Sic semper tyrannis: Is the Use of Violence ever justifiable when our rights are threatened by tyrants?

Sic semper tyrannis is a Latin phrase meaning "thus always to tyrants"

"Virtus, the genius of the commonwealth, dressed like an Amazon, resting on a spear with one hand, and holding a sword in other, and treading on tyranny, represented by a man prostrate, a crown fallen from his head, a broken chain in his left hand and a scourge in his right. In the exergon the word Virginia over the head of Virtus, and underneath the words "Sic Semper Tyrannis."

Swords and Spears are symbols of violence. I refuse to believe that the tyrant depicted on the flag slipped on a banana peel.

Is the Flag of Virginia a symbol of so-called terrorism? What is terrorism? What is tyranny? Have American values become so inverted and contorted that our own sacred symbols stand in defiance of the U.S. Federal Government?

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  1. "Is the Use of Violence ever justifiable when our rights are threatened by tyrants?"

    Is this my opinions you are asking for? This is what I think.

    Let me tell you ALL -something. No government EVER coerced from ANYONE the right to inflict violence whenever violence seemed the appropriate response.

    So, you have to learn to think for yourself!

    And as a human being, you have the right to slay whomever you wish. The legal question has never been whether -you did this-. The question is not whether you killed these people.

    The legal question has always been -whether or not- the circumstances justified doing so.

    The circumstances justify doing it.

    There are some moral constraints, but these have very little importance here when we consider it was OUR OWN GOVERNMENT that did 9-11. Anyone with half-a-brain has figured out our government did 9-11.

    Neither do these moral constraints have any effect upon such a justification -when it is our own government printing up trillions of dollars for the villainous and rapacious banks, -effectively stealing from each of us -and diminishing the value of OUR INDIVIDUAL WEALTH.

    Neither do these moral constraints offer any effective personal reason for restraint -when it is our own government that has passed a "law" requiring individuals to give their wealth to what are essentially criminal-enterprises that call themselves -insurance companies-, -for "health care" insurances -and to collectively support immoral "medical" practices -as immoral and unethical as anything ever written about in the Bible.

    People shoot abortion doctors, but as far as I am concerned a lot more than just abortion doctors need to be reined-in.

    This mandated medical insurance is nothing less than a clever -but rank- theft and an abomination of our free will to choose whether-or-not to support and condone what the sickeningly immoral medical industry has become. AND I DO NOT SUPPORT IT.

    I am 60 years old -and I have not seen a doctor in 25 years. As a moral choice and swore off medicine entirely more than 20 years ago. I will never again see a doctor for any reason.

    "Is the Use of Violence ever justifiable when our rights are threatened by tyrants?"


    And if there is anyone in the citizenry, our myriad militias, or in the armed services of this country -anyone- that has an ounce of courage and patriotism left in their body, they should be doing some very serious thinking.

    Because the time will come -when your own life is going to be put on the line -either defending the tyranny, -or- liberating the people from the ongoing attacks against our liberty.

    The choice is clear. Enough is enough.

    Barry Soetoro is not the President of the United States. He is a liar, a fraud, a cheat and a hood from Chicago.

    Barry Soetoro is not even an American.

    He is Kenyan. There is a lot wrong with our country, and right now, Barry Soetoro is at the heart of the mess.

    Ridding the country of this impostor is only a start. Everyone in Congress knows exactly who really did 9-11. Don't fool yourself.

    It takes a lot to stir the American people to violence.

    But a lot has happened.

  2. Well Don, maybe we can start with you since you haven't purchased a copy of my collage yet.

  3. So Don - Barack Hussein Obama - or Barry Soetoro as you refer to him, has supplied a piece of paper "proving" his citizenship - while the military cannot face officers refusing military service in court - my question is - what the hell is another "goddam sheet of paper" going to prove regarding our salesman-in-chief?

    No paper will satisfy anyone will it? I'm only asking a question since I don't know anything about birth certificates or certificates of live birth - except that it is my responsibility to produce one when I want something. I know I've needed my birth certificate for something - might have been passport.

    But the prez produced a certificate of live birth. What is the prob?

  4. Jack Rabbit, you asked a question, and the guy wrote in. What is the problem? Are you going to attack every one now because they stated their view?

    As to the birth certifite, of Barry Soetoro, that is his real name, perhaps you should do a little research on what a real birth certificate is.

    There are discrepancies on Soetoro's b/c, one being that title, "Certificate of Live Birth"- that's a give away. We're not asking whether Soetoro was "live born"that's obvious, but for a certicate indicating WHERE he was born.

  5. I asked for comments to educate me as to what an acceptable form of identification for the POTUS is - if a certificate of live birth doesn't fit the ticket.

    As for attacking people - I've taken enough shit so yeah - maybe you'll be next if you don't have some information to contribute.

