In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism - Official Release


1. Now I know why they took the "P" off the CDCP, they only want to control disease - prevention is no longer a goal.
2. Kissinger tasked with bringing NAZIs via project PAPERCLIP into US government
3. 24:43 policy transition occurs in Fed govt. in 1994 - - documents obtained via freedom of information act show that Feds consider slow-kill bioterror via cancer virus an advancement in war-fighting technology. As important as the discovery of gunpowder and atomic warfare.
4. Critical to the use of this warfare is control of the media
5. 27:30 acceptance of new wars using psyops
6. 29:07 Here's a great part. This silly woman from the guvvamint calmly talks about using disease as a weapon achieving a new "level of sophistication" - great - is that her viewpoint if somebody poisoned her kids? What is this idiotic robot talking about? She is obviously a psychopath. How can she discuss this like she's giving out a cake recipe? Buffoon!

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