Media: Pentagon shooter doubted official 9/11 story, hated pot laws

Read entire article here:

" As RAW STORY noted last month after Joseph Andrew Stack crashed his small plane into a building containing a federal tax office, "even five years after Jon Stewart famously told CNN's dueling Crossfire hosts to 'stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America,' some folks can't stop politicizing tragic events and claiming them for or against their respective sides."
Note: I'm sure our corporate-owned jingo media will interpret this as a reason to identify anyone that says pot laws are stupid and that WTC7 didn't commit suicide at free-fall speed from 1000-degree-too-cold-to-melt-structural-steel office fire as a "terrorist" - that these "terrorists" must be rounded up and shot in the head, as Glenn Beck would like, or go to prison somewhere so the "good patriotic Amerikans" can get back to watching 24.

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