Why Oathkeeper = anti-NAZI: Enabling Act of 1933

A recent article from Mother Jones, which you can read HERE entitled "Oath Keepers and the Age of Treason" discusses an American soldier in a rather demeaning light. Although the article has a pretense of balance - it seems to me that the writer doesn't understand that American soldiers take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. Why was the domestic part added to the oath? Perhaps because DOMESTIC ENEMIES are a reality that certain powers would prefer you ignore by labeling those calling your attention to them "conspiracy theorists?"

Here're a few snippets from the article:
" Oath Keepers is officially nonpartisan, in part to make it easier for active-duty soldiers to participate, but its rightward bent is undeniable, and liberals are viewed with suspicion. At lunch, when I questioned my tablemates about the Obama-Hitler comparisons I'd heard at the conference, I got a step-by-step tutorial on how the president's socialized medicine agenda would beget a Nazi-style regime.

I learned that bringing guns to Tea Party protests was a reminder of our constitutional rights, was introduced to the notion that the founding fathers modeled their governing documents on the Bible, and debated whether being Muslim meant an inability to believe in and abide by—and thus be protected by—the Constitution. I was schooled on the treachery of the Federal Reserve and why America needs a gold standard, and at dinner one night, Nighta Davis, national organizer for the National 912 Project, explained how abortion-rights advocates are part of a eugenics program targeting Christians. I also met Lt. Commander Guy Cunningham, a retired Navy officer and Oath Keeper who in 1994 took it upon himself to survey personnel at the 29 Palms Marine Corps base about their willingness to accept domestic missions and serve with foreign troops. A quarter of the Marines he polled said that they would be willing to fire on Americans who refused to disarm in the face of a federal order—a finding routinely cited by militia and patriot groups worried about excessive government powers."

later in the article...

...Chip Berlet, of the watchdog group Political Research Associates, who has studied right-wing populist movements for 25 years, equates Rhodes' rhetoric to yelling fire in a crowded theater. "Promoting these conspiracy theories is very dangerous right now because there are people who will assume that a hero will stop at nothing." What will happen, he adds, "is not just disobeying orders but harming and killing."

What I find interesting is the the lack of alarm the reporter shows for the willingness of such a large number of active duty Marines to fire on American civilians. Why doesn't the reporter find that alarming? Why is the reporter just now being "schooled" on the treachery of the Federal Reserve? Why is the reporter so naive? I think American journalism needs a little more critical thought sprinkled in with their Kool-Aid.

Here is a link to Oathkeepers.

Here is a vid from Sheriff Richard Mack:

Here is Sheriff Mack's website: CLICK HERE

The enabling act of 1933. What is it? You can read about it here. Here's an excerpt:

"On March 23, 1933, the newly elected members of the German Parliament (the Reichstag) met in the Kroll Opera House in Berlin to consider passing Hitler's Enabling Act. It was officially called the 'Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.' If passed, it would effectively mean the end of democracy in Germany and establish the legal dictatorship of Adolf Hitler.

The 'distress' had been secretly caused by the Nazis themselves in order to create a crisis atmosphere that would make the law seem necessary to restore order. On February 27, 1933, they had burned the Reichstag building, seat of the German government, causing panic and outrage. The Nazis successfully blamed the fire on the Communists and claimed it marked the beginning of a widespread uprising.

On the day of the vote, Nazi storm troopers gathered in a show of force around the opera house chanting, "Full powers - or else! We want the bill - or fire and murder!!" They also stood inside in the hallways, and even lined the aisles where the vote would take place, glaring menacingly at anyone who might oppose Hitler's will.

Just before the vote, Hitler made a speech to the Reichstag in which he pledged to use restraint.

"The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures...The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one." - Hitler told the Reichstag."

Check out this vid - history repeats - how did Hitler LEGALLY seize power? Well there was high unemployment, a false flag attack on the Reichstag, the identification of scapegoats (similar to 911 Truth advocates, Gun rights activists, and those supporting freedom of speech today in America.) He played on the fears of the middle classes... - well you get the drift. So the parallels are valid relative to America's present charged environment - also like NAZI Germany - a perpetual state of emergency. See time=5:30 specifically for a 911 parallel and pay close attention to the Enabling Act of 1933 - shifting dictatorial powers to Hitler - eliminating any checks and balances. (at time=6:40)

How did Hitler consolidate his rule?

