Video: Bomb Scare Slops the Hogs in New Hampshire Federal Fund Feeding Frenzy

UPDATE: May 7, 2010 13:24 be patient and listen to the whole video where all agencies listed below are read off by the protector in the video - video keeps cutting out early as I check back to listen to it as of 14:05

Please watch the following video- I've decoded it below:

From the article:

" Everett described a dramatic scene that took place when the passengers were finally taken off the bus. She said police used a Taser to subdue a man in his 60s who refused to give police his name.

Once all the passengers got off, they were each put in handcuffs and taken to the police station, where they were questioned individually.

“I’ve never been handcuffed or had an M-16 pointed at me,’’ Everett said."

Read entire article here:

At the end of the video our protector assures us that this appropriate response demonstrates how well protected we all are - from what I have no idea. He did not mention the cost.

Further reports will not be issued because, as he says, the incident was not related to horrorism and is considered a "localized event."

THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING PROTECTORS (for not shooting the sh*t out of each other or the poor bus passengers)Each listed with their function in this mini-episode of the TV show '24'

1. 911 dispatch center (to receive hoax call then activate Dominos Pizza and Donut Shop to ramp up)

2. Portsmouth control officers (and detectives too! don't forget the detectives!) (secure bus)

3. Seacoast Emergency Response Teams ( Sink the Bismark! Yet another call to the 911 dispatch center claimed the mighty Bismark has been raised by bin Laden and was steaming toward New Hampshire!)

4. New Hampshire State Police (help consume donuts)

5. FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation (to plant evidence and later provide cover-up investigation when the bill for this waste shows up. Provide translators for out-sourced people monitoring situation from NWO HQ - coordinate activities with #6 - but not completely as to retain full share of government budget monies and not allow them to be diverted to the BATF)

6. BATF Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco and Firearms (passenger incineration and destruction of crime scene evidence- (not utilized) also to search for drunken Muslims carrying fertilizer bombs made out of the wrong fertilizer-resources shifted to Pizza Consumption Activities-look for anyone smoking in non-smoking area and shoot or burn them like in WACO incident)

7. Attorney General Office (Negotiate with Taser International? Circle like vultures -prepare for blood sucking court cases, or if a joint is found on the bus - compete with #8)

8. Rockingham County Attorneys Office ( circle like vultures looking for a victim to suck blood out of on trumped-up charges - compete with #7 for piece of the pie)

9. Immigration Customs and Excise - (Top Secret: Not known - In case illegals are involved?)

10. Naval Intelligence (Brought news that bin Laden had resurrected the mighty Bismark and that the Bismark was steaming toward New Hampshire. Also to provide sailing team to man the ancient Constitution's cannons as last-ditch effort- will also provide team to slap around terrorists and coordinate defense thereof with Glenn "Shoot Him In The Head" Beck)

11. Portsmouth Fire Department (put out the bus and charred bodies if FBI and ATF utilized)

12. New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (Tasked with preparing mercury-filled "dum-dums" to kill purported al Quaida "Jaws" style terrorist shark reported by Pentagon sources to be swimming toward New Hampshire)

13. Department of Homeland Security (Tasked with the complete destruction of citizens and tourist's travel plans - also tasked with lowering the average intelligence level of security forces present - general bullying of the public)

14. Portsmouth Department of Public Works (To build siege walls and trebuchets around the bus - construction ceased after last citizen left the bus. Also tasked with destruction of siege walls and removal of trebuchets after last passenger leaves bus.)

15. Rockingham County Sheriffs Department (Maintain their oath to stop citizens rights from being trampled upon by the Federal Government or anyone else - join Oathkeepers please)

16. United States Attorneys Office ( get in on the court case money if any trumped up charges result)

17. City of Portsmouth and State of New Hampshire activated Emergency Operations Center (keep all the above from shooting each other)

18. The Governor ( to call Homeland Security for more Federal funds - cycle continues)


The War on Terror/Horror can be easily won by the" terrorists/horrorists" - just keep making prank phone calls till the whole rotten structure falls in on itself.

UPDATE MAY 7, 2010 Read entire article Times Square evacuated over suspicious package

" New York police have evacuated three blocks in the heart of Times Square as they investigate a suspicious package, a department spokeswoman said Friday."
UPDATE MAY 7, 2010 Protect and serve - SWAT teams on insane rampage

UPDATE MAY 11, 2010
Misplaced Burrito Triggers SF Bomb Squad Response

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  1. From the article:
    " A tense standoff with a passenger aboard a Boston-bound Greyhound bus ended peacefully last night"

    That is a peaceful ending? Tasering a citizen?

    Well now that is how far we've come. Somebody always has to get shot or tasered -

    Violence begets violence - or doesn't it?


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