Kerik Sentenced to 4 years: Maps of Associations

It's official - Bernard Kerik, Rudy Giuliani's Police Commissioner during the 911 attacks, and former nominee to head the Orwellian Department of Homeland Security is going to jail - but not for long - and from what I can determine - NOT for conspiracy - as was one of the original charges as you will see below. But first let's see what the New York Times reports:

" Mr. Kerik, 54, pleaded guilty to two counts of tax fraud, one count of making a false statement on a loan application — the most serious — and five separate counts of making false statements to the federal government. These last charges stemmed from statements Mr. Kerik made to the White House during the vetting process after the Bush administration nominated him to lead the Department of Homeland Security. He later withdrew his name. "

Here's another where no mention is made of conspiracy: here:

" Kerik was Giuliani's police commissioner when New York City was attacked, and he was praised worldwide for his leadership. At Giuliani's urging, he was nominated to the top Homeland Security post in 2004. It was the peak of his fast-rising career — as corruption allegations began to mount."

Kerik seems to have had a lot of friends:

You can see that conspiracy charges were part of the original charges against Kerik in this article:

" Bernard Kerik, the former head of the New York City Police Department, who was briefly a nominee to head the US Homeland Security Department, was arraigned Friday in US federal court in White Plains, New York on a 16-count indictment that includes felony charges of fraud and conspiracy.
Among the principal charges against Kerik is that he took some $255,000 worth of goods and services from a New Jersey construction and waste haulage company linked by investigators to the Gambino crime family. In return, he is said to have helped the mob-connected firm by lobbying city officials to approve it for contracts."

Here's another article discussing guilty plea: Paterson native, former NYC police commissioner Bernie Kerik sentenced to 4 years

" WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Ex-NYC police commissioner Kerik was sentenced to 4 years in prison Thursday for White House lies and tax fraud.
Kerik, who began his law enforcement career as a Passaic County sheriff’s officer before joining the NYPD, pleaded guilty last November to eight federal felonies, including obstruction, tax fraud and lying to the Bush White House after being nominated to be secretary of Homeland Security. That nomination was derailed when Kerik was accused of accepting renovations on his apartment while he was NYC police commissioner."

Note: After much digging I found an article that mentions conspiracy charges but it is from 2007:

Rudy Giuliani Defends Bernard Kerik's Record Amid Bribery Investigation

"Federal prosecutors in New York have spent more than a year pursuing criminal charges against him, reportedly including bribery, tax evasion, obstruction of justice, providing false information and conspiracy to eavesdrop. Kerik rejected a plea deal in the spring, but meetings have continued."

Finally here's another map showing some of Kerik's associations:

Move along now - no conspiracy to see here.

There's an old saying: "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" so it's a safe bet that nobody wants to be associated with Bernard Kerik right now lest they seem somehow guilty by association; as is evident from this article: As Kerik Faces Sentencing, Giuliani Is Conspicuously Silent

" It's one of those moments where you find out who your true friends are. But while supporters have written letters to the judge to advocate for a light sentence, one prominent figure is staying silent: Rudy Giuliani, once Kerik's most powerful patron.

Prosecutors are seeking a sentence of 27 to 33 months. The defense "supplied letters of support from [Kerik's] son, fellow police officers, a priest and a man who lost two sons on Sept. 11," the AP notes. But, "there was no letter from Giuliani."

All in all - considering the initial penalty he was facing - not a bad deal for Bernard Kerik.


  1. I am shocked that Bernie is serving any time at all since he knows where all the 9/11 skeletons are buried. Maybe he will write a book in prison.

  2. Miguel -

    9/11 - now wait - that rings a bell.

  3. I hope you enjoy this little flashback, Mr. Rabbit:

    9/11 Truth? I Don't Think So
    William M. Arkin on National and Homeland Security
    May 26, 2006
    I always interpreted the White House's selection of Kerik (the indicted criminal) as
    a need
    and a desire
    to neutralize
    the 9/11 families.

    I don’t mean a specific organization, nor a specific cause. I mean the mass of civilians who had become a powerful political force. Lives torn apart by a diabolical terrorist attack,
    they demanded action,
    and investigation,
    speaking out
    despite the "men working" signs guarding national security making.

    Normal citizens found themselves compelled by loss and shock. These were not anti-war activists, nor a partisan special interest working on behalf of a single agenda. In the aftermath of 9/11, they were instantly conferred with respect and given voice: their very presence insured that the events of that day remained specific and devastating, that 9/11 would not become some political football or reality show for the administration or its opponents to abuse.

    But national security is men's work, and by the end of 2004,
    the men in charge had had enough.

    By appointing Kerik, I thought the President was specifically someone who could represent
    a sanctioned view of 9/11.
    Kerik would turn the citizen's movement into just another constituency, a special interest
    that needed to be dealt with but
    one marginalized
    rather than revered.




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