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American consumers - the following information is provided to assist your development into a more efficient slave for your corporate bosses. The benefits? You benefit because you don't have to govern your governors - more time to spend doing what is important to you. The benefit for your masters? Would you believe me if I told you they are doing this for your benefit and not for theirs? Well - I'm not telling you that - they are. So...How can I save you all this valuable time?

Your masters have prepared a book for you so you can understand what happened on 911 - similar to Grimm's Fairy Tales you may have read as a child. A thick book of fairy tales - fiction. I can't remember if there were any "moral lessons" in Grimm's like Aesop provided. The book prepared by your government is called the 911 Commission Report - normally I'd provide a link - but there are a lot of pages in the book - and after all - who has time to read fairy tales? So where is the efficiency I promised you?

Don't waste your time with the book - you can watch a movie and absorb the same false impressions - especially the unlikely conclusions. Watch this clairvoyant masterpiece below compliments of a "regular guy" wearing your uniform - must be a friendly. Incredibly the television interviewer filmed the precise, and unlikely, 911 building collapse explanation minutes after the event with no investigation at all. His conclusions are in complete agreement with the conclusions of a commission the government stubbornly tried to prevent, and finally reluctantly assembled after 911 victims families mobilized and made such resistance impolitic.

Glenn Beck has stated that he hates the 911 victims families.

Just watch this exhaustive 13 second video to hear the whole fairytale. Don't forget to say thanks because I just saved you the time you would have spent reading a 571-page book of falsehoods- and provided you with a means to swallow precisely the world-view your masters see fit for you to know in just 13 seconds. Now that's efficient!


  1. The only question worth considering today is, does Barack Obama love this country? Or is trying to destroy it to win friends and influence people in high places?

    Let us examine America's -bad-banks- Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (F&F), The banks upon whom Barack Obama has lavished more than a trillion dollars in bank-bailout money -and pledged as much again.

    These banks currently are buying worthless mortgage paper from banks all across the country. In some instances, these mortgages went bust years ago, the building behind the mortgage has been vacant for years, or it has actually been razed! But F&F will buy the mortgage paper for 100% plus fees from any bank that comes a-calling thanks to the federal government's pledged continued "support of the housing industry".

    There are people all across the country homeless due to loss of work, foreclosures and an economic depression wreaking havoc on their lives.

    Millions of homes are vacant, boarded-up, running down, being vandalized and looted for their copper to feed the cash-needs of impoversihed inner city Americans, and some suburbanites too!

    The fed has pledged to support housing prices, -but ironically- of the many tens of millions of homes in this country that are for sale by their real owners, very-very-very-very few are being sold. And those that are being sold are being sold for pennies on the dollar because banks will not write a mortgage on any home they DO NOT ALREADY OWN!

    Homeowners are out of luck in this marketplace. You cannot sell anything. There is no cedit FOR YOUR HOUSE!

    So this pledge to support the price of housing through F&F is merely another more blatant bailout of the banks that wrote all these ridiculous mortgages in the first place, the ones that failed.

    The boarded up buildings could house people, they could provide employment for people who could be busy rebuilding their dreams.

    But Barack Obama has pledged to continue to force-feed hundreds of billions of dollars into the bad banks, F&F, so they can dole that money out to banks all across the country.

    Does Barack Obama love this country, or is he simply playing favors for those in high places?

    I don't think there is any question left about the answer to this question.

  2. Sounds like a bad infomercial actor
    "mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense"
    but wait, there's more!!!!!

  3. Don says:
    "I don't think there is any question left about the answer to this question."

    JR says:
    Don, you may be surprised - the critical mass of people openly conversant of the facts, to me at least, is terribly low. It must be overwhelmingly high so whistleblowers know they will not be burned at the stake for coming forward, because it is obvious in every media venue that 911 was three building demolitions. I don't hear enough people aware to convince me a whistleblower can be that confident - although we are getting close.

    I heard Beck was syndicated on or about, uhm Sept 11, 2001 - I'm remembering that now. The AM radio liars are still beating the sheep with 911 Truthers are crazy - and THEY still have their jobs.

