Violence Begets Violence: Are Police their own worst enemy?

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"The racially charged videotape shows officers stomping on the innocent detainee after they responded to several 911 calls
for a report of an armed robbery in the parking lot of a night club near Lake Union.
In the video, a male officer is seen kicking the man who had been ordered to the ground while threatening him with racial
slurs. Shortly after, a female officer kicked the man in the back of his leg

Rest assured ... there will be an internal investigation.

In the video it is said:
"There is no reason for the violence."

But there is a reason - it is called a culture of violence. Our police see the American public as the enemy.

Our police have become a force of thugs looking for a reason to draw a gun or a Taser. Unless you've been living at the South Pole or drink lots of fluoridated water this should be obvious by now.

It is mentioned in the video that a selection process for a new police chief is underway. If I were a police officer I would take into consideration that the leadership sets the tone. Just as the Federal government of the United States uses murder and torture to set the tone for the nation - the leaders of police forces also set the tone by condoning indiscriminate Taser use and letting cops off the hook for shooting citizens.

Here a Reporter gives his side of the above story:

Here is another recent police incident where excessive force, which has become the norm is used.

Now let's think about this for a minute.

As an American citizen am I to allow this to happen? This police behavior is clearly unjust. What can I do to stop it?

Since there is a movement by leaders like Senator Joseph Lieberman to silence dissenters simply by calling them a name (terrorist) - soon it may become dangerous to use the 1st Amendment when speaking out against excessive intrusions on our rights.

As the police continue their insane war on the public - blindly following clearly unconstitutional orders - using excessive force - brutalizing the public - sodomizing captives with Tasers (CLICK), and using Tasers to torture just about EVERYBODY it is inevitable that a natural backlash will take place...and it already has.

Do you remember this incident up in Seattle not too long ago? This is a guy Huckabee supposedly let out. Yeah they eventually caught up with the shooter and killed him - found a gun from the crime scene on him so they say... read entire article HERE (CLICK).

"Still unclear was why a man entered the coffee shop and gunned down Sgt. Mark
Renninger, 39; and Officers Ronald Owens, 37; Tina Griswold, 40; and Greg Richards 42.
"We have no motive at all," Troyer said. "I don't think when we find out what it is, it will be anything that makes any sense or be worth it."

Or perhaps this situation in California is another mystery:

Police brutality compilation - this is a must-see: "What is the charge - IT DOESN'T MATTER"

Maybe this is a worldwide epidemic - this police brutality? Regardless - violence begets violence - there is only one way this can end up - and that will be with an increasing public backlash climaxing when some triggering event finally wakes up the somnambulant masses. Hopefully the police forces will recognize this now and put an end to the cycle of violence before it becomes too late for them - as they will lose such a battle for sure.

UPDATE May 9, 2010

UPDATE MAY 9, 2010

UPDATE MAY 9, 2010

UPDATE MAY 10, 2010 Seattle cop apologizes for screaming racist threat at innocent man he’d kicked in face
Note: Great that he's apologizing after being caught on camera. But if he retains his job...well see article above. And what about the stupid woman cop too? Stomped on the man's leg?
UPDATE MAY 10, 2010 Thank you commenter for this

The Largest Street Gang in America

BoilingFrogs | MySpace Video

UPDATE MAY 10, 2010 Hoboken attorney recommends firing SWAT scandal ringleader over Tampa airport incident
"Andriani grew irate after the flight crew was allowed to board a New Jersey-bound plane before him. According to TSA, He displayed a badge and said he was a police officer. As a suspended officer, Andriani wasn't even supposed to have a badge, officials said. No charges, however, were filed."


  1. There are many many more incidents of brutality that are not caught on camera and those responsible are the biggest gang in town, namely the police.

  2. The people responsible for this are the guy who invented the taser and those who armed the cops with it indiscriminately.

    May they live interesting lives.

  3. In the Soviet Union what eventually happened was that the fed up population started revenging against the cop's families.

  4. When the balloon goes up in Amer'ka, you can rest assured that the cops will defect and burn their uniforms and refuse to patrol in their police cruisers, which would then become almost instantaneous targets of opportunity once T.S.H.T.F. here. And the reason is, people just have had it with their shit, that's why. It's not because people intrinsically hate police, but the cops have dug their own graves here, figuratively and quite literally, by tasering, beating, punching, and otherwise showing corrupt and slimy indifference to the people they allegedly PROTECT AND SERVE.

    so, look for massive cop defections and or walking off the job to protect their own when T.S.H.T.F. here. They have no choice. People took note of that off duty police squad car parked down the street, and unfortunately, don't see it as reassurance or comfort any longer. I wouldn't want to be wearing a cop uniform, or driving an official anything vehicle when it does finally go down here. Those will be the first folks to fall in the revolt. They won't last a week. People have just about had it with the corruption and the nastiness, and just like what happened in Russia when it collapsed, the vendetta's were carried out against the corrupt KGB bastards wherever their families could be found.

    People have a right to expect fairness out of police officers, and for the past 40 or more years, it's been anything but fair. I can count on one finger the number of times I had a law enforcement officer actually be polite to me, well before I even had a chance to say a word to them to answer their rude, belligerent questions about what was I doing driving down the road at night. Now, I just don't feel any sorrow when one of their kind gets shot and killed, I truly do not. They're reaping what they've sown, for damned sure. When the revolution goes down, last thing you want to be is a cop or a soldier on the street here. Very bad karma will come upon those in those uniforms, and it'll be deserved.

  5. What is the largest street gang in America?

    You got it!


  6. So what's the answer - that's a one hour video.

    I'm posting it above now.


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