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" When Israel sent 27 Mossad agents to a 5 star hotel in Dubai to murder Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a minor Hamas figure, it had nothing to do with Hamas or Dubai. It was a warning to President Obama and anyone else that nobody is safe and no reason is small enough to justify a killing if key interests are involved, money, drugs, power and, least of all, the security of Israel. Mahmoud is said to be an “arms smuggler” who is travelling the world to get weapons into Lebanon for Hamas. As Lebanon has an open border with Syria, the primary Hamas weapons source, the idea of smuggling is insane. Hamas orders weapons on the phone and they are driven over in trucks."
Note: ha ha ha - I keep hearing how tuff the Navy SEALs and the Special Forces are - but do they have any role in protecting real Americans? We're all supposed to sit here and cower while these punk-bitches from Israel intimidate those of us trying to speak the truth? Hmmm - lemme think about that. Maybe the SEALS and Special Forces don't have a mission in line with the Bill of Rights - or they are simply a bunch of pussies afraid of the Mossad.

I won't hold my breath waiting for the Federal government uniform wearing Constitution-ignoring robots to protect me - I'll have to rely on "Ole Betsy" and I recommend everyone else do the same. Our people in the military, law enforcement, and Federal Government in general are simply tools and enablers of the state of Israel.

I will continue to speak out until silenced - as for the rest of you - Hail Israel!
UPDATE MAY 16, 2010 Watch this video "Missing Links" especially if you served in the United States Navy
UPDATE MAY 17, 2010 Read entire article CLICK HERE

" The World Press Freedom Day was marked by speeches and reports which maintain the status quo and, on substance, generally ignore the causes of the real dangers faced by journalists. Journalists have been arrested, imprisoned, attacked and assassinated. They have become a constant, albeit undeclared, target in battles, wars and political conflicts. Despite the blackout imposed on this harsh reality, and the vague language used as a cover for killing and persecution, small countries are usually pinpointed when mentioning the persecution of journalism, while big countries, particularly militarily dominant ones, are not mentioned."



  1. ISRAEL Murder in America http://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_members&Number=401050&t=-1


    Israeli Espionage Against the US - A Long History

  2. yes, they work for Gen. Stanley Mc Christ Hole, and he works for Dick Cheney, still :)

    and Obombaton? He works for whomever stuff their hand far enuf up his feckless ass to move his lips for him, or pull his strings..

  3. http://mycatbirdseat.com/2010/05/america-held-hostage/
    If you missed it on WRH today
    I saved it on faviorites and so should you all. Jews are a syndicated cult--dangerous!

  4. I want to make sure that I mean Zionist - I don't hate Jews or anyone else. Christian Zionists can be put in the same category.

  5. http://americansjourney.blogspot.com/2009/07/bill-moyers-israeli-commandos-on-us.html

  6. Watch this video - especially if you were in the U.S. Navy - it's called "Missing Links"


  7. Soldiers in a standing army must, be definition, be pussies, cock-sucking hypocrites, and agents of the very tyranny they claim to be protecting us from. Think about it. How could it be otherwise? These misguided dumb-asses couldn't win a war against third world rice farmers in Viet Nam. Now, in Iraq, they harass and murder people who aren't even enemy combatants and only get away with it because they field space-age weapons against glorified fire crackers and pop guns. What great heroes! Although they claim to be defending our freedom, just watch. When they return home they line up for jobs as cops in your local "militarized" police force. Sadly, by the time they need medical care and they learn the US government has screwed them with a bogus VA, it's too late. Too bad "our boys" are mostly too dumbed down to learn from history.

  8. Thanks commenters - I especially appreciate those who don't hold back.

    It has become nearly impossible to defend the United States military at this point. I've done my best to defend their honor - to speak on their behalf - but how can I continue?

    When we have troops on camera saying out loud they are willing to shoot American citizens - how can I defend that? What is wrong with these people?

    When I read reports, like a recent one posted a few down on this blog, of American soldiers executing people on the battlefield (Seymour Hersch) how can I defend these people?

    We all know the difference between right and wrong - and the excuses are wearing thin when it comes to "following orders."

    These wars must stop - and it is becoming obvious how the powers interested in continuing these wars are getting desperate to shut down anyone pointing these facts out - because they are getting very very scared.

    I would hope, and I know I'm asking a lot here, that people can somehow find a place in their heart not to condemn everybody involved in this shit-war - I've met a few of them who were on leave, and they know how completely fucked this is - but as soldiers - what can they do?

    I don't like making excuses but many signed up and didn't know what they were getting themselves into - many are kids - they believe things - they don't understand that people like that Dick Cheney and Donny Rummy would flat out lie to them and give them foul water to drink in the middle of a desert. Until they get there and experience that foul water - then they know - but they are already in the game.

    The mercs - no excuses - they know what they signed up for and their fate will be what it is. Visit icasualties on the left margin of this blog to see what happens to those guys.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment -

  9. Am I missing something here? What the hell do the Navy SEALS have to do with the liquidation of a Hamsa terrorist by the MOSSAD?

  10. You are missing something - that they are the supposed "protectors" "Supermen" of America - and here we Americans sit, like sitting ducks, while the Israelis have free murder reign over Americans exercising their right to freedom of speech.

    So the point is - the Navy Seals are fucking worthless. That's the point.


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