Lie enclosed: Pentagon shooting probe focuses on gunman's motives

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" After a hijacked plane slammed into the Pentagon in the 9/11 attacks, the building was fortified and the metro exit rebuilt so that riders exit outside the building and away from the Pentagon entrance."
Note: NOPE - the section of the Pentagon hit during the 911 false-flag attack was already fortified - in fact - it was the ONLY FORTIFIED SECTION AT THE TIME - AND THE MOST ABLE TO ABSORB SUCH AN ATTACK!- as was common knowledge with EVERYONE with a brain in DC during that time.

This story demonstrates the perpetuation of myths in the Corporate-owned media - including another one I heard on some NAZI right wing show - I think it was Mark Levine - he claimed that Bush let the binLaden family out of the country before the 911 attacks - no - on the contrary - the bin Laden family was the ONLY group allowed to fly AFTER 911 ATTACKS - yes that is exactly right - shake your hEad rapidly to make sure you are awake - but Levine let that lie out on the airwaves in the middle of a Hitleresque rant - starting off quiet - then ramping up the vitriole until he foamed at the mouth - about things unimportant - unrelated to 911 - and let this falsehood out to condition the public.

911 was a big-time false-flag attack - nano thermate found in all dust samples - click dust study in links section on left side of this blog.

We are in big big big trouble.

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  1. 你不能和一個握緊的拳頭握手
    You can not shake hands with a clenched fist

    JR wonders: Is it wise to shake hands with a serial killer?


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