained to him how I had grown-up in many ways "blacker" than he had. The poor guy was a typical suburban kid in every way, and I'd been raised by feral hippies who were treated as pieces of shit by the local rednecks. However, being white, I knew I had it easier, way easier.

    And that's my story...


  190. "My advice to you is find yourself a nice black or brown or yellow female human and create your own hybrid"

    What an absolutely novel idea, Dave!

    Unfortunately, hybridization has been going on for quite some time as the "rulers" decided long ago the human slave base should be an even homogenized caramelly color.

    And also greatly reduced in number.

    I'm pro-whatever-skintone-you are that you be allowed to live, full-bellied and content, in your own country!

    Most people emigrate because life in their own country has become intolerable.

    Make that life liveable again and they'll gladly go home.

    All except the Chinese. They need lots and lots of lebensraum and are stealthily taking it.

    See how uncontrolled immigration has disfigured Europe's once beautiful historic cities!

    Apologies, my eye.


  191. "Unfortunately, hybridization has been going on for quite some time as the "rulers" decided long ago the human slave base should be an even homogenized caramelly color."

    I think the homongenized, caramelly color has more to do with human DNA than government breeding programs.

    People are going to naturally adapt to what ever the surrounding conditions are like.

    Will Steager and the other fellows who crossed antarctica by dogsled noted that their normal, average body temperature dropped by something like one to three degrees (I'm a little fuzzy on the exact amount&too lazy to find it right now) which I thought was pretty interesting. That's quite a bit.

    If I get to surf everyday and live the beach life like I did many, many years ago, I get a nice tan color, my hair gets light, ect. When I'm hiking in the high country above tree line all the time, my exposed skin gets dark and ugly looking. I try and hide as much of my hide as I can, but those areas I only use sunscreen on, yeah, they get real dark and leathery.

    I don't know how this has anything to do with the government... Wait, I have it!

    They're secretly spraying us with Tan-in-a-bottle! Chemtrails explained! :)


  192. Actually, it is all about government and governance:

    "Immigration bill dismantles enforcement, increases pressure on American workers

    December 25, 2009

    Dan Stein [President, Federation for American Immigration Reform]: “Reading through H.R. 4321, Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity (CIR ASAP), what is immediately evident is that the bill will deliver neither reform, nor security, nor prosperity for Americans."

    Immigration - What's The Real Agenda?
    By David Icke


    "Therefore, they know that to break down resistance to this global state they have to destroy the sense of unique nationhood and culture and create 'multicultural' societies in which the sense of 'nation' is eventually lost."

    "Once this reaches an advanced stage - and it is happening before our eyes - the sense of nationhood and distinct cultural differences will be eroded sufficiently for the people to be far more open to accepting the One World, centralised structure, that would dictate on all levels to their former culture/country."

    "The 'One World' society is not about bringing all members of the human family together in harmony and respect for each other. It is about eliminating cultural diversity that we should be celebrating and ruling everyone from a central point."

    And an excerpt from "Illuminati Obama/Clinton and McCain":

    "...to call on the United States to not only allow unlimited immigration, but to throw more money at Mexico and other impoverished Latin countries. It was, somehow, their “right” to have more U.S. dollars."

    Sutherland is chairman of British Petroleum and Goldman Sachs International. He is also a long-time Bilderberg leader.

    That last one should warm the cockles of your heart.

    "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those, like Dave, who falsely believe they are free."

    I've been all over the world, and tanned or not, no one mistakes me for anything but Caucasian.

    Perhaps you should consult a dermatologist.

    Maybe it's all that Tan-in-a-Bottle you're imbibing.


  193. Its interesting how many terms are floating around out there and nobody really seems to know what they mean. Racist is one of them. What does that mean? The natural preference for your own race over others? Well that's my definition of racism and it is something that all races believe and feel, so why are only whites made to feel as though this is pure evil? In the politically correct environment of the present, the left, which controls the discussion, there are only two possible positions for white people. You are either prostrate on the ground begging for forgiveness and constantly apologizing for your innate evil white genes or you are an evil nazi monster who wants to kill all non-whites. Those are the only positions the liberal/left has allowed whites to take. If you step outside of your little self-hating white box, you will see REAL hatred in spades. Say something nice about white people next time you are out and about and the haters will come out of the woodwork. Its really sickening. Its a first rate brainwashing job accomplished via TV and education systems.

