The New Untouchables

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"When the upheaval comes, it will be a Red State thing. It will come from people who trusted George Bush. It won't come from Democrats who despised him all along, nor will it come from militia groups who are already disaffected from the whole system. I'm thinking of some reunion pictures a classmate sent me a couple of years ago. There is a picture of Bill S. He was big kid when I knew him, kind of a Viking type, and he is a big man now. He's an honest blue collar guy, a Texan in the best sense of the word. He was a Tank Commander in the Marines in Vietnam. He doesn't have much use for peace marches, and I don't imagine he writes checks to the ACLU. He has probably never questioned the official 9/11 story. When the Emperor's New Clothes moment comes, and he catches on that the man he trusted is a traitor, look out.

That's where the upheaval will come from - guys like him."
Note: This is definitely worth reading - thanks to a commenter, Lyle, for sending it in...Nathan Hale is brought up - haven't heard that name in a long time - excellent


  1. kinda hard to fight a revolution with the tv clicker in one hand, and the f*cking TV Guide in the other hand, isn't it, JR?

    till the clicker, the couch, and the guide get taken away, methinks the average schlomo or schomette be sittin on their fat complacent asses, eating bon bon's and watching the walls cave in around them.

    till all that's gone, there won't be any accountability by these mass murdering filth who are destroying the nation from within.

    we could hold a contest in this country about who can text, use the clicker, and masturbate to sarah palin porno faster, eh? (oh, for you GOP'ers, nude pictures of Walter Brennan, for sho!!)


  2. A lot of the much-talked-about and often-measured -voter sentiment- is wrapped-up and backed-up by the now widely accepted common knowledge notion -that the government did 9-11.

    It is just -silly- to deny it, -dangerously silly.

    Those rotten bastards... Everyone knows it, if they discuss such things with others. And most do discuss it, and all else that is transpiring as if anyone really thought we weren't noticing.

    Bull shit. No one is that fucking stupid.

    That "Everyone" includes a lot of people my age, trained and heartless killers, who spent their formative adolescence in Vietnam -killing men, women and children for their government, smoking Thai weed and shooting heroin -just like the boys in Afghanistan right now.

    Some of them survived.

    Those men know how to gauge pools of human blood with corpses seemingly floating in them.

    Some of them grew-up to become conservatives.

    But -trust me-, they didn't forget how to kill.


    The killing-skill -is like riding as bike.

    As you get older, you may put on some weight, and you may slow down some, but you can certainly still get on a bike and ride it.

    God-damned right you can.

    And these trained killers have a lot of pent-up anger for the way their government has lied and treated them -ever since-.

    I know these guys. Believe me when I say, they're very famous in their own small circles. They are very famous for not taking any bill-shit from anyone.

    They don't necessarily carry knives or guns. These people are killers. And they can kill you with their bare hands, a chair, a 20 ounce hammer, or a baseball bat.

    Killing is killing.

    And now the new boy in town is a Kenyan liar named Soetoro-Obama, a multi-millionaire from the crooked and slimy streets of the South Side of Chicago where heroin and death are both gotten on the cheap.

    Soetoro-Obama has adopted the 9-11 crime AS HIS OWN -through a vile complicity inherent to his public stance on the issue.

    Make no mistake about it. EVERYONE in Washington D.C. knows exactly what the story of 9-11 is all about, -and who is guilty, AND WHO HAS MADE THE DECISION TO-CONTINUE-TO LET IT BE COVERED-UP.

    When the originators of this false-flag event are hung-until-dead, -those who so steadfastly refused to uncover and expose the crime they knew all about -in THEIR official capacities nonetheless -THEY should also be flayed and burned at the heretic stake.

    God Bless America. It WILL be a wonderful day.

  3. 'God Bless America. It WILL be a wonderful day'
    Never happen because Americans are too fKN obtuse.Joos own all the media and every politician. Name me one politician who points the finger at }srael Firsters did 911? NONE!
    How many of these so-called tough guys ever confronted their local politicians on 911 attacks lies? None!
    Where in the hell is god to bless Americia when over 32 million are on food stamps and more living on the streets or help the millions killed by Americans? ZERO!

  4. America is too fearful and self absorbed to see what has happened. The big questions in May of '45 in Berlin was, "how could this have happened?"

    I suspect in 2015 Americans will have the same question an realize like the Germans that, they let it happen.