Did you catch the line about the desire of the NAZIs to eliminate ideas? How, and I'm paraphrasing "Where books are burned eventually people will be burned? Internet censorship replaces fire with our modern technology - a la Winston Smith in George Orwell's 1984.

Did you notice the parallels with the Waffen SS and Blackwater/Xe? The parallel is that the WAFFEN part of SS means that they were armed - in other words they were armed despite rules where only the Army was to have such power - where in America our military is supposed to be under civilian rule-and how after the "Night of the Long Knives" the Waffen SS, now having enough power - took the opportunity to stike first and seize power for their insane masters?

Notice also- especially - that following the Enabling Act of 1933 that troops now swore allegiance to the leader (Fuehrer) instead of to their laws. Sound familiar? All the Oathkeepers are saying is that they refuse to be NAZIs!

If you think the Oathkeepers (Patriotic defenders of Bill of Rights and Constitution) are paranoid please keep the following video in mind where we hear an Amerikan NAZI admit willingness to murder his fellow citizens:

So, my patriotic flag-waving uniformed fellow citizens - will you keep your oath to the Constitution or will you join the NAZIs?
Note: I'm pissed I thought I brought up the "Age of Reason" with this previous post:
Summer of Rage: On Joe Stack and the coming of the Rage of Reason
UPDATE MAY 19., 2010


  1. The heavy lifting for turning America into a fascist state was done by the Bush-Cheney regime. Obama hasn't really instituted any new fascist policies - he has just put an acceptable and friendly face on the Bush-Cheney nastiness.

    When fascism came to America, it was wrapped in a flag and was waving a bible around.

  2. There is no American journalism, open your eyes. There is no such thing as a "conspiracy theory," the term was created to discredit journalists when they reported on something that was not liked. So far, when people like you use it not knowing the origin or the damage it does, it's working like it was meant to.

    You need some more Kool-aid in your Kool-aid. I know a place in Guyana where you can get some.

    Robert S. Finnegan
    Managing Editor
    SoutheastAsia Independent Media
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  3. Robert this must be the first time you've visited this blog.

    Fake truth for our own good?
    Conspiracy theory reason vs. the crowd
    Who in their right mind believes in conspiracy theories

    Think before you run your journalistic mouth

  4. I wonder Robert, is there a place in Guyana where there is a use for Cyanide other than poison - like extraction of gold? There is a conspiracy for you to chew on.

  5. I wonder who will be saying - If only I knew .

  6. All I can say is this - we are actually at that point - yep - the point - the vanguard - but maybe that implies more of a blades cutting edge - but it doesn't matter.

    We are actually there. If law enforcement and the military do along with this sick fraud - then we have to face the music.

    The Bill of Rights was the deal the anti-federalists (Franklin was one - "A Republic if you can keep it") demanded as they watched the centralization of power under the requirements of the commercial people -

    anyway - I guess we all make our own bed and have to sleep in it. I know so many people personally -some family - who are actually NAZIs and don't even know it. You can't even talk to these stupid fascists. But when they speak it will be enforced as Mao liked - from the barrel of a gun. Well I'm glad they have Mao on their side - luckily we all still have the second amendment.

  7. Adding ' Domestic ' to the list of enemies is a blessing in disguise since the US Politicians are Domestic , tell that to soldiers .

    Further more , read the comment posted by self-called ' Anonymous Coward ' at this site , AMAZING !! :


    Excerpt :

    " .... Here is the remaining , standing alone without other choice , Solution : prepare for the Armed Revolution .
    HOW : if you have as a close relative ( son , daughter , brother , sister , father , mother , uncle ) as someone working in the Army , Police , CIA , FBI , NSA , etc. , invite them to Dinner and ask them to help and be ready . Explain the situation and most likely they will understand . Prepare them to turn their Knowledge and Guns against the government . Work hard at it , show the Evidence and ask for their Commitment .
    If this concept is SPREAD AT NO END on all the Patriotic blogs and web sites ( even as Comments like this one ) , after some time the Movement will start taking place .
    The planing of the violent Revolution Must Start Within Families , involving a Trust that no politician or government can compete with . There is a HUGE bonus to this : if is done well , the ONLY violence will be the Hanging of the Politicians ( by the Hundreds ) , hence the Innocent blood will be spared .
    Q : ARE YOU , AND ALL OF US , READY to implement it NOW ? Time is running out ...
    Right , I have to be an Anonymous Coward ( for now ) to teach Revolutions , and all of us too . The fix , as explained above , will be started in the privacy of our homes talking to our loved ones involved in the Armed Forces .

