Video: Pyramids in Bosnia?

Picture: Bosnian Pyramid buried under thousands of years of cover? Here's their website - fascinating reading...

Perhaps you will find this video as fascinating as did I. As usual there is the establishment opposition to new discoveries - I wonder why that is the case? Is it vested interests? Is it selfishness? Is it "just business? "

One would think it a simple matter to focus everyone's energy on getting to the bottom of the mystery - not wasting energy on arguing about whether or not there is a mystery or not at hand.

This pattern of opposition to new information that challenges our BELIEFS is paralleled in many subject areas that confront us today - whether it be the Truth movement, secret societies, NWO, banking, chemtrails, mind control and the rest of it.

It seems to me we need to steer our culture toward becoming one that lauds the inquisitive and treats those afraid of the exploration of new ideas as pariahs. This cultural change would help us to usher in the new age of enlightenment that seems so near but just out of our present reach. Children must be taught that the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked - perhaps adults of the future would not share some of our existing burdens of ignorance that result from the stifling of ideas.

As a slightly imperfect person myself, it has, at times, been a struggle to face the truth about that which I'd been so sure I knew in the past. Sometimes the new knowledge is so hard to face - I have to take it in a little bit at a time - sometimes over a period of time - sometimes requiring exploration in many other directions first. But I cannot NOT keep looking for the answers - and cannot NOT face the truth - whatever it turns out to be - however much I like it or not.

...some more videos

Although not related to the above Bosnian Pyramids - this is worth watching as it gives an overall view of a possible "bigger picture"

1. The guy in Egypt seems to stand in the way of progress
2. 10,500 BC is magic number shared by many sites that don't at first seem related. The monuments seem to point to constellations that match their construction:
3. A "we don't have all the answers" approach honors the subject by serving as a reminder of the mystery surrounding the monuments.

...and a video from the BBC on Pyramids found at Caral, Peru:

1. I don't like this video as much as previous ones - some "experts" interviewed seem too positive in their conclusions. They seem to claim to know more than I think they are capable of concluding - as compared to a "we don't have the answers" approach taken above.

2. Perhaps I'm mistaken - but following the logic of their theory that war/conflict is magic force behind civilization - one might be led to conclude that "war is good" and "good things come out of war" and "war brings progress." I don't begrudge them their ideas - but wasn't it a soldier that killed Archimedes? Wasn't it soldiers that burned the Library of Alexandria? Wasn't it the American war machine that paved a parking lot over Nebuchadnezzar's palace wiping out the cultural heritage of Iraq? Wasn't it an Army that destroyed the historical Monte Cassino?

NOTE: Mayans, Money, Mayhem - an old post you may enjoy - the Google video linked called Mayan Calender comes North is highly recommended

ALSO: Here's an old post about the Georgia Guidestones - ominous and somehow I don't likee


  1. History Channel did a marathon about ancient alien astronauts, 22 May 2010. I'm split between having hope that alien races are returning to free mankind, or that alien races are here and running the current events that so many of us members of the human race are having a hard time accepting as normal. Let the world enjoy peace and a bountiful harvest.

  2. no, it was all africans and native americans. it wasn't aliens. give respect where respect is due

  3. It could be easily explained , Europeans should not get to excited if the growing earth theory is true you can see that Bosnia was once connected to Egypt and Libya so therefore there must of been a much larger empire when all the land masses were connected..

  4. They have been digging there many times and only found a natural mountain. This is a silly story that pops up every ten years or so. The guy who is promiting it is trying to start a New Age tourist business in the poor region.

  5. Burn the "heretics"!!!!

  6. I think your right...Europe the word itself is apparently an African word...so I guess from a geographical perspective history is a shared concept rather than a current social construct that purports race as belonging to a certain genetic sequense...The point is that haplogroups themselves are all African genotypes...enabling microsateliting of various types of African Geno-types; those we call Caucasian, Asian etc...But using "Europe" a social construct to define borders, race etc...are products a rockefeller controlled paradigm that has fostered racism through its many institutions including archeology (now biology)

  7. Your Georgia Guidestones link shows a map with a line that runs through the Gulf of Mexico, which looks to be very nearly in the vicinity of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The Wikipedia site for that disaster (aka the Macondo Prospect blowout) gives the coordinates as 28°44′12″N 88°23′14″W / 28.73667°N 88.38716°W. On a sidenote, clicking on the globe icon next to them in the sidebar brings up a map with the name of another offshore oil platform nearby called Amberjack, which is also the name of a US sub mentioned in accounts of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty. The Wikipedia site for the word Macondo says that it is a fictional town associated with magical realism. Excerpt: "many Latin Americans would portray the everyday illogical or absurd news and situations they or their respective countries face as more aptly belonging to Macondo." The mythical town is described in a novel, "One Hundred Years of Solitude", by Nobel Prize winning author Gabriel García Márquez. The model for it is thought to be the town of his birthplace, Aracataca (ref: Wikipedia).

  8. First their is a mountian then their is no mountain then there is...

  9. Hi Friends,
    I must share the truth with you, cuz its no use holding on to it after doing research for 15 years. This is it. There is no aliens..The elite ruling us, have great plans of war, disease and destruction for us. they worhip their demons in pyramids believe it or not. they await their antichrist.that is their religiona and philosophy. kabala is their main philopsophy and satanic doctrine.

  10. The idea is to get to the truth. That's all.


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