USA Murder Incorporated: Is Dennis Blair Really the Bad Guy ?

First watch this recent video explaining the situation where Dennis Blair told Congress it is policy to murder American citizens: "How is this all possible...what can be done to stop this?" she asks. Paul Craig Roberts: "We have a criminal who comes to the Congress and says we're going to murder American citizens - NOTHING HAPPENS!" ...

Read entire New York Times article here:

" In recent months, Mr. Blair had also made a push to rein in covert activities carried out by the C.I.A., reflecting his view that the United States had become too enamored over stealth activities.

He even developed rules to guide policy makers before they approved a covert action. Among them were guidelines that covert activity should never be employed “for the purpose of circumventing a lack of U.S. public support for any particular overt policy,” according to one American official.

Officials said that some in the White House and C.I.A. bristled at Mr. Blair’s efforts to exert greater oversight over covert action. The reaction, they said, puzzled Mr. Blair, who had thought he had been given a degree of authority over these activities.

But wait a minute - maybe Blair was the good guy in all of this. If what I'm reading in this article is true - it means the administration asserts their intention to MURDER American citizens without trial - and they are going to kick out anybody that tries to reign in out-of-control agencies. Was Dennis Blair actually a good-guy?* Do we actually have any "good-guys" in our federal murder-incorporated government any more? If so where the hell are they and what are they doing?

Maybe Blair publicly told the American people how diabolical our government really is with the intention of sounding an alarm - and paid the price by losing his job? If that is the case - perhaps the example will be followed by others who remain true patriots of the Republic. We have no oversight. We have no checks and balances left. Was Blair just trying to wake up a sleeping public?

This government is completely out of control as more truth appears by the hour. The complicit media, an enemy of the people, distorts everything and anything to help maintain the executive grip on power. It should be obvious to any observer that the mainstream media ought to have the most to lose as our freedom of speech is attacked and denied.

Corporate media's non-chalance vis-a-vis recent public statements that "terrorists," even if American citizens, will be killed when the White House wants them dead ought to be a clue. No trial - just murdered. Shouldn't our TV and radio "journalists" be among the most panic-stricken of us all given that a police state that will murder its own citizens - starting with those who speak out? Isn't the media, by definition, supposed to speak out? Methinks they protest too little. Unless that is - that as accomplices they know they have nothing to fear. Only bloggers and other alternative media outlets that speak the truth should worry. I wonder if their paycheck is worth selling out our republic - and with it our liberty?

Should I apologize to Mr. Blair for the horrible things I said about him in the past if what I sense from this article is the case? Unfortunately as with everything shrouded in mystery and undue secrecy designed to protect the guilty - we'll probably never know the truth. Without due process we don't really have a republic any more - WE ARE LIVING IN A POLICE STATE. That means YOU AND I can be MURDERED RIGHT NOW BY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

* Picture and Bio of Dennis Blair here from Wiki - says he disobeyed orders but who can believe Wikipedia? Who can we, as citizens, trust when the administration has resorted to murder - and the guys hired to be Directors have such sorry-sounding bios? Our corrupt and complicit media places the citizens of the United States in a most difficult position as they look for answers.


  1. Seeing Lieberman talk about unfiltered intelligence information is the limit after what happened with Iraq and what is happening with Iran. What a cancer he and those of his ilk are on the body of the American politic.

    Blair was a good military man who put this country first -- as opposed to most of our so-called leaders.

  2. Perhaps you are right. Now that new information is coming out things look different.

    We citizens - who can only use logic to winnow out what little truth is buried in the mainstream media are stuck with tea-leaves to read -

    If he's a good guy I can apologize.

  3. These child-killing scumbags who call themselves soldiers in our American military, -men like the despicable John "The Cry-Baby" McCain and John "The Jane-Fonda-Following-Anti-War-Hawk" Kerry from Massachusetts -and NOW this flamingly-gay-puss-ball-wuss Blair... THESE are all cowardly brown-nosing, social climbers made in the military mold of common mediocrity.

    Look busy! And never volunteer for anything. That's the credo of our military.

    Oh Sweetheart! You fucking warrior-faggots one-and-all. They used to be called "homos" before it became politically incorrect. HA! LOL!

    This President, like the previous, sees himself as some kind of a king.

    BUT!!!! What is the price a lying Kenyan scoundrel like Barry Soetoro should pay for having lied his way into becoming the king he would proclaim himself to be?


    WHO? None other than these gay-asshole-soldiers and the wussy Secret Service people who spend so much time shining their shoes and adjusting their holsters -as if they were bras!

