Gingrich openly says let’s ‘profile’ and ‘actively discriminate’

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" WASHINGTON -- Another prominent Republican has joined the chorus of conservatives championing open discrimination against Muslims after the failed Christmas terror plot."
Note: I agree with Gingrich for the first time. Since we are disposing with the Bill of Rights and Habeus Corpus - I think we need to profile stupid Republicans who are white with gray hair with names that sound like a salamander. All people fitting such description need to be waterboarded until they admit to being "Newts" or "Gingrichs" or just plain stupid. Newt - please crawl back under a rock you freaking salamander.


  1. Yea Olde Traditions die hard don't they?

    Segregation today!
    Segregation tomorrow!
    Segregation forever!

    What will he suggest next?

    Muslim Fruit trees, just like the good ol' nigger fruit trees in Alabamee?

    These troglodytes are mission accomplished for the elders of Zion, beyond their wildest dreams.

    PS the so called fare and free Raw Story did not publish this comment.

    whence poxy net blogs practice censorship, it only is indicative of the total police system reconstituted, amerikkka land of the free!!!!

    I love the smell of freedom brand in the morning!

  2. All this love, peace and brotherhood crap gets really annoying to those of us who have narrowed the real problems of the world down to something other than any lack of love, peace and brotherhood. Please, in the new year, get a life -LOSERS!

    Yes! I am an old white-haired guy. I am your worst nightmare, -until the reality that is coming slaps your sleepwalking face!

    The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    That's the categorical statement that forms the wellspring of all morality.

    Until The Moral Imperative was discovered philosophers,(people like Kant, Dewey, Tufts, Mumford and Schweitzer), pronounced its existence, impossible!

    Absolute and rigid morality is NOT impossible. Read The Moral Imperative again. YOU CANNOT GET AROUND IT.

    The Moral Imperative is a categorically true moral statement, as it both inclusively and exclusively defines the limit and extent of morality -without exception, -without ANY exception.

    The Moral Imperative gives rise to Categorical Knowledge, which is shredding the very foundation of common (and barbaric) human beliefs in empirical knowledge, -science, physical, psychological, political, etc.

    ALL your scientific fantasies that support your view of yourself are frauds. StarTrek is a fraud. The Rights of Man are a fraud. You do not have any !RIGHTS! that will protect you when someone is filling you full of bullet holes or stringing you up from a tree.

    You are a target. Be thankful you ARE still alive and that you STILL HAVE A CHANCE to correct the foolish mistake made in believing you have rights, or that science is progressive. Science is being used to enslave and extract every ounce of your small worth from your puny body while you remain alive, pleb!

    Science of every sort is but a mere fantasy PLANTED IN YOUR GULLIBLE BRAIN, -a small, quaint, story about some effects, minute when compared to the infinite complexity of the world, or the infinite complexity of even the smallest part of it!

    The real truths of science are its byproducts, which no science can foretell. Science is nothing more than a slightly more sophisticated alchemy -or- a witchcraft.

    I've spent more time attempting to eradicate my learned empirical beliefs through thought -than anyone else on the planet. I've had most of those beliefs I once held -scuttled by my discoveries, philosophic discoveries, NOT SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES!

    I discovered Categorical Knowledge and The Moral Imperative of Life in 2006. It seems decades ago to this old guy. That's right -2006! Before then, NO ONE knew what morality is. No one had a clue!

    No one even knew what the truth is. Truth is NOT found in science, -in the rights of man, -in the id or the ego, or -in physics or -in mathematics. That supposed truth is all only a fraud of sorts, a swindle with a truth deception shill.

    Read -The Moral Imperative again.

    The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    The Moral Imperative is very pleasing at first. But, The Moral Imperative is baffling -like a Rubik's Cube, Relativity Theory or your awkward relationship with women (or men -ladies).

    The Moral Imperative is not all as intuitive as one's initial impression. IT WILL GRAB HOLD OF YOU AND NOT LET GO!

    From what I understand today, -humanity will be a thousand years before any individual is seen as competent in the Categorical Knowledge that springs from The Moral Imperative.

    For one thing, The Moral Imperative implies our Enlightenment philosophers were all full of s---. They were full of it too. The Moral Imperative also implies the Golden Rule is only partly true, -and then- only as a half-true ideal attribute of a world we would like to pass onto the future.

    There is NOTHING imperative about the Golden Rule.


