I Scared.... "Constitutional Scholar" takes a piss on the Bill of Rights

I've made the statement in the past that there is almost nothing worth watching on TV - well here is one of the exceptions. This is not funny. This is the seed of tyranny and the end of the American system of government. If someone were doing their job in government - supposing - even for the sake of argument that our president were a madman and didn't know what he was doing - and our system of checks and balances worked this would be stopped TODAY. But - instead we continue the sickening spiral into dictatorship. This can't be happening. We are in big big big big big big big big big trouble. Somebody is asleep at the switch. Watch for yourself...

Note: I forgot to thank Rachel Maddow - thanks Rachel - for whatever it's worth - I'll put you on the friends of the Bill of Rights list. Great job!


  1. I just went back and listened to some other Rachel Maddow vids regarding the guys who showed up legally carrying arms to some Obama thing out West -

    I don't think she has a very good understanding of the right to bear arms.
    Does she really think the pen is mightier than the sword? I mean really - that there is no place for the public to have arms? That anyone intent on tyranny would take an unarmed population seriously? Sometimes I think things have been too good for too long - where we forget that people fought and died for our system of checks and balances that are presently being ignored. I think of scum like gun-grabber Schumer and who thinks his skin is more valuable than yours or mine. Or swine like Liebersnivel - who never saw a war for Israel he wouldn't send your kids to fight.

  2. JR-

    One of the best place to direct people who don't believe in guns is the NRAs Armed Citizen column:


    I don't agree with the NRA on every issue, but I do feel this is very important column... it helps dispel the notion guns are always bad. I have a good, liberal jewish friend who I was surprised to find had guns. He told me, "I still remember how Hitler was able to come to power."

    Giving up your gun right is giving up your sovereignty, and then trusting a government to protect you. Anyone who reads the news can see the ignorance of such a decision, if they choose to.


  3. This is an old video. Look up Rachels recent work. She is now a proper mouthpiece for the MAster, you owe her no thanks.

  4. WTF is that title saying? "I scared...."? WTF is that? Please clean up your post title so we can understand wtf the post is about. Thanks.

  5. Hey George - that's what I meant to write. You see it is from the perspective of the childlike mentality of the American citizen. That's what the fuck it is.

  6. Yeah, good point Dave - I'll try to remember that. I've read that column and it shows over and over and over again that armed citizens stop criminals from causing them harm.

  7. Thanks anon 10:57 - yes but I'll have to leave the thanks there just for her getting this one video done. The disturbing thing about this video, to me at least, is the joking way this serious issue is presented. It isn't funny. I scared.


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