Mexican Presidente Blames Mexico's Problems on United States' Bill of Rights

If the United States of America has anything to offer the rest of the world right now - something good I mean, it is our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Yes I know our "protectors" are ignoring it right now - but we'll fix that. Our Bill of Rights is the only thing we have left at this point - factories and jobs gone, respect in the world gone, moral standing gone... So what does the President of Mexico propose we do? Throw it away!

Click HERE: to read terrible advice from the Mexican Presidente, Felipe Calderon: He suggests that Americans give up their guns! Thanks Presidente! Now our country can look more like your country!

" Mexican President Felipe Calderon called on Congress today in a speech to reinstate a federal ban on the sale of assault weapons and to reform the nation's "broken" immigration system.
Calderon said while he admires the Constitution and understands the purpose of the second amendment, Mexican drug cartels are using assault weapons purchased in the United States to dangerously ratchet up the epidemic levels of drug violence in the country.
"The violence in Mexico started to grow in 2006...which coincides with the lifting of the assault weapons ban," he said. "Today, these weapons are aimed not only at rival gangs but also at Mexican citizens and authorities.

He almost sounds qualified to be our next dictator - we'll have to wait to see how quickly he tries to silence free speech and begins his pleas for torture and indefinite detention for those with the temerity to call people like him what they are - elitist enemies of the Constitution of the United States. By giving up your assault weapons - you will make his role in bringing about your corporate enslavement that much easier.

Ignoring the obvious - that although Mexicans are risking everything to escape the shooting gallery he's running - for a shot at the American dream- he shamelessly blames his country's problems on us.
More specifically - he blames his problems on our 2nd Amendment unalienable right to keep and bear arms - while pretending they are up for negotiation. How obvious is it to you that he was not raised a U.S. Cititzen?

But the facts don't support his dictatorial rhetoric. In (CLICK) THIS recent article we find that the increase in assault weapons was accompanied by a DECREASE in U.S. Crime for the first half of 2009.

" The latest statistics suggest U.S. violent crime could drop for a third full year in a row, a steady decline despite the harsh economic recession that some policymakers and police groups had feared would lead to an upward spike.

The FBI report did not offer an explanation for the declining crime rates.

The number of murders fell 10 percent compared to the same six-month period in 2008, while robbery declined 6.5 percent and forcible rape dropped 3.3 percent, according to preliminary statistics released by the FBI.

Violent crime in all of 2008 fell 1.9 percent from 2007.

So what is this man's motivation for publicly supporting the disarmament of the United States population - while at the same time expressing a sorry-sounding "admiration for" the U.S. Constitution.

The fact is that he has no respect for the Constitution - as didn't Obama or Bush because they are all tools of their darling New World Order government. But the first step is North American Union combining Canada, the United States and Mexico - without public discussion and without your approval. Working behind the scenes and overtime they will first bring their Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) to fruition. If you doubt its existence -

I don't trust these guys - why? Because regardless of one's stance on "ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT", "NEW WORLD ORDER", "NORTH AMERICAN UNION" - you can count on one thing: That you will be asked to surrender your rights - as is evident in the Mexican Presidente's speech. Hell - he doesn't even have the courtesy to wait a while to start the dictatorship - he BEGINS by shredding the Bill of Rights. I don't like the presidente's rhetoric here in America where our unalienable rights are not up for discussion. Got that Presidente? So Presidente - after you shut your burrito-hole - go the @#$% home - we don't need you.

Remember - anyone asking you to surrender your unalienable rights is, by definition, an enemy of the United States of America. Pretending that our right to keep and bear arms is a privilege demonstrates the dangerous elitist attitude of those intent on our enslavement. And once those guns, the teeth of liberty, are gone - you WILL NEVER EVER EVER GET THEM BACK.

Note: Picture of the would-be dictator from Wiki

Found this vid at Prison Planet


  1. Oh by the way - pulleez don't call me anti-Mexican because I'm telling you in advance that I'm not - why the hell would I be?

  2. I think it is time that we annex Mexico. Where is Sam Houston when we need him. These drug cartels are nothing compared to General Santa Ana.

