Commentary on: KNOW THE ‘DOMESTIC’ ENEMIES OF AMERICA (from mynameisJoeCortina)


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

We have religious conflict in America. The Bill of Rights has no favorites. Please read the following heartfelt article - resist the urge to judge - and ask yourself - how did it get to this point? And consider the frustration and desperate pleas from an American population who's elected officials refuse to perform their sworn duty to protect the rights of WE THE PEOPLE. The groups coming into conflict are in conflict because someone is pulling the rug over our eyes by pretending that Lady Liberty plays favorites when it comes to ANY RELIGION.Read entire article here A sample:
Today – in our new improved AmeriKa – we have the exact same scenario. There the Jews who now dominate our banks – our entertainment – our news media, from the printed news to the TV – our government from the President to the Congress to the Supreme court – AND our Christian churches from Catholic to Protestant. BUT – since there over three hundred million ‘goy’ (Gentiles) and only less than 3 million Jews – they must have a large number of domestic allies to support their treasonous agendas."

This is a conversation and viewpoint that must be brought out into the open. Writers such as the author of this article must be heard and their concerns clarified and the unvarnished terms respected for their directness and lack of sugar-coating. The conversation, protected by the First Amendment, will lead to not only understanding on all sides of the issue, but will lead to balance as the American system of government as stated in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights acts to ensure that the rights of EVERYONE are protected. And that no special group is exempt from public scrutiny for taking advantage of the system, and that no special group, religious or otherwise claims ownership of the United States of America - MY COUNTRY TOO. 

Tap-dancing around "bad words" needs to stop - many times readers will immediately attack such authors with knee-jerk labels before taking the time to see the ideas presented. One thing is for sure - we can all identify friend or foe very easily:  

The GOOD GUYS uphold the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights - with absolute and unwavering acknowledgment that Freedom of Speech and Right to Bear Arms are not up for debate.

Religious freedom of all denominations is not mutually exclusive of our Constitutional system - in fact - as long as the laws are ENFORCED the religious aspects are nulled out. It is with those negligent in ENFORCING the laws that the problem lies.  

The facts that special interests have layed claim to segments of our tripartite system that the system is now in a state of imbalance - and those cowards and traitors in our government shrinking from their responsibilities to protect the rights of ALL PEOPLE that things have gotten to the point expressed in the the article linked - please read it.  

GOOD GUYS don't fight religious wars. In America our system is designed to handle manifold religions within its borders - a system of checks and balances is in place - with the ultimate check and balance in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE.  

 It is those corrupting the inherent checks and balances to their advantage to achieve their own selfish goals at the expense of others' rights that our problems originate. Their identification cannot be obfuscated with appeals for sympathy because they belong to one religious group or another.

BAD GUYS are the ones who use the very government put in place to protect the citizens' rights( as stated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights) to strip citizens of the rights they in the government were hired to protect. How? 

Hitler for example, needed a docile group of unarmed scapegoats seemingly identifiable (by their religion?) on which to blame everything that ailed the fatherland. Similarly in AmeriKa a nebulous feature by which scapegoats are identified will by design be a facet of their humanity that comes into conflict with the fact that it is a right their government is responsible for the protection of. This conflict is indicative of the American system at work - as it forces the issue - to respect the person's rights or not? Bad guys in this case will see their sect, group, point of view etc. as on the side of righteousness and will errantly take the easy way out - denial of rights.  

But it's not the easy way out in an armed-to-the-teeth America. Obviously there is a large group of zealots - sharing common values - and many are Jewish. To deny that fact is to deny reality. To pretend they don't talk to each other and forward common agendas via movies, TV, radio, newspapers, internet shills, Harvard contorters of the Bill of Rights, is to live with one's head in the sand. To conclude from this fact that Jews are the enemy is an incorrect conclusion - to conclude that those intent on taking away anyone else's rights is a correct conclusion.

One other thing - it is of the utmost irony - when one considers all of the Holocaust movies, the incredible American and other Allied sacrifice to free the Jewish people from enslavement and murder by a dictatorship that easily subjugated these unarmed scapegoats du jour, that we now have people of the Jewish faith in positions within our government, with the blessings and endorsement of our most prestigious universities, who YOUR AMERICAN FOREFATHER died or sacrificed for to save from NAZIs -leading the vanguard of the subjugation of freedom in America. Yes, do you hear me? Powerful Jewish people, in an act of mind-boggling irony, self-professed scholars of the Constitution of the United States most recently, leading the American public to a repeat performance of the gas-chamber two-step; by shredding the Constitution, denying via twisted logic the obvious and clear words an idiot can understand in the Bill of Rights. Lacking gratitude is an understatement. Treason is not an exaggeration.