    Courage to All , Let's start the process , pick up the phone and place that Life Time invitation to dinner . NOW !! " .

  8. Interesting article and of import to the Americans because it seems to those of us outside of the states, that America is now incapable of recapturing power without a violent uprising.

    Could I refer the author to a velvet coup attempt here in the UK under Tony Blair, known as the LRRB Act he tried to bring in and was touch and go whether he was going to use royal perogative to force it in, basically the LRRB would have devolved parliamentary power to one man and his chosen cabinet and rendering the voted parliament totally useless, the claim was that it was to cut red tape and that the chosen cabinet could change, introduce or remove laws without parliaments knowledge or consent, a political uproad was led by the opposition at the last moment when it was exposed that Blair had to make two small changes and he would have been able to rule under the power of decree.

    Another interesting thing to note is that many of the people in American power today are the descendents of those that tried to install a nazi government via violent coup back in 1933, yes, your monied elite did in fact try and remove the voted in government and representatives and bring about a fascista in the US, many of those today are descendents e.g. Rockefeller but also consider Rove, Schwarzeneggar, sons of the Nazi machine and America's hand in allowing many thousands of Gestapo and SS members to be absorbed into the US despite its illegality under operation paperclip...

  9. To anon 12:59 - yes that's a great idea - I wonder how many of our military and police understand what we are discussing - nobody wants violence - I sure has hell don't. I justify all the hours wearing out this keyboard with that thought in mind. But if the police and military intend to carry out these insane orders how does one expect the public to react? There's always a point where people start to fight back and it looks like it's been going on for some time - but just now getting into the corporate-controlled propaganda - they can't hide it anymore - lying by omission in itself belies their skewed output.

    To anonymous 4:48 - yes - there are a couple of posts on this blog on that topic - with some surprisingly good vids from the corporate media of all places spelling the whole thing out. You may enjoy the vids -well, enjoy meaning an educational perspective-essentially I think you are right on target with your facts:

  10. Being anonymous doesn't imply cowardice - in fact - Benjamin Rush hired Thomas Paine as writer - Rush could not take the economic punishment that would have destroyed him for opposing slavery and other issues at the time -

    Anonymous is moral and okay - what is important is to make sure to preserve liberty

  11. Those troops don't seem to like patrolling the streets of America and taking away people's guns, and yet it happens. What else are they going to do when an order is given that they know puts them at odds with fellow citizens? Troops coming back from war are being trained to keep crowds under control because more and more people are pissed about the criminals bankers in charge of our Congress, for starters.

    Kool aid. Talk about another cover-up. The coroner said that every single person there was murdered. But there you go, Robert, perpetuating more lies. Is denial an addiction you can't live without?

  12. Robert S. Finnegan has more credibility in his little finger than most of you clowns combined.

    When he speaks sit up and listen. He has seen the devil itself and (barely) lives to recall the moment. You are in the presence of a true journalist and investigator when he comments on your blog. Take note. There are very few left in this world.

  13. Nephilim70
    Thanks for the comment - I appreciate each and every person who takes the time to visit and especially comment - including Mr. Finnegan.

    It is difficult to understand what people mean by their comments. Maybe the day I read his comment and responded I was frustrated that after I'd spent two years attacking the idiotic phrase "conspiracy theory" on this very blog that someone was telling me how idiotic the phrase was.

    Also - the present environment doesn't allow any of us to "sit up and listen" anymore - since our journalists have let us down - somehow - whether their fault or not - leaving people like me who are trained inelectronics as bloggers.

    So whether or not I have credibility or not will have to be sorted out over time. I can only do my best.


  14. Also:
    Sorry this is in two parts - I've got to clarify what I just said:

    Criticizing journalists in general as I did above isn't really fair - so let me explain -

    As Mr. Finnegan pointed out - that there is no American journalism - I would reply that Jeremy Scahill has done some heroic work that I admire - so journalists have been doing very good work. It seems that the journalism industry is the failure - since the best stuff isn't brought to the right outlets to inform the public - at least not enough to be effective.

    You are right - I shouldn't have been such a jerk commenting like that - I just take a lot of flak and dish it back so much on this site I get callous once in a while - probably more than once in a while.

    There are definitely organized banks of shills - I get a little "trigger happy" with the comments -

    No offense intended sorry.


  15. Jeremy Scahill is anti-911 truth.


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