by John Kozy: Knowledge, Truth and Human Action: America Hits the Wall

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"Americans have a problem with the truth. They seem to be unable to accept it, which is difficult to understand at a time in history when knowledge plays a larger and larger role in determining human action. Recognition of this problem is widespread. Beliefs and lies somehow always overwhelm truth, even when they are so contradictory that any effective action becomes impossible. A kind of national, psychological paralysis occurs. Nothing can be done because one belief contradicts another, and for some unknown reason, the facts don't matter. Even during those times when an overwhelming belief does compel action, Americans rush headlong into it neglecting the adage that headlong often means wrong.


Paul Craig Roberts writes, "Today Americans are ruled by propaganda. Americans have little regard for truth, little access to it, and little ability to recognize it. Truth is an unwelcome entity. It is disturbing. It is off limits. Those who speak it run the risk of being branded 'anti-American,' 'anti-semite' or 'conspiracy theorist.' Truth is an inconvenience for government and for the interest groups whose campaign contributions control government. Truth is an inconvenience for prosecutors who want convictions, not the discovery of innocence or guilt. Truth is inconvenient for ideologues." Unfortunately he casts the blame on the characters of people: "economists sell their souls for filthy lucre. . . . medical doctors who, for money, have published in peer-reviewed journals concocted 'studies' that hype this or that new medicine produced by pharmaceutical companies that paid for the 'studies. . . .' Wherever one looks, truth has fallen to money.""
Note: A fine article - but I disagree that people don't have a right to their own opinions. Of course they do -by natural law. Try revoking the right - in other words try taking their opinion away from them. Correctness of an opinion, or practicality have nothing to do with the natural law that everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Throw them in jail - they'll keep their opinion.

Mind control and propaganda - now there are some effective ways our "leaders" and "protectors" have used to sway the masses - steering clear of things like education and training in critical thought. Why?

Nobody likes competition - especially those in power.


  1. From the article -and- from the fingertips of the careless, but radical-rabbit -"Note: A fine article - but I disagree that people don't have a right to their own opinions. Of course they do -by natural law. Try revoking the right [...]"

    That so-called "natural right" is easily revoked by stopping the beating-heart of the fool that might seek to claim such an inane right.

    "Natural law" is a crock of squirmy brown shit that if you hold your nose and look close enough at it, you will find, it is loaded full of the little white worms that eat away at the host-bodies of those who espouse it.

    In nature, which is "natural" we might suppose, -one has but two options.

    First, -the wise option- is to get the fuck out of Dodge before the lead bullets and the switchblades come out.

    Second, -one can pull their own switchblade or fire-off their zip-gun if they have one, followed by (of course) the -wise option- rapidly getting the fuck out of Dodge before all the commotion draws the attention of other better-armed scoundrels.

    You have mistaken "natural right" for gross stupidity. Stick you finger (or your pecker) right-here on this anvil while I get my hammer so I can explain "gross stupidity" to you.

    If you want to express your opinion, the best way, and the most common way it's done, is to silence (forever is best) the moth----cker who disagrees with you.

    Stealth is your natural right.

    Let's try and estimate how many people with "natural rights" the stealthy, lying, dick-wagging Barry Soetoro has -so silenced, -forever. 10,000? 50,000?

    It's better to guess how many of Soetoro's close associates ended up so-deadly-quiet trying to untie their cement shoes at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

    I've never observed former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich -not wearing his bullet-proofs.

    US District Judge James Zagel is just dying to do the Kenyan's Administration -the favor of silencing Rod Blagojevich.

    Blagojevich will be seen a fool if he doesn't have this judge, -his ten closest associates -and his ten closest friends all seriously-ventilated the Chicago-way -before this trial goes on much further.

    The sooner the better, is the most appropriate Chicago expression here. Times are tough. And when the going gets rough -the tough get even tougher. That's Chicago gangland-style.