    As for Don, I'm waiting for the cheap bastard to buy my collage - until then he will be continuously attacked over and over again until the cobwebs come out of his unused wallet.

    So - you are telling me another sheet of paper will convince you whereas the first sheet of paper will not? Anything can be forged - what's the diff?

    I get to ask questions too

  6. A certificate of live birth is not the same legally as a birth certificate. A live certificate of birth(similar to a delayed certificate of birth) can be applied for years after the event in another jurisdiction. In fact about 99% of the time that is how they are issued. My Grand Aunt was born in a sod hut on the plains in the late 1890's,without a doctor and only family present. Years later when she went to college they wanted a birth certificate or a live certificate of birth. So she went to the county courthouse and got a live certificate of birth,years after her birth and a couple of hundred miles away from where she was born.
    It is practically a dead giveaway that Obama was granted a live cerificate of birth at the supposed time and place of his alleged birth. There was no reason not to issue a birth certificate if he was really born in Hawaii.

  7. Barry Soetoro has proved he is not a natural born American -by his very failure to provide a hospital birth certificate.

    Such a certificate, if it existed, would show prints of his baby-feet, the name of the delivery-doctor, the hospital name, the time of birth, the birth mother and father -etc.

    A forgery of same would be dangerous, -as no doubt, every hospital in Hawaii has several administrators and clerical people who have already searched their record databases for the doubtful birth certificate.

    That Barry Santoro WAS NOT born at any given Hawaiian hospital could be easily searched and thus later proved by affidavit -regardless any forgery now, because these records would be filed by an easily searchable birth -date-.

    So -such a forgery would be complicated and nearly impossible to do, while assuring that no one would come along later and say, -this is a fraudulent record, a fake -because it did not exist when "I personally looked for it."

    THIS is why there is no birth certificate.

    Arizona just passed a law requiring a birth certificate in order for this lying schmuck to be put on any future ballot.

    Expect to see other states pass similar election requirements.

    This guy is done. Even the lying sack-of-shit economists in his "Administration" are now jumping ship. The policies of stimulus have created only a greater economic problem.

    I am currently reading Herbert Spencer's "Principles of Ethics" (in two volumes) published late in the 19th Century.

    In a chapter in the first volume Spencer discusses truth-telling, something which is a variable ethic, -culture-to-culture.

    According to Spencer, -in some cultures a man would be looked on disfavorably, -just as if he were a fool-, if he told the truth with no profitable reason behind his truth-telling.

    This is so true, states Spencer, that a man builds his public reputation based on the lies he successfully has been able to tell.

    That is Barry Soetoro, the liar, and how he ethically -views his own lies. This man was born into a culture of liars. It's natural for him.

    There is an excellent article at the following link concerning who Barry Soetoro really is-


    You can also note in a picture at the article link -the color of Barry Soetoro's skin before he became involved in peddling heroin and a serious heroin addict.

    Barack Hussein Obama is myth created for the consumption of voting Americans in 2008.

    He is no one's President.

    Barack Hussein Obama is the man who never really was.

  8. WOLF
    The Fearsome Second Amendment:
    People's Rights vs. Tyrants' Ambitions
    Now just read these words. You will recognize the document (I hope) as the Declaration of Independence, and then we will look at the Second Amendment to the Constitution. But first, consider these statements:

    "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. -- That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government...."

    Institute new government? Isn't that what the American Revolution did? It tossed off the yoke of King George III and formed a new nation based on a radical concept ... that government exists solely with the consent of the governed.

    The founding fathers were well aware of the nature of tyrants to take over and make slaves of the sheeple, and realized that man's tendency to follow one or more deceivers back into slavery would ever be a present danger to the constitutional republic that they had established. Thus, the Bill of Rights, the statement of what government may not do, places freedom of religion, speech and the press first, along with the right of peaceable assembly, and then proceeds to the second matter of importance to the people's power to retain their freedom:

  9. We do in fact have the right to abolish this government, for it no longer serves 'We The People', and per the wording of the U.S. Constitution, it has become 'DESTRUCTIVE' and hence, the absolute necessity to abolish it has arisen to the point of crystal clear acuity.

    Having said that, the new Barry Soetero has issued orders to put troops in the streets of the U.S., in October, and this was written up in Army Times. The 80,000 strong force, called 'consequence resolution force' (sounds like the guys you call when your toilet is overflowing with shit, perhaps!) would probably be slaughtered within the first 72 hours of the first American citizen dying in the street after having been shot to death by one of these 'consequence resolvers' in U.S. uniform.