  5. Yes, Americans are fat, gullible, and distracted by TV propaganda. Enough negativity! Spend some of that energy spreading the word of why you have concluded 911 was done by traitors and their foreign connections. Then join the fight and your couch-potato friends will cheer you on. What they do or don't do is irrelevant. Let's clean this mess up.

  6. it won't take till 2015 for the STHF here, and unless I'm reading everything wrong, it's going to likely happen this year before year's end. I don't think the government can win this one, nor do I think they're 'above' nuking us in the cities to send a powerful message, just like in the series 'Jericho' that they took off the air because, just like always; "art imitates real-life" once again. We have a shadow government in power in the U.S., and the Congress, Senate, and even the Puppet himself are about as relevant to what's happening as any good science fiction story. They're there for show. The real people running this nation do it from the Langley, VA. address of Central Intelligence, aka MOSSAD H.Q.

    so, I beg to differ about people wondering in 2015 what happened. The revolution will be long over by then, and either we'll be in a full DICTATORSHIP, or we'll once again be free people. I lean on the latter as the likely outcome, because once they start slaughtering us wholesale, they can pretty much hang up any possible truce or armistice with us. The gloves come off. The gallows go up.

    but there'll be several tens of millions of us killed by them if they use nukes on us to try to stop the revolt. I don't realize how much that'll piss off a whole lot of us who once served in uniform and carried a gun, knew how to use those small arms we trained with.

    to their own peril, they will likely find out very very soon.

  7. The upheaval will not come from burnt out boomers Red or Blue state even if they served in Vietnam. Riots and disorder will come from the 17-21 year olds who the system has sold down the river. They will look at their future and see misery and despair and reason that they have two choices, drugs and oblivion or resistance and a chance at salvation. Look at the riots in Iceland, Greece and Thailand and see how many old crusty men there are standing up to riot police and rubber and real bullets. The young look forward the old look back and try to protect what they have by hunkering down. When resistance comes it will appear much as the LA Riots like a thunderbolt and the old will be shocked by the "crazed" youth. Those of us commenting on the futility of speaking truth to power and lamenting how the "Jews" control everything are not the front line battle troops who will make their stand against the New World Order and their corrupt elites. The war has already begun and the army of the State has mobilized. The youth will seize the day though we underestimate their courage and resilience. And let us not forget, the revolution will not be televised.

  8. one more point, the 9/11 thing is a 'festering wound' that won't heal, and the gulf between We The People and the government that murdered several thousand of us on Sept. 11th., grows daily. The distrust. The bitter angst. The hatred of them.

    until they come clean with that, and punish the people in this government that participated in that mass murder that day, and the ensuing wars on Iraq and Afghanistan based solely on lies, they can count on the gulf widening more.

    at some point, the revolt becomes inevitable. they know it. You cannot rule people who think you are SCUM. And we know they are, in fact, SCUM. Mass murdering, self-agrandising, SCUM!

    so, they have to either come clean, or they have to go. Whichever way they go, they'll have to address 9/11 TREASON with real courts, real punishment, and real executions for that TREASON, or they all will rue the day they were born for taking us here to this.

  9. Repeat after me....

    everything is alright. We are strong and vigilant against all those that bring injustices to our country and its people. We are survivors. We are the winners against these vile and evil individuals we call our leaders. We have the power to overcome all these obstacles. And we thank you great one for giving us this power and we believe in our success, and that it has arrived.

    Just repeat this to yourself. And soon you will be convinced that we will survive and win over the evil forces. This will transcend to others through your confidence.

    There is always hope. Your beliefs are your truths. Believe in all things good.

  10. I only get one chance to be mentioned on WRH. Today was the day. But the link is to your blog, not to my site. You quoted the least important thing on my page. When people arrive here from WRH, they are not going to be able to tell what the Untouchables project is about, and they are just going to blow it off. So the opportunity was wasted.

    This is one of those days when I should have just stayed in bed.

  11. boy, Dogismyth, that's some heavy sarcasm, isn't it? I mean, there's no 'god' anymore than there is cavalry hunkered down on the other side of the ridge over there at Garryowen, waiting to come in and help us win this.

    The ONLY way we can beat them is with person to person getting the word out, making sure your neighbors, your postal workers, your fellow co-workers if you still have a job, understand the gravity of this. Once everyone pulls their collective heads out of their asses, yes, then we can beat them. but some 'faith' in some cloud being (assuming you're NOT being facetious here) is going to give us strength, is a bunch of hog snot, truly.