    You don't fight fire with fire. You close down
    the road and don't let anyone pass. Otherwise Blagojevich is going to burn.

    Soetoro has pulled-out all the stops to get the hit on the former Governor of Illinois.

    You don't see Soetoro in public any more. He's surrounded by goons 24-7.

    What a bloated-head on this fellow with the hideous grin of a junkie. What a fucking jackass. I hope he's content walking around behind closed doors, constantly surrounded by goons, and forever fearing for his life.

    That's the life of every Chicago mobster.

    -Don Robertson

  2. This part:
    "That so-called "natural right" is easily revoked by stopping the beating-heart of the fool that might seek to claim such an inane right."

    is obvious...

    so it is the assumptions upon which this entire discussion is based that must be brought under the microscope?

  3. The other thing to consider is this: Once you are dead you don't have to deal with these liars, cheats, and murderers anymore. We don't even know what "dead" is ... it might be a good thing.

    But my point assumes that we are not simply going to open fire on each other - that, working within our system, and within our morals - where life is still sacred - the person will still be alive - and therefore their opinion cannot be taken.

    Also - there is no way you or I can know if an opinion is taken from a person in death either.


  4. I'd go with "reckless" over "careless" regarding pawtips of said Rabbit

  5. As a child I was given a rabbit's foot from a Michigan toy store in the era of cheap Japanese-made goods.

    I was astonished -it was a real rabbit's foot with a brass-plated cap put over the bony end of it. Upon realizing this -I put it down -and went to wash my hands.

    We will not step into our paintings when life ends for us.

    The very best we can do is to paint a painting that will outlive us, -like that rabbit's foot that set my skin to crawl.

    When I was a lad about 10, I was walking home from elementary school when accosted by some youths I did not know -but who were just about my own age. One of them showed me a startling pink growth on his gums in his mouth, -on the top. The other kids told me it was "cancer".

    I realized later, -it was just bubblegum.

    Some years later, -I would have been perhaps 14 or 15 -and- thought myself worldly beyond my age-, I was at a junior high school dance.

    I saw a very attractive girl unknown to me -in the dim, colored and flashing lights of the gymnasium made-over for the dance. I was struck by her beauty and caught staring-embarrassed by being noticed by her.

    She turned her face toward me, and half of it around her mouth had been eaten away by something which left her horribly disfigured.

    I turned and shuddered, wincing, trembling at the sight of it. And she? She disappeared from my sight forever. I felt horrible for my reaction -that must have been all too obvious-, -revulsion-.

    The luck we have in life cannot be adequately heralded.

    If there is luck in death, it only comes from having once lived a life.

    Life is but a dream... -and if it is not, then no one has yet discovered what it more closely resembles.

    Life's illusion -is that we have mastery of any of it. It is not so.

    Soon John, too soon, -your wife will become an old woman and cease to be the beautiful young life -you share with her now. This will hurt and scare you -like you have never been hurt or scared before.

    It will draw you so beggingly-close to her, -she will feel you tremble in a fear and horror -that also is life.

    Only then will you know how wonderful and precious -your life is- -and hers too-.

  6. Thanks for those words -

    With each passing day my experience backs up what you say.

    I've had some time off work - mostly can't find a job - and what result has it had on my appreciation for my own situation?

    It has given me a chance, for the first time in my adult life - to watch the transformation that comes with Springtime - a chance to enjoy the mini-crisis we had with the massive snowfalls - time to plant a few blueberry, rasberry, sunflowers and some corn. Not much but its in the ground. I've spent some quality time with my wife - and my cats.

    And I've realized how I should never have been so generous with my time when it came to corporate America. I have so much more of an appreciation for the time available to think my own thoughts, and have a chance to express them and discuss some of these ideas with those who are kind enough to comment on this blog.

    Yes - I know you are telling me the truth as you know it - and I hope I properly honor what I have by contributing something to make sure someone else can also have what I've had.


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