Video: They hate us for our liberty? ... Rabid Rabbit Rant

Taking the liberty to wreck everything standing in the way of oil that is.

If you have friends or family in the military, or guns in the house - please do not watch this video. You are much better off sticking with the fantasy world you live in now - the rose-colored facade presented by your phony media.

Curiosity killed a cat- not a rabbit - so it should be safe for me to attempt to understand why they hate us - and the video below answers that question pretty clearly. It also makes me wonder what Larry King and Wolf Blitzer have been talking about forever. Answer: Nothing you should have been told. Which is why this country is in the trouble you see all around you.

What truth do I seek? The truth about why every person that comes to or lives in the "land of the free and the home of the brave" has to be searched, spied upon - and eventually silenced for asking questions. Just ask Cass Sunstein of Harvard U. - he thinks it's a great idea to silence critics. With friends of the Bill of Rights like Cass Sunstein who the hell needs enemies? After all - if we aren't fighting for our rights we have no business being in any war. So if fighting for our rights, or freedoms, is what defines our enemies - what does that make those in our government who wish to take away, of all things, our rights?

The answer appears more and more to be that the people that have been running this country into the ground are preparing for a public backlash. Apparently the information age brings out things that normally could have been hidden forever . But who woulda' thunk that some of our tax dollars (anomalously not wasted) via DARPA, would bring about a monster called the internet that has become the biggest menace to the filthy crooks that have been looting not only America - but the entire world in the name of Americans. And that world is really pissed off.

As Americans run out of money for things like food and gas they are not going to want to pay a jackass in uniform with a badge to search them on suspicion of nothing with no probable cause. On the contrary - they are going to ask the useless NAZI to go find a job like the rest of us are having so much trouble doing. And that is when the trouble will begin.

Since the American public has been so poorly served by a corrupt and complicit media there is really no telling where the rage will be directed - but it's a good bet it will be directed at the people responsible for the disaster we all face - hence the need for "security" - silencing "hate speech" (the truth) and other dangerous notions - like why anybody in their right mind thinks 30% is a fair interest rate to charge on money created out of nothing.

The French Revolution probably comes to mind to the scum responsible for much of this - as a recent commenter pointed out - so obviously they are fortifying the country to protect themselves - and trying to shut up people with the temerity to sound the alarm that we need to get active and stop the madness.

This video from Chalmers Johnson is a good way to understand why everybody hates us Americans - and quite frankly who can blame them? To put it into perspective it's kind of like what the banks, credit card companies, insurance companies - practically every corporation has done while greedily feeding upon Americans - now projected onto a worldwide scale of robbery, murder and manipulation. Add a perfectly meshed corporate-owned media/propaganda apparatus, foreign influence of the U.S. government including blackmailed "representatives" and you end up with a dying country.

I didn't say a dead country - just dying. American ideals are like a dying candle flame that somehow just hasn't gone out yet. Why?

Mostly the media. Larry King? Is that who you think is going to inform the American public? Glenn Beck? Sean Hannity? Laura Ingraham?

Speaking of Laura Ingraham, I heard her laughing at people's health care problems on her Republican-party-of-the-rich radio program recently. Why was she laughing? Because while reading healthcare horror stories during the recent healthcare discussion - congresspersons brought up the fact that some poor woman (who she laughingly referred to as "choppers") had to wear her sister's dentures - I suppose to eat - or talk - or whatever human teeth are required for. The woman was that broke - and healthcare is that unavailable to her.

Laura Ingraham, pretending to be an Olympic judge as part of a skit on the show, rated this story of poverty as high on the scale as "sob stories" go. I think what Laura Ingraham meant to say was "Let them eat cake." I just hope she doesn't use those words because I hear those words are bad luck. She's a UVA graduate - what a disgrace. Maybe after the Rotunda burned down the last time they just should have left the rubble there - I doubt that spawning such sophists as Laura Ingraham is what Thomas Jefferson had in mind for his "Academical Village."

That's part of the right-wing media serving this community - and that station seems to pump out one of the strongest signals. The show is syndicated so many more communities across this once great land will rely on this ear-gruel for the half-truths and lies upon which to base their vote while wasting their time voting in the next stolen election. But that's another corporate nightmare - the voting machines. Talk about easy to hack. Oh you didn't hear about that on TV? There are a few local shows in Charlottesville that cover some local issues - which is great - but they avoid anything of substance related to geopolitics like what is in the video below.

I can go on - but if this is the media America will continue to rely upon to make sure an informed citizenry gets the feedback required for any decision making process - just wait for the end. Because these are the very people facilitating the ignorance that is Americas greatest crime against humanity - all else follows from there.

Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck may disagree - but in my opinion Glenn is the paragon of the "ugly American" - perhaps one of the ugliest Americans ever to live. And his audience loves him. I'm trying to think of who he reminds me of... let's see... starts talking very quietly ... almost at the brink of tears....full of fake passion... slowly ramping up.... louder...louder...screaming now! Somebody with an armband used that technique - tried and true - works every time I suppose.

Without an informed public this country doesn't work - as is evident. Corporate-owned liars do not serve a nation - they serve their masters - it's called infotainment - and it is wrecking everything around us. It may be the biggest player in the downfall of America. I just hope our fall is not fatal.

...map at 20:42 is telling...

UPDATE MAR 12, 2010 I should add that the lefty talk-radio people are just as bad. Add Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes to the list. Watch for them all to come out with books complaining about "the media." The lefty complains about righty and righty complains about lefty - cycle continues.

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