In Louisiana, a mother and son went to jail for growing this

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Check out the article - but I will post one of the comments I found under this article where it was posted on Prison Planet:

"December 31st, 2009 at 12:48 pm

They just want to save you from the dreaded disease reefer madness! If too many people start smoking this stuff the whole country will go to hell. We might let the government steal all the money, start unnecessary wars, make us take poison vaccines… Do you see what I mean? This stuff is very dangerous, it can actually wake you up to what is going on in the world, you wouldn’t want that would you??? DON’T SMOKE THE DOPE!!! Send it to me I’ll make sure it is properly disposed of, really I will!…. Good luck in the coming turmoil…. Biker"
Note: That's America - send two citizens to jail for growing a plant (OOOOHHH!) but let torturers and murderers run free. Usury is OK too. So is using slave labor to increase profits. Thank you, my great justice system, for your great work. I feel so good knowing cops are secure in their jobs imprisoning people for this idiocy, lawyers get rich off this crazy system, and the public pays them to send themselves to jail. Oh well, supposedly we are the ones making our own laws right?

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