    We've got a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS on our hands, it's been here since the emergency power E.O. written on Sept. 14th., 2001, which was recently re-authorized (MARTIAL LAW) by Barry Soetero, earlier this year. The tyrannical, out of control, quite unwilling to be 'unplugged' for extreme corruption and subrogation of the law of the land, that being, the U.S. Constitution, apparently is unwilling to abdicate the throne. If anything, it is woefully clear that they are waging war upon those of us who dare question their ability to dictate to us which of our RIGHTS we can keep, and which one's they can arbitrarily take away by one more Barry Soetero executive order.

    So, yes, we have the right to use force. But we must, just like on Concord Bridge, be ready to do that only when it is crystal clear that we have no other choice but to 'abolish' this government by any and all means necessary, for it has demonstrably shown it has no qualms whatsoever about murdering U.S. Citizens, as it did on Sept. 11, 2001.

    We must be ready to do battle with the very people who pinned that tail on the wrong donkey who in fact was drawing a paycheck from the CIA on Sept. 10th., 2001.

  10. The filthy BARRY SOETORO-propagandist-swine over at NPR -are running a story today about the Kent State massacre -the shooting of unarmed students -by a mindless Army National Guard Unit- during a pacifist anti-war protest in 1970.

    "Shots Still Reverberate For Survivors Of Kent State" by Noah Adams NPR -May 3, 2010


    Barry Soetoro is brandishing the story of the massacre of these patriotic martyrs -like an M-16 in YOUR face 40 years later -in an effort to intimidate patriotic Americans, -real Americans- who are right now preparing to restore common sense and civility of our country.

    Real bravery is required. Real bravery is building.

    This phony -BARRY SOETORO- is a fraud, -a phony. He cannot lead the real government of this country. That is simply impossible.

    And 9-11 is not forgivable. We know who did 9-11, and who has since declared war on the world in our name.


    A red-hot civil-unrest shooting war is likely going to break out soon enough. Be ready. Any suspension of your civil liberties should be your queue to shoulder arms in defense of the nation.

    When the war breaks out, do not be intimidated by the phony president behind the curtain pulling the levers. Call your relatives in the military and find out what side they are on.

    9-11 is not forgivable. We know who did 9-11, and who has since declared war on the world in our name.

    The man behind the curtain -TODAY- is Barry Soetoro. Fuck him. He is a fraud. He is a lying Kenyan who has managed to worm a covert relationship with the CIA.

    The CIA helped Soetoro fraudulently get into the White House in a phony campaign that was illegitimate and 100% fraudulent, -bought and paid for by the enemies of the nation.

    That's not how our system of government is supposed to work, NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    Barry Soetoro cannot legally hold the office of President of the United States, regardless having been sworn in -TWICE- by the idiot -Chief Justice Roberts- -who couldn't remember the words of the oath of office.

    That's just a joke -of an excuse. Those two -don't make anything legal.




    "Justices Angry Over Closing Court’s Doors"
    May 3, 2010 | by: Lee Ross


    "Over the objections of two justices, the Supreme Court announced Monday that due to security concerns the front doors of the courthouse will no longer be open to people wishing to enter the building."

    God-damned right they'd better be afraid with so many crooked judges, prosecutors, lawyers, Congressmen, lobbyists and LAWS!

    "Health care Reform" - "Finance Reform" - "Troubled Asset Relief Program" - These "LAWS" are nothing but lying, thieving, fascism.

    This simple physical barrier of a locked door represents no problem though. When the time comes and the guillotines are set-up on the front porch of the building, -the doors will be pried-open, -or- blown off their f---ing hinges.

    You can run, -you can hide, -you can obfuscate, and -you can bullshit your way to pontification, -but when your number is up, -all bets are off.

    Chief Justice, my ass... God f--- yourself John Roberts. You are not MY Chief Justice.


  12. I just read that article - seems to be part of a long pattern. I'd read somewhere that Thomas Jefferson left the doors to the White House open so people could come in. JR

  13. All this is merely evidence of the breakdown of some absurd philosophical ideas hatched in the Stone-Age of the Enlightenment by men who were crude barbarians.

    CATEGORICALLY -there should be no oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. They are going to fail, -be sabotaged, -or sunk by our own government in an effort to make themselves look re-electable.

    That is simply A GIVEN -given our human nature.

    Some moth----cker will do it. That does not excuse anyone -for overlooking the obvious.

    The obvious is, we would end up exactly where we are today, with oil spewing rapidly into the Gulf of Mexico -regardless any amount of scientific planning.

    It's just like these fu---rs in the Supreme Court.

    They are the clearest evidence of the failure of our Enlightenment-designed judicial system. The corruption has gotten in the front door, and set up shop, those nine mothe----kers.

    Human nature predicted this would happen, and no one is excused for wishing it wouldn't.

    It's like the banking system, Wall Street, the educational system, every stinking medical facility and practitioner -and every other scientific venture ever embarked upon.