    Just the other day I heard Thom Hartmann, in his humor segment, talk about recent audio tapes from bin Laden's tape recorder - he left his audience with the impression that bin Laden is still alive - even after he's admitted he does not believe bin Laden to be alive, and has had David Ray Griffin who wrote the best book aval publicly on the show.

    That's why this aint over yet - people are not convincing me that there are enough of them to give more political cover to a whistleblower.

  4. Don:

    Barack hasn't fired Cass Sunstein - what more do you need to know?

  5. Don:

    If 911 is a done deal - why is Cass Sunstein, a Harvard Law Professor, railing for the suppression of the first Amendment-using "911 False Conspiracy Theorists" as the scapegoats to accomplish that step toward Amerikan dictatorship?

  6. The thing that's got my goat, is the government by giving F&F endless money to supposedly "prop up" the housing market - they are making housing ever more unaffordable for Americans who are seeing their earning power decline. This decline is not a redcent phenomenon. The decline in the earning power of Americans is decades long.

    The parasitic credit-economy-pricing well-entrenched in the housing market -makes housing not only less affordable, but it also makes housing a market that always will be in a state of continuous collapse.

    The reason for the subprime crisis, isn't well understood by those who speak of it glibly.

    The reason for the subprime crisis was because home-buyers were signed-up for mortgages they could not possibly afford. That's how the credit economy works. The credit pyramid is built on the backs of the ignorance of creditors.

    The reality is, if you cannot afford something without the bank, -you simply cannot afford it.

    Credit makes nothing cheaper. Credit drives inflation making everything more expensive.

    Even today the majority of housing in the marketplace is priced at a level that would be impossible to pay for the majority of potential buyers. They can make the down payment, and a few monthly payments at best, and then the monopoly in the credit economy built around housing -literally kicks them out in the streets again.

    By the efforts meant to re-build the busted credit economy's solvency -the government is handing the banks a monopoly in housing by stipending the credit economy to the extent that the credit economy is causing all the same problems to re-emerge -yet again.

    All this money spent, and there is no gain. We are going backwards!

    Are we to become a nation of homeless citizens?

    There is simply no cogent basis for the continued support of the bail-out policy cabal or the swaggering of Ben Bernanke.

    The credit economy makes everything unaffordable, -without a loan, -that cannot possibly be repaid! It is called -slavery- by another name.

    It's over, folks. Abandon all hope Ye who pass by these shores.


  7. Thanks Don - and remember the cost of the wars based on lies based on torture based on 911. Those who ignore or forget history are condemned to repeat it. Our military budget - intertwined very very much with 911 as a premise for a lot of military moves- is at the heart of our financial problems and has been for a long time as Eisenhower warned us. The false flag attack has been brought to perfection - and will replace our system of government next if those like Crass Spinstein and Obama get their way by infringing on our right to free speech via scapegoating, and our right to bear arms meant to protect our other rights through similar means.

  8. Anon above at 9:46 says:

    "but wait, there's more!!!!!"

    JR says:
    Ha ha - exactly. You hit that right on the head.

  9. I am a television writer and this is obviously (badly) written. No doubt in my mind. And pretty bad acting on delivering the punchline: "mostly due to structural damage..."

  10. JR says:

    not to pick anon above 5:10 - I know we type fast in these comments - to even further your point - he actually says:
    "Structural FAILURE"

    If it were from the heart - it seems one would use the word "damage" - that's more in line with the way we normally communicate.

  11. The F&F bailout sham is revealed in this bloomberg article.


    What the article fails to mention is that all the money F&F is doling out -examples the continuation of the bail-out looting of our Treasury by the banks. This looting is already resulting in massive inflation against what your wages and savings WOULD have been worth otherwise.

    This next article tries to give advice about how to protect yourself against this inflation. But as you read the article, you will find no actual defense against the erosion of your wealth, earning power and your quality of life that is continuing due to the incredibly deceitful bail-out policy cabal coup and virtual overthrow of our government that has occurred by an invasion of the Treasury walls.


    As the US continues its prosecution of WWIII leapfrogging from oil-producing-nation to oil-producing-nation in some cases having already dropped neutron bombs, (as is Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan, -and likely next in Iran, Pakistan and even in Venezuela in the forseeable future) we have seen a devaluation of every American life not seen since JFK threatened nuclear war with Russia.

