Drill Baby Drill

Fox News brings us pictures: Massive Gulf Oil Spill From Space - Fair and balanced as always. More from Fox at the end of this post.

Who's to blame? Does it matter anymore? Nobody in a suit ever goes to jail - we all know that.

But never letting a good crime against humanity go to waste - our lying CorporAmerikan Propascamda media knows that there are fist-fulls of advertising bucks to be had : first by selling offshore drilling to the mushroom masses- then later reporting on the ensuing disaster.

Meanwhile the endless arguing over nothing and non-news is beamed to the public to cover up the latest crime against humanity - and all other creatures we're supposed to be sharing this planet with.

No time to worry about investigating past crimes like who lied us into these wars, who is keeping them going, or who will be the next target for extrajudicial murder by our mafia-executive branch.

No time to count how many bodies are piling up while the bombs rain down from the sky on civilians everywhere - or to keep track of the profits made by our patriotic mercenary industry of death. No - we have yet another corporate catastrophe to fix - while the corporate-rats flee the stinking, sinking ship the rest of us have to live on.

An article from May 2, 2010 brings us this comment from some buck-passing oil-con-man:

" BP's chairman is rejecting criticism that his company's safety record played a role in the drilling rig explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lamar McKay is putting the blame on "a failed piece of equipment. He tells ABC's "This Week" that he doesn't know how much oil is flowing from the well off the Louisiana coast. He says that estimates of 5,000 barrels a day are uncertain."

I'm not stupid enough to believe a word out of that guy's mouth - and given the circumstances - how 'bout we not rely on his judgement from now on - huh?

Perhaps this article from Natural News (CLICK here) will help you get a feel for how bad this mess really is:

"In other words, while the government has been telling us the leak is only 5,000 barrels a day, the true volume could be more like 80,000 barrels a day.

Wiping out the Gulf

It hardly needs to be stated that 80,000 barrels of oil a day leaking into the Gulf of Mexico could destroy virtually all marine life in the region

Here's another article from the New York Times where we learn how people from the oil company are here to help:

"Scientists studying video of the gushing oil well have tentatively calculated that it could be flowing at a rate of 25,000 to 80,000 barrels of oil a day. The latter figure would be 3.4 million gallons a day. But the government, working from satellite images of the ocean surface, has calculated a flow rate of only 5,000 barrels a day.

BP has resisted entreaties from scientists that they be allowed to use sophisticated instruments at the ocean floor that would give a far more accurate picture of how much oil is really gushing from the well.

“The answer is no to that,” a BP spokesman, Tom Mueller, said on Saturday. “We’re not going to take any extra efforts now to calculate flow there at this point. It’s not relevant to the response effort, and it might even detract from the response effort

Pure Greed. All that life - wasted. So one or two greedy pigs can stuff their pockets with even more money. Drill baby drill?

Do you remember who was saying that? Drill baby Drill?

More from Fox: Go HERE TO SEE A VIDEO RECAP OF OUR BRILLIANT ADVISORS that used our crooked corporate media to bring us to this point.

Then watch this shrill speech:

These media personalities are complicit in selling this disaster to the public. The phony political pundits show repeatedly their lack of good judgement. Think about risk vs. reward. Was it worth it to risk killing all the marine life in the Gulf?

Where is the benefit to the average citizen? Was the deal "fair and balanced?" Why are these people still employed in the media and in our government when they collectively show the worst decision-making skills in the history of the United States? How do they keep their jobs?

I can only guess- but job performance has nothing to do with it - unless their agenda differs from my idea of what is right for America.

Who's to blame? Does it matter anymore? Nobody in a suit ever goes to jail - we all know that.

UPDATE MAY 17, 2010 Napolitano Defends Response to Oil Spill


  1. the lesson learned by us 'little people' is that if you want to commit a crime, do a BIG ONE, don't fuck around with the penny ante shit like cutting off a few parking meter heads or jacking an ATM machine, go for the big bucks. Wear that suit, and while you're at it, change your name to something, uh, more likely to not get too much press attention, such as Cohen or Schumer or Feinstein. Don't be punking around doing little itsy bitsy criminal acts, but make sure you breach the half a million dollar threshold where it's likely to get looked at with envy by some of the really big thieves out there, all wearing pin striped suits and working for major corporations, like Halliburton and KBR and DyneCorp, FLUOR, CSC, and the list goes on. Then, go buy yourself some good old fashioned protection by hanging out in the lobbies of your bought and paid for whores for Israel who work in Washingtoon, District of Corruption.

    then, just bask in the profit of Ill Gotten Gains. Fear not any prosecution, or retribution. You're home free. Hell, you can buy yourself a casket and hold your own 'memorial' Kenny Lay service if by chance the heat does get too hot for you. Exile in the Cayman's. Margaritaville fun. No more worries.

    yep, the lesson learned is if you're GONNA DO THE CRIME, DO IT BIGTIME!! :)

  2. 18 out of 39 oil rigs in the Gulf can face the same problem, because those have been fixed by Halliburton.

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  5. I don't know why everyone is so in love with internal combustion engines??? why the f*ck is this??

    We don't need to burn any form of hydrocarbon to have a force to move an automobile, or a train. We don't. There are technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, for instance, and solar, that do not require the consumption of the atmosphere or the pollution of it with waste byproducts that otherwise potentially can and might possibly do alter the climate of the planet.

    So why do it? I'll tell you why: It's solely to appease the people who own stock in the oil companies, that's why! As for the alcohol gig, that's a huge waste of resources and time, as well, as it's not without a price. It takes energy to produce it. It doesn't just occur in huge pools or vats on it's own. And there is a price for virtually all forms of combustible energy when we simply don't need them any more!

    So why do it? The time is long past to switch to renewable, non polluting sources of energy for our industries, homes, and our means of transportation. Time to get off this kick of burning the f'ing planet up with all this combustion. We don't need it. It's OBSOLETE!!

  6. Drill less baby, drill less


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