Phoenix police raid home of blogger whose writing is highly critical of them

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"A month before the trial, he and a few friends launched the website as a rant against the police department. When he went to trial in May 2008, his charges were immediately dismissed because of lack of evidence, he said.

“We were going to shut down the website after that but then all of a sudden all these good cops started hitting the site and sending us tips,” he said.

He said they would also deliver all kinds of internal documents from within the department exposing everything from a cop with multiple DUIs to another cop whose son was a child molester and was trying to get on the force (and was eventually arrested)."
Note: Eventually - as long as everybody keeps doing their part - the good cops will outnumber the bad cops. We'll need some changes to the law as well - but that may occur as the good cops move up to replace some of the bad ones in charge - and some of the issues dividing everyone get the exposure required from police who don't have to fear for their lives when they speak the truth.


  1. Don't these Phoenix policemen know bloggers have civil rights?


  2. I like the first comment. It's realistic. It aptly portrays the real beauty of our system of government -where those who have the greatest ability -to rig the election- end up stuffing rags down everyone else's throat until they turn blue with -no- not with envy-(that's green) -but from a lack of oxygen.

    Speaking of a lack of oxygen, I watched Obama's SOTU speech. I hope you watched it too.

    Realistically, Obama's SOTU speech was about as encouraging as finding a big seething glop of squirming blood in your stool.

    No, Martha Coakley, you did not win the senatorial election. But you certainly take the prize for vindicating what everyone knows about you, Obama, the government and the "recovery"!

    Martha (The-Horse-Laugher) Coakley is the Attorney General in the State of Massachusetts, the State's chief prosecutorial official, one of the -big liars- for Massachusetts.

    One of Martha's duties -is to defend the criminals that run the Commonwealth.

    LOL, indeed, Martha!

  3. Obombya - he'd make a great car salesman - I think he missed his calling. Edsel

  4. Yes, Obombya has gone on record, selling at his lemonade stand on Pennsylvania Avenue the bold-ish declaration that the troops will be out of Iraq by August. I am not so credulous as to believe a word of it though.

    Such an outright declaration of peace is more likely to be the prelude to an all out --shock and awe - awe and shock-- clobbering and annihilation of Iran or some other country with lots of oil.

    The widely presaged Neutron-bomb conflagration will likely be declared a pre-emptive peace initiative by the spin-twaddlers of the main stream cretin-media.

    Americans love their Neutron-bombs. Wait a second...


    Yes, it -is- necessary to have a war -before peace can be the foregone conclusion of its end.

    Reality -is- stranger than fiction. But, folks, understand. This could be the peace-change Obama was talking about in his campaign blurbs, Neutron-bombs for peace... OMFG!


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