    Betting nuclear retaliation will not come is not such a good bet anymore -as the US continues to use neutron bombs around the world in its global war meant to beat the rest of the world back into submission to its imperial dominance.

    This is WWIII. Another great war is upon us. And the ongoing and escalating world war is threatening a conflagration that has come about due to a coup by the banking interests of the nation that now run Washington D.C. from inside the invaded walls of our Treasury.

    The enemy is within. The only viable course of action is to destroy the banking interests of our own country by closing down the credit economy.

    It is debt that makes these banks so powerful. Simply stop re-paying your debts.


  12. Nice commentary Don - thanks for that.

    I agree.

  13. Don:
    On that first article - I find it incredible that the mainstream media is just now telling the population they should be diversified out of the dollar. Amazing when at the time gold was the pick of the "conspiracy theorists" they were telling everyone to stay in the stock market.

    The Wall Street Journal is now owned by Rupert Murdoch of Fox fame if I am correct.

  14. Hey Don,

    Can you substantiate in any way the claim that "JFK threatened nuclear war with Russia."

    I thought Russia placed nuclear missiles in Cuba, and Kennedy responded with a Naval blockade, and the problem went away, followed by a thaw in relations.
    Also, I am not sure how pertinent banksters are to the scrutiny of 911 forensic details!

    I had heard that the infomercial guy in this clip had been identified as a B grade actor.
    Hmmm....let me google "mostly due to structural failure" so I can check that...


    An entire blog dedicated to the claim:

    And there are dozens of sites, plus Mark Humphrey himself, denying the accusation.
    (as you would, guilty or not!)

    I reserve judgment on this, because the FOX clip is not of a particularly good quality, yet many pictures of Mark do, in fact, look rather similar to the so-called "Harley shirt guy."


  15. Leon:

    Thanks for the info.

    I can't answer for Don I'm sure he will - I took that to mean that JFK had nukes so had bluff potential - plus the ultimate ability to use them. Whether or not he threatened anyone - I see your point.

    I have to dig into the Harley guy links - pretty interesting stuff. It is amazing that will the budget of America's "protectors" - like the FBI which is supposed to be internal to the nation, and the CIA which is supposed to be external to the nation - both violating those original intentions - that it is up to us bloggers to try to get to the bottom of this scam.

  16. Leon:

    I watched part three on the youtube vid911 amateur3-

    If one were to take for the sake of argument that the videos analyzed are genuine - it all looks fake.

    So that brings us to the question of the validity of the videos being analyzed then cross checking the video analysis work.

    But if the vids are the real ones shown on TV - it is hard to consider them anything but fakes.

    I also noticed that the video has the usual final comment at the top - as has been the case throughout this entire 911 truth conversation - especially on youtube - now rampant on reddit - who now won't let me post stuff even on their conspiracy and 911 subreddits - which are specifically there for the purpose -

    that the uppermost comment on the youtube video is someone making ad hom attacks and declaring the 911 truth investigators whackos etc...

    Any idea on the validity of the videos? Where are some originals that they can be compared with?

    As far as the actor - hard to say - has to get a lot more scientific I'd say - but there have got to be ways to do audio comparisons using superimposition of the audio of voices somehow.

    Anyway - one more thing. As far as Don's comments - and I'm not complaining Don - I gave a guy who kept calling me a Jew - I don't consider it an insult - it is just incorrect - I asked him to keep the comments within the context of the blog posting because I think it detracts a lot from the message in the specific post - and because I try to get people to think in as short a space as possible encouraging disc ussion on that particular.

  17. Jack Rabbit:
    early a.m. Australia time here and very much past my bedtime, so I'll check the details and try to reply, briefly, to all your questions tomorrow.
    (I have always been suspicious that this clip is a post-event production --- need high-res FOX original with webarchive datestamp, or similar)

    But with regard to the clip you mention, I will need a better reference than
    "youtube, vid991 amateur3",
    for I can not find this on either of the links I plucked from my search!

    Also, I read the thread where you were being called "a Jew" and was impressed by your cool response.