    The only thing that will save us is absolutely getting the word out and educating everyone about how vile, how evil, how scummy these vermin are, and how they won't stop murdering us until they're hanged by their necks until they are indeed quite f*cking dead.

    Only then can we breathe a sigh of relief. When every last one of them is either hanged, shot, or welded into a prison cell somewhere with no possibility of EVER GETTING OUT EXCEPT TO BE BURIED.

    and then, yeah, we can prevail. Only then.

  12. If you look at 911 and only see the fact that we found Atta's passport on the top of the 911 rubble pristine as can be, you will know 911 was not on the up and up at all.

  13. Doesn't take many people to start a revo bros.

  14. I agree, nothing will happen until the MEDIA is taken back into GENTILE hands. There are so many stupid F***ing people who only believe something if they see it on TV. I keep telling them the "TV" is LYING to them, but they just can't comprehend that the owners of the media are treasonous, lying filth.

  15. Revolution will only lead to disaster. Always keep the image of the Soviet Union in clear focus, because that is the result of revolution.

    we'd get a mob of disaffected people - some heavily armed - taking to the streets, each with his own axe to grind. Chaos would likely follow. A lot of head woud roll, but would they be the right ones?

    Such is just the excuse the various authorities would need to invoke a crack-down on civil liberties.

    No. We have laws, and we have a process for bringing the guilty to justice. This is the course we must pursue to preserve our nation while we save it.

    We need a lot more political activism focused on 9/11 Truth to rally our officials to join our cause. Individual heros will simply be killed off, as has happened numerous times already, so we must go forward with numbers, organization, and discipline to insist that our laws are enforced as we work to bring the guilty to justice.

  16. "Lyle Burkhead said...
    I only get one chance to be mentioned on WRH. Today was the day. But the link is to your blog, not to my site. You quoted the least important thing on my page. When people arrive here from WRH, they are not going to be able to tell what the Untouchables project is about, and they are just going to blow it off. So the opportunity was wasted.

    This is one of those days when I should have just stayed in bed."
    Hey Lyle ... you are a whiner

    Go back to bed

  17. Anonymous at 11:58 pm: "Riots and disorder will come from the 17-21 year olds who the system has sold down the river."

    First of all, if you read the Untouchables page, you will find that I am not talking about riots and disorder. Far from it. Jack Rabbit quoted a paragraph that gives a totally false impression of what the Untouchables page is about. Whether he did it on purpose, or whether he is just utterly fucking stupid, is hard to say. Either way, the damage is done.

    Here are some more representative excerpts from the Untouchables page:

    1. "The question is, how do we take our country back? It cannot be done by setting up a confrontation between the people and the government. Change has to start within the government. I'm not talking about a coup. What I have in mind is to set the wheels of the law in motion. That is the only thing that could possibly work."

    2. "The last thing we need is for somebody to go off half-cocked. If you are enraged, cool off. Nothing can be done until everybody knows what happened on September 11. The Emperor's New Clothes moment has to come first. The Israelis want somebody to go off half-cocked. They are counting on it. If it doesn't happen - if cooler heads prevail - their plans will be in disarray."

    Now, about the 17-21 year olds: they are oblivious. The idea that "the system" has "sold them down the river" is not on their radar screen. They don't think in those terms at all. They were in elementary school in 2001, and 9/11 is not an issue for them. The Constitution is not an issue for them, either. They have not read it. They have no clue about the financial sytem. They live in tv-land. The issues that grownups get exercised about mean nothing to them. The upheaval will not start with them. When the Emperor's New Clothes moment comes, then it will be possible to get their attention. Not before.

  18. Lyle,
    I thought you were going back to bed.

    So am I responsible now for the words you wrote? Will you now remove them from the page since they misrepresent you?

    Also thanks for the advice - fools don't need it and wise men don't need it.

    Like I told you before - after I clicked on your blogname a picture shows up with a girl displaying her tits and there words regarding "tit torture" - at that point I didn't look further.

    Then you cried like a little baby that nobody looked at your stuff - so I did and, as I always do , picked out some words to get somebody to at least look at your feeble attempts at communications.

    Much of what I read was repetition from things I'd read elsewhere. I'm sure others experienced the same.

    Don't go away mad - don't even go away - just quit your bitching.