    Anyhow Dave, I have no interest in telling anyone else what they can do. Freedom of association should be the basic right of everyone, including whites. I lived the multi-cult fantasy the first half of my life and I see how it works. Yes, there are intelligent blacks etc, but they are the exception not the rule from my experience. They have been trained to blame whites for every problem they have. After 40 years and 40Billion in welfare, if this is all the racial nirvana the government can conjure, then the party is over. We are broke, there's no more free gubberment cheeze left. Next time you're with your liberal friends, let them know that we're not all nazis. We just want to live in a society of our own race, just like all the other races are able to do. There's nothing sinister or unnatural about it.

  194. I am amazed that racism is a preferred topic when we have such real problems facing us. As for me - I see no difference whatsoever between so-called races other than what is implanted into some minds - and what has not yet been overcome by wisdom. If you are focused on race rather than the bill of rights which is blind to race - I think you are wasting energy on a loser idea. Why not focus on asserting your rights - and realize that judging anyone by their color is just an easy way out - it saves you the trouble of thinking. It saves you from the trouble of suffering a blow or two from the bad guys to find the good one's that make up for the rest. Racism is a fantasy land. Racism ignores the individuality of human beings and is therefore un-American - it is essentially blaming the son for the sins of the father- whether so sins are real or perceived.

  195. Ivan said not one of us Americans addressed torture: I did so that's one. I am not alone. I'm an American. Type torture into the search box on this blog and you can read my takes on it - start here:


  196. Jack Rabbit, if every white person was race replaced in America, you would no longer have America and you would no longer have a Bill of Rights. Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct. You can see this on display in every nation in the world. We have bigger fish to fry? In my book, facing active genocide is probably at the top of the list of worries any tribe might have. And you're right, whites do need to assert their rights to survive. Race is real. Why do you support the genocide of whites.

  197. "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those, like Dave, who falsely believe they are free."

    I'd say that I'm pretty free. I think freedom is as much a mind-place as it is a physical place.

    What would you do with unlimited freedom? What and who is limiting your freedom now, and in what ways are your freedoms being limited? I know how I'd answer these questions, and admittedly this is sort of a rhetorical question, but I'm curious how you'd answer?

    And Martin, trust me, I understand your frustration more than you think. But I have a real problem when people put human challenges into columns of, excuse me for the use of the term, black and white.

    For each bad example you tell me about blacks, I can easily show you just as many, if not more, examples of caucasians who are ignorant, poor, unwilling to change, looking for a handout (speaking of caucasians looking for handouts, have you noticed the color of most american politicians?). Caucasians on welfare, caucasians committing crimes of the most heinous sort... I'm not a self-hating white dude either. I don't mind my skin color, but I don't think it is what makes me, me.

    As for living amongst your own race... Maybe you should look to emigrate back to europe... maybe russia? I'm not trying to be totally flippant, but thinking of america as being a "white" country, is silly. We've never been a "white" country. Even in prehistory there has been a lot of strange migrations going on. There is some pretty good evidence of asian or polynesian sailors landing on the west coast of south america, supposedly well before columbus landed.

    Personally, and I'm not being full of feces, but I believe we're probably the offspring of some ancient alien race, and what ever the local planet had already produced when they landed. I like the idea that humans may be some alien experiment in genetics. But as you already know - if you've been following along – I'm weird.


  198. But, JR, racism is the #1 tool of the US military!

    Remove racism and how will the Masters of Chaos convince multitudes of American psychos to go kill the "bad, couleur-du-jour" guys?

    Besides, if you'd read the excerpts, you'd see it is not about racism per se, it's about purposefully dismantling sovereign nations through immigration (in diluvian quantities); one facet of a larger agenda.



  199. b-"t's about purposefully dismantling sovereign nations through immigration (in diluvian quantities); one facet of a larger agenda."

    Now, this is a better way of putting your fears into a form I better understand. This is something I'd have to agree with, up to a point. NAFTA and several similarly ugly treaties were important in dismantling the core base of middle class in BOTH mexico and the usa.

    But JR is right.

    I think we need to look to the massive influx of immigrants as our allies in fixing this mess. Most humans would like to live near where they're born; they migrate mostly looking for brighter futures, not because they hate their homes.

    If we could get the assholes who want only to globalize business, damn the cost to anyone else, from leading us all by the nose to their financial slaughterhouses, then we could begin looking at how we want a "new world order" to emerge.

    I wish to fuck we could do away with all the fucking illusionary political borders and all live like evolved freemen and freewomen (did someone say free women?),



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