Obama Earns Degree from Clown School

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"What troubles me is when I hear people say that all of government is inherently bad," Obama said after receiving an honorary doctor of laws degree. "When our government is spoken of as some menacing, threatening foreign entity, it ignores the fact that in our democracy, government is us."

Take back the doctorate - we don't live in a democracy. I'm sure these words wouldn't ring a bell with our genius prezident either " ...and to the Republic for which it stands..."

I'd like to know who is saying "ALL" of government is inherently bad? Who is saying that? A political party? I haven't noticed large numbers of people saying that.

What I have noticed is that the government that is supposed to protect our rights is pretending that they can take away those rights - and that people are angry about that. I'm also aware of people waking up to the fact that we are involved in murderous wars based on lies based on torture. Yes, people are saying that a government that would murder three thousand of its own citizens is bad. That I've heard.

I've also noticed that the American public is awakening in large numbers to the phony media apparatus reciting their Pentagon-issued scripts on OUR AIRWAVES.

I've noticed that in American schools, words like "Democracy" are used where "Republic" would be the correct description of the system of government - and nobody notices. Instead they hand him an honorary doctor of laws degree. And this man is our ... president. Yeah - I noticed that too - but still haven't heard large numbers of people say that ALL government is inherently bad.

I've noticed the president is attacking our freedom of speech - and that such attacks are frightening an already enraged public. This brings to mind JFK's warning that "those who make peaceful change impossible make violent revolution inevitable." I've noticed it will be pretty hard to have peaceful change if we are not allowed to talk about our problems as a country.

It is the people pretending that it is their job to suppress freedom that are ultimately to blame for the increasing tension in America. They are neglecting THEIR SWORN DUTY to PROTECT OUR RIGHTS when they pretend that they must stifle liberty to protect it. They are allowed to hypnotize crowds at schools with their rhetoric - mis-stating what their role really is - and from whom their power comes.

Our freedom of speech must be put back on the pedestal it belongs on.

Let me close with a message for the king in the whitehouse to help him when he becomes frightened by free speech:

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me."

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