VIDEO: Aerosol Crimes, aka, Chemtrails

Above pic shows a new trail, with the mist showing what they expand to become
This initial trail is the beginning of a sky that will become white and overcast
Picture above shows early morning sky striping from direction of sunrise. These spread out to cause overcast sky.
This phenomenon is REAL. I have observed it over time here in Charlottesville, VA.

If we didn't have a sunroom with a glass ceiling in it I probably would not have seen these trails when I did. After viewing a few videos on the internet I just stored what I saw and moved on since the people making such claims at the time were ridiculed - as has become the norm from our Pentagon-controlled puppet press. But one day - just by accident - I looked up out of the sunroom and to my horror observed the phenomenon described in the video. Being unemployed in many ways has freed up the time necessary for my own eyes to see what goes on right in broad daylight - while the slaves are all at work.

What do I think they are? I almost don't want to know - since with criminals running our government it is really hard to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Charlottesville, Virginia always had deep blue skies -one of the reasons we moved here. I also used to stargaze with my various telescopes to view the planets - so like the guy in the video - I spent much time looking up. There is no doubt that our skies are being sprayed with something. Why no answers?

Riding a motorcycle is another great way to view what most will not see through the roof of their cars.

Multiple airliner-size jets fly at intervals striping the sky - taking advantage of prevailing winds spreading the plumes across the direction of airflow. This allows the long trails, which persist for HOURS to spread horizontally out forming white sheets of fake clouds. The resulting mist still allows enough sunlight to produce shadows on the ground - the sun is hot here. But the skies look as white as the depressing overcast skies I ran away from in Wilkes-Barre, PA years ago.

It is a horrible moment when one looks up and sees for themselves that this is actually being done to our air supply. What kind of people do things like this? The trails/fake clouds are also being created over the national forest to my west. On some days the entire sky is white by 14:00.

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