Obama Moves to Unravel Twenty Years of 'Law & Order' Episodes, Seeks Optional Miranda --By Lori Price

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" In a single night, President Barack Obama re-invaded Afghanistan (because it's worked *so well* over the last eight years) and announced that the White House is 'reviewing a plan that would require the Justice Department and FBI to consult with the intelligence community before *deciding* whether to inform terrorism suspects arrested in the United States that they have the right to remain silent and to consult with an attorney.' This is quite staggering, even for the Administration's Friday night bad news dump!"
Note: Exactly - Friday night is when each disgraceful act comes out while the public is tied up trying to forget their three jobs, mortgage payment they can't make, credit card bills at usury prices, wars everywhere etc...

Look at the bottom of this blog for a window showing Citizens for Legitimate Government recent headlines. It's really a great site.

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