Should Corporations share your First Amendment Right to Free Speech?: Antiques and a Job Description

World War I Aircraft Engine Manufacturer?

World War II Aircraft radio equipment manufacturer?*

World War III ?

*This old headgear purchased as an antique - I've been told it is from German WWII aviation radio - has throat mikes. Let me know if you can ID it further - if I'm in error - I'll take the picture down.


  1. I don't get it.

  2. The point is that corporations profit from war.

  3. Its equipment made for Germans by an American Company, Siemens.

  4. Siemens is 0 for two as far as picking the winning side of world wars. Maybe this time they'll be on the winning side?

  5. They work both sides. They don't care who wins or loses.

  6. Seimens is kinda a German Corporation. It's always been a German corporation.


  7. I got bad news for you all. After WWI,germany was broke. USA brought it to life--Billion$ of dollars for the military and built up of bombed factories. USA was an ally up until 1940.Seening that France/England first started fire bombing Germany cities and Germany reacted in defence, French and England declared war on Germany FIRST.
    USA was double agent, funding England with miltary hardware and money. Why declare war--because Germany invaded PO-Poland. why did Germany invade Poland? a large part of Germany was given to Poland and the native Germans were been harassed an killed. I could go on..but the USA chess game was to come late in the war and clean-up and control all of Europe. Stoog Germany failed to crush Russia,USA settled on half of europe. :^/

  8. To anonymous above: you can keep your bad news - I'm not buying it. Americans had to be forced into that war - and if you look at the condition of Germany and Japan and England - America isn't occupying those countries. They are under self-rule. No, back then America tried to do the right thing. What is going on today is a different situation. The NAZIs did a number on the nations they invaded and the murdered a lot of people. That fact is not going to change.

    But of all the countries involved in the bloodbath of WWII - identifying America as the problem is BS.

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WE2bXFoppA&feature=related


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