    It is all grinding to a feeble and decaying halt.

    Learn from all these examples, -and- DO NOT try and make repairs -and- DO NOT try to replace these completely failed feeble ideas -with your own feeble scientific ideas.

    The unerring entropy of the infinite complexity of reality -should be obvious to all but those few religious zealots who still call themselves "scientists".

    Those petro-chemical scientists in the Gulf right now should be hunted down like rabid dogs and shot-dead for their obvious crimes against humanity.

    If enough of every kind of these bogus wizards are shot-dead, they will sooner or later understand -their era is OVER-.

    That's the sensible choice.

    There will remain though -some scientists who still will be begging for another chance to prove their laughable and yet hideous genius.

    Put THEIR heads on pikes -as an example of their fucking genius for future generations.

    This is the only way humanity can survive its current empirical trap. Scuttle the ship.

    Sink it to the bottom of the ocean of history.

  14. HOW about an explanation of the word "categorically" that would help a lot

  15. A Categorical Truth is absolute truth.

    Categorical Knowledge -then- is only that truth, which by definition, is true in every instance -without exception.

    No two categorical truths can conflict.

    An example of a categorical truth is The Moral Imperative of Life.

    -The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.-

    This moral statement is true without any exception. It is the wellspring of everything that is moral.

    The Moral Imperative of Life is also the foundation of ALL Categorical Knowledge.

    Life is party. Just don't mess it up for those coming to the party -after we leave-.

  16. One way to still do this peacefully - if it is still possible - that is - take back control of our own government would require that our media actually functioned.

    I strongly believe that if our media were not so corrupt and stacked with operatives many of the problems killing this country would be fixed quickly - possibly peacefully.

    So the on-air liars have to be held accountable for their complicity in the cover-ups going on at this very moment. 911 is a good example. The vaccine scandals are another example. Waxman putting in legislation on control of supplements is another example - since the implications are that people will not be able to take vitamin D - making them vulnerable to diseases resulting from deficiency thereof.

    The media puppets are our biggest problem as they are at the vanguard of the fake-reality bubble created by Americas enemies. Their stranglehold on the airwaves is a stranglehold on the minds of almost everyone in this country.

  17. All culture -our understanding of it -and anywhere -within it-, as your thoughts clearly represent; ALL CULTURAL PHENOMENA are merely an intertwined-delusional-fantasy.

    That may sound to declaratory, too simple, but it is true.

    Our individual realities (and this is ALL there are for conscious realities anyone can be aware of, is -individual realities-); OUR INDIVIDUAL REALITIES are delusional, -and- self-sustaining of our individual delusions concerning our mastery -or- any potential mastery of an otherwise infinitely complex reality.

    It just doesn't follow we can master anything that is infinitely complex. It does follow that we can entertain endless delusional fantasies about such a fantasy of god-like competence.

    No such mastery is possible however. We are not gods.

    Our words -REALLY- make little more sense of the reality -that is- -and that defines the limits of our existence; OUR WORDS have not much more relationship to THAT REAL REALITY, -the thing in itself- than do the chirpings of various songbirds in the trees, or the howlings of whales in the oceans.

    Example: We are right now reading and hearing endless -such- tripe about how -if just this- or -just that- were done (conveniently thought-up in retrospect) then the Gulf-oil-disaster would not be taking place.


    Offshore oil rigs are a disaster waiting to happen, and the unerring entropy of the infinite complexity of reality ensure they will be the disaster we are seeing today. There is simply no avoiding this disaster except by ending offshore oil-drilling.

    Offshore oil rigs are simply categorically immoral.

    Anyone who says they can do it right, is a liar.

    Offshore oil rigs CANNOT be done right.

    Reality is simply that complex. Something is guaranteed to go wrong at some point, and the disaster in the Gulf we are seeing today SHOULD BE OBLIGATORY FOREGONE CONCLUSION.

    That is how Categorical Knowledge works.

    Categorically seek what is true, -and will always be true -regardless any given set of circumstances that might arise.

    Similarly- and you can rummage through your own thoughts on this, I have conjectured that it is categorically true that all bureaucracies are categorically immoral.

    Bureaucracies are nearly immortal. Men are inherently corrupt. Generation after generation of men make up bureaucracies. Bureaucracies therefore will always be inherently corrupt, as men are corrupt.

    Because bureaucracies are nearly immortal, they will ALWAYS then -end up immoral oppressors of humanity -like modern-day Greek gods.

    Bureaucracies are categorically immoral.

    It is bureaucracies that have allowed the Gulf oil disaster. A bureaucracy issued the permit, performed the studies, and rationalized that the infinite complexity of reality can be managed.

    Again, BULL FUCKING SHIT it can.

    Just because some oppressive bureaucracy said something is true, doesn't make anything categorically true.


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