    It is THEY who have every license to put this impostor out of his misery.

    A King indeed...

    You are not my King, Barry Soetoro.

    I want MY Secret Service, and MY American military to gun you down for your crime of PRETENDING TO BE AN AMERICAN QUALIFIED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! HA!

    The crime of usurping a King's thrown -even such a thrown as does not exist-, is clearly license enough for our men in uniform to put Soetoro out of his misery without any further ado.




    Military men are ALL puss-balls more worried they won't be able to marry their gay lovers under swords drawn and crossed -than about anything that might threaten the Republic!

    Court martial them all. AND -Hail the Kenyan King of America! LOL!

  4. Anonymous.. You can write.. Get a stage name and join the party.. Start a website.. You can write.

  5. Yes poorrichard - he can write for sure.

  6. "Mass. Gov. Patrick accuses national Republicans of near-sedition against Obama"


    I'm sorry, Governor DEVAL Patrick-

    Against this Kenyan impostor, calling for his arrest, imprisonment and very-quick-beheading couldn't be considered "sedition".

    This guy, Soetoro, isn't a President at all.

    He doesn't represent our government.

    He's a fraud. He's a bigger fraud than the party-crashing couple that showed up at the White House some time back.

    He's just an impostor.

    In the culture surrounding Kenya, lying is admired as a measure of a man's skill and cleverness. It's a cultural difference that is difficult to get your head around. But it's there. Its' really there.

    And that's what this Kenyan is all about. He's the boldest liar there ever was.

    OFF with his fucking head.

  7. Well,

    If I understand anonymous 4:24 correctly he is trying to tell me:

    1. That American soldiers are pathetic wimps who can only shoot at lesser-armed populations - and then - only when the opposition has no air cover.
    2. That American soldiers couldn't identify the Constitution they are defending as they machine-gun brown people the world over in a feeble attempt to "protect America?"
    3. That this ex-Navy guy didn't do enough by resigning - and probably didn't resign for altruistic ideals anyway, or even to fulfill his oath - he did it because even though he went along with murder-for-hire-of-undesirables he still got fucking fired because he's worthless!?
    4. That our Prez is actually from Kenya and that is the reason he is fighting tooth-and-claw to stay out of court where he might be asked some tough questions that might show he is not a citizen?
    5. That our Prezident doesn't value our Republic, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independance or human life?
    6. That our Prezident is actually a collectivist and doesn't intend and never did intend to protect our individual liberties?

    Why would I believe any of this?

  8. I can get my mind around a culture of lying and thievery - that's why I got out of the used medical equipment business.

    That's why they're all rich and I'm not - and I'm happy that way for now - 'till the food runs out!

  9. BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says national Republicans are bordering on "sedition" as they oppose his good friend and party ally President Barack Obama.

    The Democrat on Monday decried criticism of his governing efforts during a forum for students at Suffolk University's Rappaport Center. But he says that "seems like child's play compared to what's going on in Washington."

    He says partisanship in the capital "is almost at the level of sedition," or bordering on insurrection. He mocks Republicans by saying, "If the president says 'up,' we will say 'down.'"

    The governor later called his sedition comment a "rhetorical flourish."

  10. The colossal increase in immigrants and illegal immigrants in Massachusetts since Deval Patrick took the oath of office as the Bay State's first black governor -has been STUNNING-.

    The man, Governor Patrick, like many others recently exposed by their comments about current events surrounding the illegal immigrant situation, is not a fit ideologue to exist anywhere by inside a prison serving a long term for sedition -himself.

    Deval Patrick is a racist who is using his office to encourage uneducated-and-ignorant people of color, -often the most criminal of the criminal class of South Americans- to flood over the border -illegally- and into this country and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, ALL in order to solidify what he perceives as his race's destiny.

    Mr. Patrick, these illegal immigrants are lowering the standard of living and the wage being paid to many millions of legitimate Americans of color.

    You are poisoning your own well.

    Your people (if they are so foolish to view themselves as such) should be ashamed of your anti-Americanism.

    Fuck you, Deval Patrick.

  11. Impressive blog and post. Thank you. As a long term activist in Seattle, I know of at least 5 extrjudicial assassinations of fellow activists. Which I write about in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE. After 15 years of personal harassment - ranging from phone harassment, break-ins, six attempts on my life and an affair with an undercover agent who railroaded me into a psychiatric hospital - eight years ago I closed a 25 year medical practice to begin a new, safe life in New Zealand. More about my book at http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/TheMostRevolutionaryAct.html


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