  18. Thanks Leon, yes I ran into the same late night problem the other day and had to wait to morning to respond. I'm putting a post together now where I'd like to get input on it - here it is:


  19. JFK had nuclear missiles in Turkey, a stone's throw from the USSR border. That's why Khrushchev planted nuclear missiles in Cuba, 90 miles away from Florida.

    Kennedy is heralded as some sort of god in this American fantasy world. Kennedy was a creepy New Englander from Boston-Irish mobster rum-running money. All the Kennedys are.

    Imagine the legacy that would be created about Obama, were he shot today in Dallas in a motorcade. That imaginary image you can begin to conjure up for yourself about an assassinated Obama, especially among those who associate themselves with Obama, and who would continue to harp an ever more bloated legacy-illusion, THAT's JFK as he is remembered today. It is so phony, and repulsive, it makes me sqirm when I read people today who hold Kennedy in high esteem.

    The man was a megalomaniac with an appetite for barbituates and loose women.

    Not one of these politicians ANYWHERE is worthy enough to baby-sit your neighbor's nutty niece. They are all megalomaniacs, or their resumes wouldn't fit the job description.

    These people do not ever apologize.

    Any self-respecting human being who was elected President of the United States, would spend the first year in office apologizing for the obscene and hideous acts of his predecessors -with specifics! Including 9-11!

    The next year in office, any self-respecting President of the United States would begin to dismantle this country from one end to the other, all the fraud, corruption, destructive enterprises, the hoodlum-enterprises, all the armed warlords, and all the sicko judges, giving everyone their due, for which certainly require something far more efficient than a guillotine.

    John F. Kennedy spent HIS time making enemies, and getting himself into such trouble he literally phoned Eisenhower to find out if the Russian -Khrushchev- would retaliate if threatened with nuclear war -and unleash armageddon.

    In the end, the Russian leader, a much older and much-much wiser man than Kennedy, gracefully backed down and removed his missiles from Cuba.

    And the insecure lying snake Kenndy removed his missiles from Turkey too, cowardly, under cover of darkness, with nary a word in the main stream media of his insanely dangerous blunder.

    The faults of these sorts of men are exactly the reason for our sorry condition in this wonderful world that should be a paradise!

    Give me rope. I know how to lead.


  20. Don, you may be right that no politicians have value - but there are a few statesmen out there. Regardless of your political views I am a fan of Ron Paul because he practices what he preaches, has a record of upholding his word in office, and is obviously disliked by the corporate propaganda apparatus.

  21. RE: Ron Paul-

    It's easier to sit on the sidelines and harp about all that is going wrong, -as does Ron Paul. The field is wide open there.

    However, it is -quite another thing- to come up with cogent solutions, and have the balls to spell them out -where everyone can expose your mindless and often obvious -misconceptions.

    The half-assed solutions of Libertarians, are exactly like the half-assed solutions of the Democrats when they were out of office, -half-assed.

    And a lot of Libertarians supported Barack Obama -as a realistic choice. OMFG!

    In the test of fool-me-once, I am beginning to wonder if any Libertarians can count.

    And then there is the name of the Libertarians.

    It is sort of like the name "Bolshevik", which in Russian means -the party of the majority.

    The "Libertarians" make the bizarre claim of being the party for liberty. OMFG!

    Well, everyone is for freedoom! Right?

    Well, let us see then, -if we are for freedom.

    Philosophically, I just had it given to me by a guy named Hermann Keyserling -that freedom is most possible for those who understand all the theories of how things work, including laws and rules of thumb, etc.

    Underlying all those laws of how things are and can be determined to be -are fundamental principles that ultimately cannot be verified as true.

    If we look close enough at our assumptions, the arguments always crumble against doubt.

    It is our choice to accept these unverified fundamental truths, that is our only possible expression of freedom, -according to the very cogent argument of Keyserling.

    Everything can be determined to be -the way things are.

    Keserling goes further then, to point out -very few among us- are familiar enough with the laws of how things are supposed to work, or the fundamental assumptions -which underpin these laws, to -ever- have ANY freedom.

    Most simply do what they are told, or what is expected and predicted of them, -like robots!