  3. mexico is controlled by twenty families who rape the people and do not offer them anything but death, either by starvation (because they cannot secure their daily bread) or at the point of a gun(if they resist the oppression of the oligarchy)
    Him and his pals are causing the murder and mayhem on the border. What's really happening is that the small frys are being closed out of the drug trade in favor of the CIA(criminals in Action) backed gang.
    Get the national guard on the border back by tanks, if necessary and set up ambushes to disrupt the drug trains.
    The farmers on the border who interrupt the trafficking are being assassinated by paid henchmen.
    The whole damn thing stinks to high heaven.
    If the government can't or won't do it, the people should band together and take the law into thier own hands.
    I'm not for vigilantism, but the time has come to fight fire with fire.
    And don't fire 'til you see the whites of their eyes.
    All mexican invaders should return and change their country not mine. VA DETRAS.

  4. oh, but wait!!! who'll pick the crops in the fields, if not itinerant mexican labor?? Who'll work the car washes?? the yard maintenance, trash hauling jobs?? Who'll be in the kitchens of restaurants, and out bussing tables?? C'mon, you guys, who'll work in the slaughterhouses??? Who'll guarantee that the wealthy CORPORATOCRACY in the U.S. can continue to artificially suppress wages so that even citizens in this country can't get jobs for more than 9.50 an hour anymore?? Who??

    Look, if we send all the mexican illegal aliens home to mexico, the richest 1 percent of the country will actually have to pay a LIVING WAGE HERE!!!! and you and I know they just don't want to do that, it cuts too deep into the huge profits they make.

    Before you stick foot in mouth about shipping the cheap labor home, ask a-holes like Bill Gates where all his labor comes from, too? This country loves the cheap labor, and it also loves an EASY SCAPEGOAT!

    As much as I think it's a failed policy to let them stay here, this nation is addicted to cheap labor, be it from mexico, or from Pakistan or India, or the Philipines, or Taiwan, or wherever it can get people to work for a fraction of the hourly rate that most americans will work for.

    Making he mexicans VA DETRAS is not going to fix the problem. Imprisoning the CEO's of the corporations who EXPLOIT THE CHEAP LABOR, however, is a very good start to fixing it, as well as stopping the Bill Gates of the world from using these H-1B visas to get Pakistani's and Indian labor in other countries here to take american jobs away from american's.

    Till the wealthy who benefit from this are imprisoned and their toys taken away, this immigration issue will NEVER EVER BE SOLVED, even if every state adopts the Arizona approach, it's not enough. You have to jail the wealthy corporate CEO's for exploiting the cheap labor, and if that's not done, shipping all these aliens to where they came from won't fix it, because they'll just come back because the corporations won't ever stop using them.

  5. Now I have to rethink my whole position on Guantanamo. They should send this guy on an all exclusive trip to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, complete with days of exciting water boarding, and nights enjoying testy electrode dancing.

    The fix is easy, see a Mexican airborne vehicle in US air space shoot it down, see a Mexican crossing the border illegally, shoot it down.

  6. I'm with ya!

    A disarmed populace is an easy target! That's what's happened in China, Cuba and Mexico with the Mayas.

    Patrick Henry

  7. All this talk about cheap labor makes me laugh.

    I worked as a dishwasher and both of my grandfathers worked in coal mines. I'm white.

    They pay was good.

    The LAW of SUPPLY AND DEMAND says that if the supply of cheap labor is reduced the pay for the same jobs will have to increase, because there will be fewer people fighting for the same job.

    Flooding the market with Mexicans abuses them and us.

    Stop the crap about white people won't do the work. Who just died in the coal mines in West Virginia?

  8. I didn't say white people 'won't' do the work, I'm saying that the corporations don't want to struggle with pissed off white people working for them for chump change, so they intentionally hire the 'slave labor' from mexico to keep the wage rate in the U.S. 'depressed' and therefore, maximize their profits. If you can say you've worked for 5.50 an hour in the past 20 years (which I have, by the way, and I'm WHITE, too!!) then don't tell me that the 7.65 or whatever Wal Mart pays people there is a living wage...as my 5.50 an hour sure the hell was not, but I was glad to get some form of paycheck back then in the early 1990's because the economy was in the toilet, though not nearly as bad as it is this time around. My point, J.R., is that these fuckers who run the corporations hire mexicans (and other illegals) because it always yields a bigger bottom line for them, and they know that the existing immigration laws are not being enforced, and that there is NO PROSECUTION if you hire one, either!!

