Sen. Arlen Specter loses Pennsylvania primary; Rand Paul wins in Kentucky

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" On a busy primary election night that put the political establishments of both parties on the defensive, Specter fell to two-term Rep. Joe Sestak. Elected five times to the Senate as a Republican, Specter had the support of President Obama and the political leadership of his state, but he ran into rank-and-file resistance inside his new party and became the third member of Congress to lose his own party's support in the past two weeks."
Note: Had the support of Obama? Why? My congrats to the citizens of PA for kicking this guy out of my government. I never heard somebody say more and do less for the people than Arlen Specter - starting with his brilliant theory of one pristine bullet shooting two people, leaving lead in a wrist - yet not losing any lead.

But wait - they can't bring Santorum back can they? Egads!

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