Support our Troops! Is Bravery in itself Heroic?

Is Bravery in itself heroic?
I've heard the heroic tales of derring-do by the brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, cia, fbi etc... fighting the war on horror. Their bravery is the standard by which we pay them homage.*

But they are fighting an unjust, illegal, undeclared war - meaning they are fighting for a cause contrary to American morals (killing except in self-defense being one.)

But they are defending us you may say. Wrong. War based on torture-induced confessions based on demonstrable falsehoods (Tony Blair vids most recent example of ends justify means so if this lie didn't work we'll tell another that will) is not a defensive war, it is a war of aggression fomented by false-flag operations in concert with corporate media/propaganda apparatus fed to the public directly out of the pentagon. Conflict of interest is an understatement. These are wars of aggression - not of defense - thereby unjust wars. Equivalent - sorry because this seems to be getting old - equivalent to the wars of the NAZIs, Imperial Japanese, and Fascist Italy.

So to call Americans fighting this war on horror "heroes" one must also consider Hitler's SS troops - some of the finest, bravest, most devoted, sacrificial, zealous, feared, committed, skilled, effective military fighters of all time - HEROES. Also to be considered heroes are the U-boat force of NAZI Germany - talk about sacrifice - of the 40,000 men aboard German submarines, 30,000 never returned. That's what I call brave. Heroes by the standards of America today - and the exact standard of hero to which we hold our fighters of the "war on terror/horror" Why?

Because in both cases we allow ourselves the luxury of ignoring the CAUSE for which they fight. In both cases the fighters ignore the foundation of their efforts - that for which they fight - which in both cases are unjust wars of aggression.

So to continue our fawning adoration of our troops while ignoring the unjust, immoral, undeclared, fraudulent cause for which they actually are fighting is to repeat the mistakes of NAZI Germany - but so what?

Look at some pictures of the "Thousand Year Reich" after nature took its course and they lost the war. That is a picture of America's future. Rubble, smoke and death.

If we are going to repeat history we must remember that we will definitely repeat the entire timeline - right to the bitter end.

I hope those supporting the war on horror like the taste of wallpaper glue - because the way we are going - as history repeats itself - and we follow the path of past aggressor nations - we'll all get to taste the food of folly.

*Sibel Edmonds, FBI translator - a real hero - silenced by our leaders for doing what is right not doing the "right thing" is the model that should be idolized but is instead gagged

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