    My whole point was that a lot of people are loathe to work for what some illegal immigrants and itinerant farm labor works for, and live in those conditions (though a lot are GOING TO SOON BE DOING it!!) and truly, the only reason that the illegal immigration has been allowed for so long, is the rich, fat cat corporations just love the cheap labor in the fields, in the meat processing plants, and in a shit load of other places they exploit them. And lastly, if you buy your stuff at Wal Mart, you are SUPPORTING THIS SHIT, as well as if you buy any of Bill Gate's shit from MicroShaft. Same difference. You're SUPPORTING SLAVE LABOR and CHEAP WAGES by spending your money in their goddamned stores and on their products!!!! I never said white people won't work for low wages, because unless you can beat my 5.25 an hour rate from 1991, then you yourself haven't quite been cheap labor yet, dude!!

  9. Thanks anon 8:12

    Hey - sorry - sometimes I'm a real dick - I admit that. I get moody - and some of the attacks here get me hyperdefensive - so don't listen to my shit.

    You make great points - it seems I've mis-stated your position.

    I guess what I was saying is that if the supply is excessive - the wages to pay per human slave go down.

    But your point about going after the robber-barons profiting from the slave wages is a practical consideration, I think. But who the fuck will do anything about it?

    The people's lawyer, Eric Holder, is a coward and worthless. Not surprising - but that's the representation the "masses" get.

    Now - with that kind of legal leadership - is it practical to expect anyone to go after the well-heeled slavemasters exploiting cheap Mexican labor?

    Or is is more practical to kick our Congresspussies in the face and tell them to fix this border problem right fucking now or they are out of office - and not up for a lobby position?

    I guess it comes down to practicality.

    I appreciate the conversation. Thanks for giving a shit and taking the time to comment.

  10. I tried to answer and it went 'poof' into the never never land of the web. so I am going to summarize my post as I 'redo' it., JR:

    first, we can stop the illegal immigrants from coming here. first, you make it impossible to buy gasoline and money orders without a special ID card if you even remotely look hispanic or have a hispanic name. Second, take an automatic 50 percent off of each money transfer which goes into a special trust fund to pay for their medical expenses. If they incur an expense in a hospital, their trust fund pays or they don't get treated. Sorry, no tickee, no laundry!!

    years ago, a mexican woman from Nogales showed up in Tucson and delivered 6 preemies at UMC, after being warned not to do that. the bill for U.S. taxpayers, was 1.2 million by the time it was all said and done. the same day she had those preemies, a U.S. citizen construction worker with a broken arm showed up at UMC for treatment, only to be TURNED AWAY. Yep. TURNED AWAY, because he had no proof of insurance. Neither did the mexican, but she got 1.2 million dollars worth of care for her U.S. CITIZEN children.

    if we make it impossible for non citizen illegal aliens to buy gasoline, or a money order without paying a surcharge, then they'll leave. and lastly, if they have a baby in this country and cannot prove they're here, those kids SHALL NOT BE U.S. CITIZENS!!!!!! NO!!!!

    and, whack the dogsnot out of the employers who hire them.

    yes, the corruption in CONgress is really bad, but if the people start to vote the incumbents out EN MASSE for their buggery of all of us, either they get the message, or they get RETIRED real fast.

    and lastly, FIRING SQUADS for every member of the CONgress and SENATE who get caught taking any kickbacks from corporations. Or, the optional cyanide caplet, if you don't want to be shot or hanged. That'll fix the corruption issue once and for fuc*ing all, don't you think?

    thanks JR, we be on the same page. We just misunderstand one another now and then, and that's okay too. Least we do achieve equilibrium here now and then, and that's fine!! :)


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