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" Last week’s breakin at Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in the New Orleans Federal Building was more than it seemed, much more. All of the 4 arrested had been trained by the CIA and, possibly, Israel. One arrested, Stan Dai, is listed as an Operations Officer of the Department of Defense Irregular Warfare Program and a known expert and lecturer on, not only surveillance but explosives training, assassinations and “false flag operations.” If you wanted a plane to crash, an enemy to get sick and die or a building to blow up, Dai would be the man to know how to make it happen. Problem is, his skills were being used as part of a criminal conspiracy inside the United States against members of our own government."

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  1. This sort of clandestine activity rules the world now. It is one reason why Categorical Knowledge is so important. It is the only means to keep from being fooled, and thereby -controlled and used-.

    All these supposed freedom-nuances being created by the Internet, are so very subject to manipulation by operatives like these. It is impossible to rule out -being fooled and used-, without some categorical rules for guidance.

    These people are professionals who place bunglers into the consciousness of everyone, so that they become complacent and becalmed by their apparent -but completely false- sense of worldliness and awareness -of how things work-.

    Everyone is so ignorant, that -they'll NEVER get it.

    The only possible path toward truth is to discover, state -and abide by Categorical Truths.

    Categorical Truths -should never be ignored.

    For these criminal gangs that run the world made of small herds of sheep, it is all about attitude, and ruthlessness.

    Most cannot hold a candle to these ruthless people. They cannot even imagine what goes on -in their minds.

    And these ruthless bastards come in many flavors!

    They aren't humanitarians, or freedom-lovers. They do not worry about entry into heaven in some fantasy-after-life.

    They are world dominators, today, and now.

    The Internet crowd is being deceived through their cult-like devotions to a new set of common journalism-hucksters, self-proclaimed patriots, truth-speakers, geniuses and clairvoyance-charlatans -who all-the-time are building complacency into the masses by their pretension that they have mastered the world and indeed the Universe. ---Bullshit.

    "Follow me," they say.

    "Baa! Baa! Baa! Follow me, like the sheep you are," is what they are thinking.

    Anyone who disbelieves the susceptibility of those who get their news and bearings from the so-called alternative media -need to immediately go out and find a copy of "The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens".

    In this work, you will find, there is -nothing- new going on -on the Internet, -nothing- new at all.

    Simply ask yourself this, Is it easier to herd a hundred head of cattle, or just a few?

    That's right. The mad, rushing stampedes that can be caused in a herd as big as -is represented by the Internet crowd-, makes the task -stupendously- easy.

    Adopt the search for Categorical Knowledge now, or forever regret your mistake.

    All debt is categorically immoral.

    All bureaucracy is categorically immoral.

    All pretense of genius is categorically immoral.

    Do not bind yourself to any group or person.

    Affiliate yourself with no one.

    There is delusion in numbers, -great, vast and quicksand-like delusion.

    Be a human being.

    Say, "No."

    Conserve your stength for your own life.

    Do not be bound up in knots by the fictitious creations of men.

    Life is far greater than these silly pretentions.

    This is the message of Lincolns Steffens' autobiography.

    Enjoy life. But enjoy - YOUR OWN life.

    Don Robertson


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