  19. Here's a non-truth from my experience:
    "Now, about the 17-21 year olds: they are oblivious. The idea that "the system" has "sold them down the river" is not on their radar screen. They don't think in those terms at all. "

    The ones I talk to know - that's why many refuse to participate - especially after Obama.

    Your article has good shit in it - but you seem to whine a bit much.

  20. well, JR, your blog is penetrated by government trolls now and then. you can always see their posts when you read stuff that, loosely translated, says; "be docile, move along, nothing to see here..nobody cares...just let it happen to you.." by them.

    Cass Sunstein's gang is alive and well, in other words. There are paid jackasses getting a tan government paycheck from the Treasury to get into these blogs and pump horse shit down your throat to the effect of; "look, why bother, revolution isn't the answer, just keep using the ballot box (which is about as effective as using those boxes at crosswalks that aren't connected to anything, either!).

    the 'true story' is that these government assholes are more fearful of We The People than they've ever been in their lives, because they see a huge 'awakening' going on. People are wiping the shit out of their eyes. People do know that the government is only in existence to fleece them and fuck them over and steal everything you own and ship it to zionist jew banksters in Israel. They know.

    so, when the obvious government shills come in and do the; "nothing to see here, move along, move along" drill, you know where they get their paychecks from. the U.S. treasury, that's where. And they work for Sunstein and this Barry Soetoro asshole prick son of a bitch and bastard.

  21. Jct: People who take that much convincing of the truth aren't going to be the leaders.

  22. @anon 3:45

    Instead of casting wild but vague accusations, please specify the posts which you think originated with "government shills." Further, please present some evidence to support your argument that goes beyound your opinion.

    For example, since you're so sure you know what's going on, share with us please your general qualifications to arrive at the opinions you have expressed.

    Do you have a college degree, or are you a history buff? Have you served in the military? Do you have other special training or work experience which allow you the kind of penetrating insight to discern the motivation and employment of others?

    Finally, do you really think using a lot of foul language gives you any credibiity?

    It doesn't.

  23. Anon above asks:
    "Do you have a college degree"
    Answer: Irrelevant. Cass Sunstein has a college degree and he is an enemy of the American people.

    "...re you a history buff?"
    Answer: Irrelevant.

    " please specify the posts which you think originated with "government shills."


    I will personally attest to the FACT that there is an Army of disinfo/misinfo SHILLS out there. The only way you, anon 7:55 would know this, would be via experience. That experience can easily be gained by blogging, commenting in mainstream media outlets claiming that we were lied to about 911.

    "Do you have other special training or work experience which allow you the kind of penetrating insight to discern the motivation and employment of others? "

    How about ear, eyes, common sense, and the school of hard knocks. None come with a diploma from Harvard.

    " Finally, do you really think using a lot of foul language gives you any credibiity? "
    "Foul language is in the interpretation of the beholder. Sometimes foul language expresses the point better than, say Sean (my language is untainted) Hannnity's pure language.

    Maybe you prefer Glenn Beck's language:
    "Shoot him in the head"

  24. It's "fools don't HEED it and wise men don't need it"

  25. JR, you pinned the tail on the 'shill donkey' pretty good here. Absolutely a government, Cass Sunstein fellating turd, for damned sure! I don't think you'll see that pecker breath in here now he's been isolated and called out for who and what he is. Good job! I concur 100 percent, by the way! Anytime you have a dufus trot into a blog and whip that crap at you, you know you're dealing with a government disinfo shill for sure!!

    nice shooting, JR!! You hit the sack o'crap right between the lips, which were still with stretch marks from Cass Sunstein's feces covered, zionist jew dong!

  26. I always want to be clear that I am not a Jew hater or an anybody hater. I just want to keep our bill of rights.

    Some people who haven't read anything here before or understand that I try to defend the rights of ALL people may read some of the statements as anti-Jewish. Simply not the case.

    But Cass Sunstein is a Jewish Zionist who is trying to convince Americans to surrender their rights - so there is no question that I am no fan of his. We have to call things what they are -

  27. @ all. To make a change politically, or in a revo ie an American Revolution, you need to organize with like minded individuals. Use your time wisely. Most people are never going to awake. The American revolution only had 33% support, 33% opposed and 33% clueless or undecided. Try to teach those that that are open to learning, forget the rest and get in touch via communication or physically with likewise individuals.


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