It is my greatest hope - no matter what your belief system, that you put the system of the United States of America, it's bicameral Congress, its three co-equal branches of government, its Bill of Rights FIRST AND FOREMOST IN YOUR words AND DEEDS. And if you can't get that straight - IT'LL BE TIME TO READ YOU A BEDTIME STORY CALLED THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.


  1. Remember USS LIBERTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. "Hitler needed a docile group?"

    Hardly! TGher were a great many Communists from Stalin, working to overcome Germany. The majority of them were Jews. They were inciting riots and bringing chaos-

    Germany starting from the 20s was seeing the horrors of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia- what they were doing in the Ukraine, etc.

    The Communist leaders were JEWS. Happily going on with the slaughter of NON-JEWS.
    You also fail to present the fact that it was the jew that first delcared war on Germany- in 1933 on the WEIMAR REPUBLIC!

  3. I read an article the other day called, "The Taj Mahal and Poverty", I don't recall the author. To get to it, the author retells a story about a question a friend had asked. "Why is it that such an opulent place, world renowned, have such desparate poverty?" If you like you can google it and read the rest.

    It was at this point that it dawned on me that it is like a wheel, spinning one direction. People leading 'government' or representing themselves via proxy. At this point all empires are 'sweet' and the 'blessings flow'. BUT there comes a time when the wheel BEGINS to spin the opposite direction. When this happen 'governance' FAILS. Government REPRESENTS ITSELF which was supposed to be the purpose of the separation of powers set forth in the Declaration which was worthless as a 'freedom' document because for the past 300 years they had been ruthlessly dispossessing the native cultures of their sole possessions, the land and their culture. EVERYWHERE this is being done in the name of a war OF terror and the false claims of 'democracy'.

    It's at that point that poverty and opulence co-exist. It's the beginning of the end. The conclusion that I came to reading this article was, that we ought to by now be able to identify that the ONLY thing that shall remain when we are all dust is the ruins(although they may be well preserved) of an age and an empire that has long been consigned to the dusts of time. Resistance is the only insurance we have that this will NOT continue to reproduce and entangle future generations.

    If we can't resist for ourselves we ought to for our children that they might know that men were born FREE and not the slaves of greedy and ruthless men.

  4. wonderfully said mr cortina, i wish you success in taking back your country according to your constitution and allow the freedoms enshrined there for all to use.

    currently,the muslims are being made to look as if they are the enemies of the world, while they are invaded,robbed,killed,butchered,maimed,sexually abused,kidnapped,tortured,killed for spare parts by jewish rabbi,s,molested,denigrated falsely,accused falsely of terrorist attacks carried out probably by mossad or your own secret services, have imposed dictators on them from the west,this is to name but a few items.
    what would you folks do if this was done to and your kith and kin????
    devilish men and women come in all races and religions, we need to be able to recognise as joe says to recognise them and neuter them so that they can do no mischief in the world!
    i as a muslim wish you all success and hope that we can live and let live in peace and prosperity whatever your background for humanitys sake!

  5. anon 9:07 says ..." Happily going on with the slaughter of NON-JEWS."

    Don't you think you are being a bit selective in who was getting killed? The fact is scapegoating is the tactic used, and a lot of people get caught up in the undefinable terms used for identification of "terrorists" just like in AmeriKa today.

    What do you do - walk up to somebody and ask them for their Jew-ID card? Or their terrorist-ID card? The problem is nobody has proper definition of these scapegoats because they are fantasies foisted upon the masses as a method of propaganda to achieve goals they wouldn't go along with were the government not corrupted by selfish people.

    Stick with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution - it'll serve you well, and the fantasy-terrorists well by making sure everybody has respect for the LAW and not who the latest scapegoat is.

  6. 'US may kill US citizens abroad who they think may be terrorists'. Well, upholder of civilized values, freedom and justice and democracy, what the hell happened to your morality and ethics that allows you to descend to the level of Saddam Hussein and assassinate your own citizens? Doesn't the rule of law prevail in the US? Who corrupted you? That hate-state in the middle east? Shame on you. Yes, Bush was right. The Constitution now is 'a goddamn piece of paper' and the oath you take to uphold it is just a goddam lie. God Bless America??

  7. Thanks anonymous above - you are absolutely right - too bad Americans are in a coma and don't see reality for what it is.

    It is amazing Americans are always "fighting for freedom" but in reality they are fighting for tyranny - at home and abroad.

    You really have to experience the American propaganda machine to understand its absolute nature - that propaganda machine is working and the people are fed lies - so the premise of everything they do is corrupt resulting in action contrary to their own good - and the good of everybody else.

    We'll fix it - but waking people up - even people I know personally is an extremely difficult and time-consuming process since the propaganda is so overwhelming.

    Thanks for commenting.


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