It's Usury because the money was created out of nothing


  1. This pisses me off. What the hell are we going to do about this? Will it matter if we demand that the dollar be backed by silver or gold? Would converting our savings into silver or gold collapse the banks if enough of us did so? Maybe we need to invest in second amendment before they make that too expensive, too. These pricks aren't going down without a fight.


  2. "It's Usury because the money was created out of nothing"
    Jct: No it's not usury because the chips are created out of nothing, or wood, or plastic, or copper or silver or gold. It's usury when everyone borrowed 10 and everyone owed 11 and someone had to get knocked out of the mort-gage musical chairs death-gamble so the other may survive.

  3. King of P: Watch the video series from the beginning - the problem the man brings up about who is charging the interest is this:
    1. Our culture thinks it is fair to charge for the use of another person's money - because:
    2. That person earned that money - asset - whatever - and by lending it to borrower doesn't have the use of that asset
    3. Person borrowing pays for that asset to the person who earned it

    Problem: Federal reserve people - those collecting the interest never earned anything in the first place - they just create the money out of nothing and charge interest. Since they didn't earn the money to lend they are not entitled to the interest.

    I wonder if you watch the whole series you would agree with my analysis or do you have a differing view?



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