Justice Dept. cracks down on leaks

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"“I think it’s remarkable,” said Gabriel Schoenfeld, a fellow at the conservative Hudson Institute who urged prosecution of The New York Times for publishing details of the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program in 2005. “This is the administration that came in pledging maximum transparency. Plugging leaks is ... traditionally not associated with openness.”

“They’re going after this at every opportunity and with unmatched vigor,” said Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, a critic of government classification policy

...“I was extremely surprised that the Risen subpoena was reinstituted. That struck me as a battle that no one needed to have,” said Hearst Corp. general counsel Eve Burton, a veteran of legal battles over press sources. “I thought Eric Holder would be a more moderating force in that regard.”

Note: Eric Holder - the people's lawyer as Obombya described her. Torture? I don't see any torture. That Eric Holder. The Dictatorship tightens the noose - transparency? The government workers involved in facilitating this disgrace are the scum of the earth. No wonder we can't fix anything in this country - the fox is guarding the henhouse and the kid is running the candy store. Al Capone is in charge of the FBI and the rest of us are sitting ducks.

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