Woman pleads guilty to growing marijuana

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" “By stopping those individuals who grow illegal drugs, we are cutting off the distribution of drugs at the source,” Julia C. Dudley, acting U.S. attorney, said in a statement."
Note: Julia C. Dudley is obviously mentally retarded - while the rest of humanity learns from history - especially American history that prohibition doesn't work - that prohibition is a fool's errand - didn't work before and isn't working now to address the "problem" of plants taking over the universe - that the endless "War on Drugs" is nothing but a gold mine for cops and lawyers, especially her - Julia wants to lock this poor woman up for growing a plant.

Julia C. Dudley is representative of our American injustice system - doing a great job locking up harmless citizens for nothing uttering senseless statements as if anyone believes wasting this poor Scottsville woman's life will have any impact on the phony undefinable "WAR ON DRUGS" - Julia - you are useless and pathetic. Why don't you do something about protecting the Bill of Rights? Or is there no money in that?

As far as I am concerned Julia C. Dudley is a typical American lawyer. Basically a waste.

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