Q&A: Homeland Security's Michael Chertoff Gets Pounded With 9/11 Questions By C-SPAN Callers-2009


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Note: Holocaust denial? Where is the connection?


  1. Michael Chertoff is comical to many of his generation -in that- we all wonder where they dug this zombie-character up. He belongs in 1950's "B" movie acting this part opposite some dreary detective at a slashing-drooling-alien-abduction-murder-scene -complete with flying saucers and death rays to fear! Eeeeeeek!

    The Cold War was known and being taught in American Universities as long ago as 1965 -as a fraud -that was perpetrated by the military industrial complex- interested only in Defense Department contracts, and acting with virtually no fear of a near-feudal and Absolute-ly drunken, frozen USSR.

    The Beatles wrote "Back in the USSR" in 1968!

    Chertoff speaks of the Cold War as if it were a real conflict? and recent? Huh?

    The wars Chertoff is talking about being 20th Century warfare, where "the enemy came over the hill" were in fact nearer to 18th and 19th Century wars.

    This is Napoleonic warfare and the American Civil War -he is describing to contrast against his imaginary war on terror.

    WWII was fought decisively in the air, and from the decks of aircraft carriers.

    I cannot imagine how this stage-actor got a job in two Administrations drumming up war fever for whatever purpose.

    He's about as credible as the silent Marx Brother, who blew a squeeze-horn for laughs.

    This guy and Tim Geithner demonstrate the extent to which we are all being subjected to powers -that are extremely arrogant -and self-confident of their control over every situation.

    Why else these buffoons?

    Write your Congressmen. www.congress.org

    Write them and tell them you are laughing at the things they stand for, especially Homer-land security!

    Don Robertson

  2. Don, Geezuz man, take it easy on the cadaver will ya'? Bwa ha ha.

    Hey Don, Chalmers Johnson


  3. the lady in the vid is so right but for one thing, the evil never seem to get what they deserve.

  4. Blanket jew-hating statements do nothing more than detract from the information presented. That's why I deleted the last statement.

  5. I just wrote this letter to my legislative leaders and the President through Congress.org

  6. This following article came from the Internet. It might be questioned by researching its assertions. The article raises the question why the US Homeland Security Chief is allowed to be a dual citizen of the US and Israel. And I personally find it extremely offensive such a position could be held by any citizen of dual nationality -regardless the second nation to which that person owed his affiliations.

    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine


    Chertoff Family Member Wrote Popular Mechanic
    9-11 Propaganda
    Chertoff Family Member Wrote 9-11 Propaganda
    March 4, 2005

    Dictators like Saddam Hussein have always used nepotism to protect their secrets and maintain control. Like a dictatorship, the inner cabal that directs the actions of the Bush administration uses the same tactics to confuse the public and conceal the truth of 9-11.

    Dictators have always employed nepotism, the placing of family members in key positions, for one simple reason: only loyal family members can be trusted with the secrets that keep them in power. For this reason the shameless nepotism of the Bush administration should alarm Americans because it indicates that a dictatorship is encroaching upon the United States. The Defense Department defines nepotism as the situation when relatives are in the same chain-of-command.

    An egregious example of dictatorial-style nepotism occurred when George W. Bush won the White House - twice - thanks to the key "swing state" of Florida, where the presidential candidate's younger brother is governor. In 2000 and 2004, against all odds, Florida swung decisively, the Bush way. The official canvass from the 2004 election in Florida, certified less than a fortnight after the election by three hand-picked lieutenants of Governor Jeb Bush, shows Republican Members of Congress winning, such as Tom Feeney, congressional seats without even appearing on the ballot. In other races, a handful of candidates for the Florida state house won with 100 percent of the vote against write-in candidates who didn't even receive 1 vote.

