Jerry Kane & Joe Kane

Read entire article and watch AP video here here:

" Law enforcement officials have still not identified the Kane's as the ones who killed the officers at the traffic stop. However, ALL the headlines presume it and all this drivel, false accusations, guilty until proven innocent articles have condemned them already. The only facts on the table at this point is that the Kane's were killed by law enforcement. The videos are all there. The pictures are all there. The statements by law enforcement and the media are all there but where's the proof?

Where's the video and audio of the Kane's shooting the officers at the traffic stop? NON-EXISTENT! Tell me the West Memphis Police don't have audio and video capabilities in the patrol cars. They should have been able to screen to the public within minutes what happened. This information is still not available. WHY?"
Note: Where is the video and audio is a very good question. This reminds me of the situation here in Charlottesville, Virginia where Congresscritter Periello's brother's gas grill line was cut - the media hyped it up beyond belief until they had the soccer mom's screaming for blood. Never heard a word since. Once the FBI was called in to "investigate" I knew we'd never get the truth. But they got their "everybody is resorting to violence " message out on the airwaves - and that was the last we heard of it.


  1. Yes there is!...the video shoen today, July 1, 2010, clearly shows the son getting out of the vehicle and raising a shotgun to the Police Officer. That is proof. It was a simple, routine traffic stop and they, your heros, pulled deadly force and killed the officers. You can shout conspiracy all you want but the FACT is that they pulled guns out and the video shows it...they committed murder...and then they ran like dogs. And why?...so that dumbass defacto revolutionaries can make them into martyrs. The final result - dead police officers who were only doing there jobs.

  2. Do you have a link to the video? Also - now - here we are after the fact finally gettting the facts. Great. So if the video is there send me a link and I'll post it.

    did the kid have cuffs on before he was shot or after? Some respect for human life.

    those who live by the sword die by the sword.

  3. By the way commenter - if you are so in love with the police these days I can only wonder what is wrong with you. I, for one, don't trust them and consider them extremely brutal. Do some homework.

    By the way - quit your babytalk about who my heroes are. Socrates is one. Where do I say these are my heroes? You are a typical crybaby who can't handle critical thought - with nothing to contribute but name-calling and mis-representation of my position.

    Go to hell.


  4. Oh and one more thing - remember the cop shot the guy in the back down in Houston - the guy who was supposedly CIA? Shot in the back?

    How about all the Taserings? this is insanity - but you just can't see it.

    The Kane's - a traffic stop turned into a gunfight - seems to be the norm these days. Jaywalking tickets up in Seattle - turn into cops punching women in the face. What kind of police work is that?

    You need to grow up and realize that there was a time in this country in my short lifetime - where a cop never discharged their weapon in the line of duty. People haven't changed - we are living in a police state.

    I'll probably never convince you and don't intend to - but I don't like cops walking around with tasers, assault rifles - and the FBI buying silenced 20mm cannons. This is crazy. Whether you can see it or not - this is crazy.

  5. Here's another recent example of our nation's finest in action:

  6. you are all nuts....these two were criminals who killed two officers in cold blood. Why praise two killers? Those officers, who protected and served Memphis, were taken from their families. You should be ashamed.

  7. Who is praising them? Where are they being praised. You should be ashamed for misrepresenting the position of others.

  8. I notice all the blind "support the police no matter what people" who don't realize the cops have gone mad in this country - and are now suffering a backlash from the public they are supposed to "protect and serve" constantly whine that those of us who want to know whether the latest police killing of the day was justified or not - whine and whine that we are somehow "praising" the deceased citizens. But there is not one word of praise in the article - and I don't see any in the comments.

    This,, to me, demonstrates blindness on the part of citizens that think our cops need machine guns, tasers, automatic pistols and all this other spying crap - to protect us! You know - us "nuts"' as you put it.

    Why bother? Why not quit wasting MY MONEY on your penis surrogate guns and leave us alone.

  9. I totally agree. The police have gone crazy and so many people do not see it. Why does the media hype up what Jerry and Joe was teaching as a scam? Because the rich would lose lots of money if Americans realized how they are being ripped off and started taking their money back. I believe the Kanes were assasinated. I'm not sure if the dash cam was doctored (actually they already showed part of it was) but what was happening to his dad?????????????? if it wasn't> were the cops going to shoot him? That is the only reason that makes sense. but the vid is probably fake because WHY would they go shopping at walmart after shooting cops and not run/hide? they were accosted at walmart cuz they did not know cops were after them.

  10. Check out the released dashcam video, you can see both Kanes. Also, the officers did not have weapons drawn. Jerry pushed one of the cops down in the ditch, while his son (Joe) fired on the cops. According to my source, you can expect info released regarding the drugs found in their van. My source was at the scene after both Kanes were killed. He actually saw the drugs in their van. More info will be release in the next two weeks, since the investigation is complete.

  11. Drugs "found" or planted? This game is getting so old. We the People are not stupid. Don't forget the 90-year-old grandma the narco-idiots shot to death in Atlanta for nothing after they raided the wrong house. Fact is they tried the same crap to find a reason to justify killing her - but all that happened was they raided the wrong house - then she fired a shot with some rusty old pistol - then they proceeded to punch her full of holes.

    The cops are trigger happy whackos - automatic weapons - silenced cannons - this is goofy. They are all living an episode of "SWAT" - but if they keep this up - I predict they are gonna' take a fall.

    I know that about 1/2 of the cops are the best people you can find - and the other half are the worst. It is up to the police to police themselves and quit following the orders of corrupt scum who use them as strongmen to undermine the rights of citizens.

    Pick your side my fellow citizen/police officer. You are an adult. You know the difference between right and wrong. You are accountable for your actions. As we all are.

    So - are you on the side of liberty and unalienable rights - or are you gonna keep fighting the "war on drugs", the "war on horror/terror"

    Where is the dashcam? I keep hearing about it - lemme see it.

  12. http://www.arkansasonline.com/videos/2010/jun/30/4066/

    There it is...the kid jumps out and starts shooting. Later, before they flee, he shoots wounded officers on the ground.

  13. The kid opens the door @ the 11:26 mark and begins shooting a few seconds later. The Kane's aren't "heroes"...they are murderers, plain and simple.
    And no..I'm not involved in law enforcement or ANY government job.

  14. the video is out......now what do you have to say? you people have sat back for months and said that the police were the wackos.....now that the video is out and we can clearly see who the wackos are.....what do you have to say????

  15. I'm not saying that the government isnt corrupt and the police do make mistakes, but that doesnt give anyone the right to shoot down officers in cold blood (as the video clearly shows) Justify that!!! Any supporters of these crazed idiots must be an idiot too. Now that we have the proof from the dashcam I hope all you insane police haters will crawl back under your rock

  16. It's really to bad that retarded fat ass Jerry got his son Joe killed. Joe would have grown up to be a fine example of a retarded fat ass himself.


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