Obama to Indefinitely Imprison Detainees Without Charges

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" The Administration consistently insists that these detainees pose a threat to the safety of Americans. Vice President Cheney said that the other day. If that is true, there must be credible evidence to support it. If there is such evidence, then they should prosecute these people."
Note: Like the detainees are more dangerous than some of these cannibals we've got locked up? Gimme a break. These are not reasons - they are excuses - they know it - and we know it. The problem is that nothing is being done about it - and the longer nothing is done about it the more used to abuse of rights the public becomes - until it is the norm. Those participating in the denial of the rights of others need to stop - because when this ends - and it will - they are not going to have a fun day. Look at some of the old footage of what happened to NAZI collaborators when Paris and other cities were freed.

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