    With high federal offices being given to the wives, sons and daughters of senior members of the Bush administration, the Hearst Corporation executives that publish Popular Mechanics magazine probably didn't worry about the ethical considerations of hiring a cousin of Michael Chertoff, the former Assistant Attorney General and new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as senior researcher. But the cover story about 9-11 in the March 2005 issue of Popular Mechanics (PM) is the fruit of nepotism and Hearst-style "yellow journalism." PM's senior researcher, 25-year-old Benjamin Chertoff, authored the propagandistic cover story entitled "Debunking 9-11 Lies" which seeks to discredit all independent 9-11 research that challenges the official version of events. "Conspiracy theories can't stand up to the hard facts," the cover reads. "After an in-depth investigation, PM answers with the truth," so it says. But the article fails to provide any evidence to support its claims and doesn't answer the key question: What caused the collapses of the twin towers and the 47-story World Trade Center 7?

  7. The lead editorial by James Meigs, Editor-in-Chief of PM carries the title "The Lies Are Out There." It continues: "As a society we accept the basic premise that a group of Islamist terrorists hijacked four airplanes and turned them into weapons against us." But do we, "as a society" accept this basic premise? None of the 19 "Islamist terrorists" were even found on the passenger lists that day. "Sadly," Meigs continues, "the noble search for truth is now being hijacked by a growing army of conspiracy theorists." What Meigs fails to acknowledge is that while the fact that a conspiracy is behind the 9-11 attacks is obvious, the question being raised by independent researchers is: Who was involved in this conspiracy?

    The Meigs' editorial concludes, "But those who peddle fantasies that this country encouraged, permitted or actually carried out the attacks are libeling the truth - and disgracing the memories of the thousands who died on that day."

    Nobody says that the United States of America did anything on 9-11, Mr. Meigs. "This country," the USA, doesn't do anything; people do. In the case of 9-11 we are dealing with a very small group of people, perhaps no more than a dozen or so at the highest "architectural" level, and there is no guarantee that they are from any one country - most likely they are not.

    The Chertoff article goes on to confront the "poisonous claims" of 16 "myths" spun by "extremist" 9-11 researchers like myself with "irrefutable facts," mostly provided by individuals in the employ of the U.S. government. But who is Benjamin Chertoff, the "senior researcher" at Popular Mechanics who is behind the article? I learned that he is none other than a cousin of Michael Chertoff, the new Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

    This means that Hearst paid Benjamin Chertoff to write an article supporting the seriously flawed explanation that is based on a practically non-existent investigation of the terror event that directly led to the creation of the massive national security department his "cousin" now heads. This is exactly the kind of "journalism" one would expect to find in a dictatorship like that of Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

    Because the manager of public relations for Popular Mechanics didn't respond to repeated calls, I called Benjamin Chertoff, the magazine's "senior researcher," directly. Chertoff said he was the "senior researcher" of the piece. When asked if he was related to Michael Chertoff, he said, "I don't know." Clearly uncomfortable about discussing the matter further, he told me that all questions about the article should be put to the publicist - the one who never answers the phone.

    Benjamin's mother in Pelham, New York, however, was more willing to talk. Asked if Benjamin was related to the new Secretary of Homeland Security, Judy said, "Yes, of course, he is a cousin."


  8. Scary how Chertoff equates the debunking of the official conspiracy on 9-11 with Holocaust deniers. It has been scientifically proven that nano-thermite was present in the debris of the collapse of the Twin Towers and building 7, also that the buildings fell along what would have been the path of most resistance at nearly free fall speed. This is scientific proof that the enforced official narrative on 9-11 is false.

    I can write a book tomorrow challenging the claim that 2+2 is 4, but if I write a book in parts of Europe questioning the official enforced narrative surrounding the Holocaust I will likely end up in jail. How are we then expected to believe the Holocaust if it is impossible to question it? Mind you I am not suggesting that the Holocaust is false.

    Sorry Mr Chertoff, but you are a fraud.

  9. Denying the prescribed version of the Holocaust and questioning the official 911 story are exactly the same.

  10. Michael Chertoff is a prime example whey we need this following amendment to the constitution.

    Amendment: XXVIII: Prohibition of Dual Nationals from High Office and Agency of the United States Government.

  11. How about this very simple question...his dual citizenship? Who is he loyal to UNITED STATES or Israel! You cannot serve two masters...and why are these traitors given jobs and WHY do WE tolerate it? Just asking.

    Deborah - Illinois


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