Don't Tell Me There aren't Jobs out there for Americans!

Do you need a job? Here are some great career opportunities from companies that really care about their employees. I've compiled a list for those interested in a life of adventure and spreading the cause of freedom across the globe.

Just a word of warning - you may be asked to travel to areas designated as "high threat level." But don't worry - things will probably be A-OK. Rest assured - these patriotic American companies understand that their employees are their most valuable asset.

Aegis Defense Services



Kellogg, Brown and Root

Olive Group

Oh yeah - you may wish to review this extremely limited list of reasons the last guy quit.

List of Employees "No longer with the company"

Pssst - Avoid working as a Cook/Cleaner for Morning Star Co. (Jordanian services firm) - very hazardous duty indeed. Also - working for "Unknown" appears to be the most hazardous duty of all.

If after viewing the above list you don't think that is the career for you - perhaps you might find a career with the military forces less brutal? (Judging from the differences in the "reason for quitting" category as depicted in the list below.)

CLICK HERE for similar list from the US military - pay attention to the milder environment it appears they work in - judging from the difference in the "reason for quitting" category as compared to above.


  1. Hey, for a six figure salary you too can be a redneck killing, raping machine. That's right, you can follow in the footsteps of certain members of mercenary groups and rape all the US military women you want and get away with it. I mean, all these bitches ever did was risk everything for the country they believed in! F U BLACKWATER

  2. welcome to hell.

  3. Do like many others and get a good paying government job. Praise Israel and say you are a Zionist.

    I'm George Wanker Bush. If it worked for me it can work for anyone.


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