    And finally, Keyserling then tells all who are left, -those who CAN be free-, that because they are dealing with that which cannot be verified as truth in the fundamental arena of our beliefs and thought processes, -then by their FREEDOM, what they are really then arranging for, is most like MAGIC.

    Much of it, our freedom, is like -black magic- and harmful to the body of humanity.

    My choice is to negate many of the accepted norms, -this black magic- as Keyserling would have it -that which has taken hold of the present.

    For instance, I would be in favor of giving everyone a good gun and lots of ammunition, and inviting them all to kill whoever they wanted -for as long as they wanted.

    This approach sure would make for a much more civil society, more respectful, less prone to hooliganism and dishonesty.

    I do not think the parasitic credit economy would last very long -if my recommended approach were put into effect.

    Of course, this approach will not be put into effect. But, we can shut down the credit economy.

    It is immoral to go into debt. It is just as immoral to pay it off.

    Paying debt just encourages the parasites.


  22. Don,
    Read Ron Paul's article "The End of Dollar Hegemony" which he wrote back when a person could have taken action. Education is the basis of our republic as is participation. He is doing both. I don't think it is fair to characterize his efforts as "sitting on the sidelines" - and he has proposed a solution to our money problems advocating the gold standard whether you agree with it or not.

    Ron Paul is also THE STATESMAN who led the successful effort to bring focus on the Federal Reserve and get the public, and Senator Bernie Sanders and others on board to audit the Fed. The progress made on this issue was considered impossible just a year or two ago and is now a publicly supported movement - which gets to the heart of the issues at the root of your concerns.

    Thank you for participating - why don't you put an article together and email it to me. I'd like to post it and let some readers take you up on these ideas.

    Finally - what is your take on the guy in the Harley outfit in the video embedded in the above post?

  23. I like this guy in the Harley shirt. He's certainly -well- informed, AND, at the right place at the right time to offer such a wonderfully complete explanation.

    At the same time, I was still asking my wife what she thought the chances were that an A-bomb -might eliminate the menace that is New York City. I kept my fingers crossed all day.

    The other guy though -the guy that everyone should be wondering about -and looking for -NO not Osama bin Laden -not him-! LOL!

    -THE guy -EVERYONE should be looking for- is the guy who found Mohammed Atta's passport in the street beneath the Twin Towers.

    That's THE GUY.

    That guy there -did the impossible. So, as it WAS impossible, how is it this guy was walking around NYC with a Mohammed Atta passport in his pocket, ready to claim it fell from the sky?

    Like I said, THAT'S THE GUY everyone should be looking for.

    What sort of organization could have arranged such a stunningly impossible feat? VERY FEW!

    Passports are supposed to made so they are not easily forged. "Not easily" is of course a -relative term- depending on whom it might be -trying to forge the passport.

    But -the before-hand knowledge- of what was about to happen, is as plain as the nose on my face, in the case of this Mohammed Atta passport -finder-.

    That's the guy.

    There's a conspiracy theory proved true, unless someone produces this guy who found Mohammed Atta's passport, and gives us all a credible explanation as to his otherworldly abilities.

    That's the guy.

    And seeing as no one else is looking for that guy, we can surmise fairly easily what it is that President Barack Obama is continuing to cover up.

    The cat is out of the bag.

    9-11 was a false flag event vetted and approved by the government of the United States of America.

    We can have NO DOUBT about that conclusion.

    After all -President Barack Obama is continuing down that deceitful path -knowing this full well.

    It all only proves one of my own observations.

    All bureaucracies are like Greek Gods, nearly immortal, and categorically immoral.

    I believe that education and participation are the basis of our enslavement, not our freedom.

    I voted. But -I wrote-in "Mark Twain".

    I am probably one of very few people left in this country who participated in the last election, and who still does not regret his vote.

    As for writing an article... I am content posting comments. People read my comments with an open mind, I've found. More people read my comments than read my books. LOL! Anyway, I like it down here with the real people. I am no Greek God. I grew up in the Midwest, Michigan, where the Indians were nearly eradicated with Smallpox infected blankets given them by the American military.

    God bless America!


  24. Don:

    Ha! All I can ask is that you keep comin' back.


    God bless America is right.


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