  3. You see, folks, it's like this-

    Life is a party. Enjoy it. But do not f--- it up for the future. That's your primary moral consideration.

    There's no moral imperative to love your neighbor, -OR- the slimy-drunk across the street who keeps telling your wife he wants to boink her in the worst way.

    That's right, -life is a party.

    Our primary moral responsibility is to the future.

    Enjoy yourself at the party of life. Behave yourself at the party of life. Try not to complain too much at the party of life, or you'll become a boor and a drag.

    And keep your filthy paws of the women at the party of life, unless your intentions are more noble than your vile, silly and disease-spreading instincts.

    If some people at the party want to get into a fist fight, so what? It's maybe not the sort of thing anyone should be running around encouraging (because that's not the sort of world we want to bequeath to the future).

    But there's nothing immoral about punching some creep like Jim Lehrer right in his well-painted cauliflower media-nose. Laying the lying-SOB right out cold isn't immoral in any way, shape or fashion, -if you get the chance. You'll have my moral blessings there.

    There is no reason to love everyone on the planet. Some people are scum. What am I saying? Most people are scum! Some are revolting.

    There are too many people, and -the great numbers- are diminishing the diversity the planet is famous for. We have a moral duty to protect all diversity, (again -for the future- you and we, we're at the party! It doesn't get any better than this. Just do not screw it up worse than all the creeps have already screwed it up!)

    I'm in favor of declaring war on the Indians, the moment the Bengal Tiger is threatened with extinction. That may be now. The Bengal Tiger is too much diversity to lose for a few Indians -who can't keep from breeding and expanding into the Bengal Tigers' necessary living space.

    Too many people on the planet -destroys and diminishes the planet's diversity.

    A lot of people breed like there is plenty of room for them, and no room for the pristine beauty that is being constantly replaced with garbage, fat broads, stupid guys and concrete, each of which has their place, but only in moderation.

    Who did that to Niagara Falls? I want the suckers responsible for that -flayed and hung from a tree.


  4. Put it back the way it was.

    And stop messing with genetics.

    It is categorically immoral to gamble where the wager of such a scientific gamble includes such danger to humanity and the world. Those lost wagers are generally cumulatively causing detriment to the world of the future.

    Any university doing that sort of thing should be burned to the ground and the professors there should be doused with gasoline and given exploding cigars for their send-off. Goodbye, A--HOLES!

    Pretty soon, no one will be alive who was alive when the A-bomb was invented, but the g-d d---ed bombs will still be around.

    That's categorically immoral, -and we all know it. Einstein was a devilish-pork-eating scumbag for his contribution there.

    All bureaucracies are similarly categorically immoral. Bureaucracies -once created- are like Greek Gods, nearly immortal, and a constant plague on the future of humanity.

    No. -You people- have a lot of thinking to do.

    Happy New Year, my ass. You need your asses kicked, hard!

    If you people think you are accomplishing something mulling around on the Internet patting each other on the back, you're going to end up wishing you were dead before that eventually comes to pass.

    Click my name-link. Order all three books. Read them. And -THEN- start reshaping the world. Without learning, you are simply a wall flower at the party of life.

    Don Robertson, The American Philosopher

  5. Hi Don,
    For those interested I've written a review of Don's book - it's short - it's on this blog.

  6. Anon 10:51 - I just re-read your comment where you mention Raw Story wouldn't publish your comment. I wonder what they are afraid of?

    Notice they still only get an A- due to their inability to report on the most censored stories and for their assistance in the silencing of free speech.

    I must point out, however, that they do a great job with a lot of other stuff. I keep hearing people excuse outlets like theirs with:

    "They have to ignore certain subjects like 911 truth - because they would be destroyed - by toeing the line at least they are able to get most of the news out there." That's the logic. Same excuses given for radio talk show hosts, TV personalities etc... who self-censor for fear of losing their job - or worse are doing it willingly .

    The problem is that by spreading the official myths, lies and distortions - they continue to feed the population fraudulent information - upon which a public will base their decisions. And when the fraudulent information has been prepared and delivered with a specific goal in mind, like justifying torture, justifying war or locking people up without a trial indefinitely - it is called propaganda. It is impossible to run a free country without an informed citizenry - so a controlled media is complicit in destroying our country.

    There is a blog post somewhere on this wreck of a blog about public enemy number one - that is our corporate media. The blogs must remain free.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment.


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