Stupid Eric Holder: Miranda Rights Should Be Modified For Terrorism Suspects

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"" Holder told host Jake Tapper. "I think we also want to look and determine whether we have the necessary flexibility -- whether we have a system that deals with situations that agents now confront. ... We're now dealing with international terrorism. ... I think we have to give serious consideration to at least modifying that public-safety exception [to the Miranda protections]. And that's one of the things that I think we're going to be reaching out to Congress, to come up with a proposal that is both constitutional, but that is also relevant to our times and the threats that we now face.""
Note: Good. And I hope he gets his way, because as a commenter to this blog pointed out - all we have to do is get someone in power to call for this complete idiot and coward, and torture-ignorer - Eric Holder to be identified as a terrorist - and we can have him tortured and locked up for the rest of his life - legally - and no one will be the wiser.

Great idea stupid.

UPDATE MAY 15, 2010 Proposal Would Delay Hearings in Terror Cases
NOTE: I'm still trying to distinguish between a "horror" case and a "terror" case.


  1. Eric Holder, just like his boss, is yet one more TOKEN NEGRO who has risen to his level of incompetency and absolute power has corrupted his tiny pea brain just like it has his feckless murderous boss, Barry Soetoro.

    I don't like to use the 'N' word, but these two fuckers are the epitome of that word, in all respects. I use it for white trailer trash too, not in a racist way, but in the same way I used it when the military suddenly, without warning, promoted african american's and hispanics one year just because they couldn't pass the test on their own merits...so Uncle Sugar gave them their next stripe 'gratis' to level the playing field. But did he?

    that's how assholes like Barry Soetoro (B.S.) and his jerkwad partner in crime, Eric Holder, get to the level they get to. Not out of being academically 'excellent' or by being 'scholars' as they lied that this turd Obama was, but by being a NEGRO, a BLACK MAN, and AFRICAN AMERICAN.

    I tell you what.. and it's for damned sure here, that any white fucker pulled this shit like these two TOKEN NEGRO'S have been, and they'd been arrested and had the key thrown away a long, long time ago.

    Racism plays a part in America, because when an unqualified, rather lackluster idiot of color, in this case, TWO OF THEM, rise to their levels of UTTER INCOMPETENCY, everyone suffers for that. Not just the general population, but their own race, as well. Look at all the hatred being funneled at totally and wholly innocent of any crime or wrongdoing, african american people, because of these two ASSHOLES who are turning this torture gulag into a goddamned dictatorship faster than the Bush bastard could with his fetal alcohol syndrome ears and his beady, smikry chimp face.

    Too bad Eric Holder and Barry Soetoro put the finishing touches on the sham of what was left of democracy in the U.S. as we knew it, and destroyed the nation because stupid white people and african american's alike believed in the fake moniker; "CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN" from these assholes.

    How pathetic and sad. Throw in that other useless white asshole, Robert Mueller in with these other two incompetent african american TOKENS, though he's white, we're going to give him honoroary 'N' status here for being a lying pile of trailer trash shit.

  2. One thing for sure - UNPOPULAR speech is the name of the game here.

    Keep it coming. B.S., Holder, and Mueller are setting the example for all of their underlings in the government. That means they are twice as bad. Once for not doing THEIR OWN job, and twice for setting an example of cowardice and betrayal of the Constitution.

    Maybe three times as bad - because there are people who don't know better that they are supposed to be standing up for, or looking out for, or "protecting" - but they - too - are betrayed - sold out.

    Why? Are these public officials afraid? What are they afraid of? Are they all intent on the destruction of the United States or don't they understand what a United States is? What do they teach their kids? What do they have in store for others' kids?

  3. I don't think it is a good idea to attack these clowns with any racial-sounding slurs because it is ineffective and alienates too many people. People who still have a sense of reason know these guys are liars and sellouts - so why not bring them all together in understanding that?

    The "N" word is divisive - and the lefty press is using racism as the central core of their propaganda campaign to keep the liar in chief in the white house. Any word used that will feed into that propaganda campaign - which is indeed - complete bullshit - will give points to the other side.

    Although these shows are a waste of time - you will notice the democrat party mouthpieces Hartmann, Rhodes, Steph Miller, Bill Press - the rest of them share the common theme that RACISM is at the heart of anyone or anything that opposes them - and this plays well in the media - the sheep fall for it every time.

    But feel free to express yourself any way you wish - that's my theory - and if you pay close attention that theme will be ramped up as election time nears so they can grap the Mexican vote too - by painting anyone who understands that a country has to have laws - as racist.

    If they didn't have racism to use as a crutch - well then - they'd have to actually keep the lies/promises they made when they ran for office.

  4. The point isn't about inciting a race issue, it's about calling a spade a spade, and no pun intended there. When you have jackasses like Hartmann, a zionist jewish whore for Israel, and the other piles of shit that are allegedly 'progressives' inclusive of Mike D. Malloy citing all of us who can't stand this lying pile of shit named Barry Soetoro any further than we can tolerate another Adolph Hitler, as 'racists' for using the 'N' word, that's just one more nail in the nation's coffin. Racial horse hockey got this country into this mess in one fashion or another...strictly by pushing racial quota's and things that get incompetent jerks like George W. Bush rubber stamped thru his alleged brush with academia, and dorks like these token's here, who no doubt got promoted time after time when they clearly had no business operating a garden hoe, let alone a nation. And to be honest, 'inbreeding' that causes this crap is much more prevalent in the white south than it is in the african american community, and that's how you get a bunch of ignorant white people believing in a 'hereafter' and 'rewards after living a cowed down subservient, miserable life on earth', too.

    I just saw way too much of this watermellon university shit being pushed all thru my career, inclusive of not being hired for jobs because I wasn't the right race (not hispanic, black, puerto rican or asian) and yep, not 'female' either, or 'not handicapped' in a visible way with either a peg leg or missing limb of some sort, or blown out eyeball. Had I been negro, asian, female, with a peg leg, I would have made it to C.E.O. of these jerk off companies in record haste. But I digress.

    Screw Steph Miller, Rachel Madcow, and Mike Malloy, and Thom Hartmann for their assertions. They're the same assholes who talk about the 2nd amendment being 'optional' or 'not an issue or a right' in America, when the founding fathers intended it that to be our last line of defense against governmental tyranny. These so called progressives make my stomach turn.

    But this is not 'racism' for using the 'token negro' terminology, or the 'n' word, because I used it to illustrate a point. The point being, that this nation has tried to over-compensate for past transgressions to the degree that it has racially segregated us into two classes of people; "colored" persons who are not caucasian, and the 'white' person who has a significant disadvantage when it comes to being accepted in a college, university, or a job, strictly because we are, in fact, both professionally qualified, and we are unfortunately, WHITE.

    They can't pull the racism card on me, Jackrabbit, but they can pull it on the beneficiaries of these racial quota's and forms of discrimination against all of us who didn't get the job or the promotion or the seat in a school because someone with a racial diversity label who was not qualified, got that job, promotion, or seat in college over us.

    when tokenism destroys a country because it renders people 'blind' to fascism and dictatorship, I have a significant problem trying to pussyfoot around it. Call a spade a spade, if you will, no racial pun intended, and don't try to ignore what has in fact caused these unqualified assholes Holder and Soetoro their jobs. Their skin color. Not their academic qualifications or their brilliance.

  5. What an idiot.
    Ha! Yeah lets just give up what took 700 years to establish because the circus clown says so.
    Go after the mafia bankers, or the plethora of gangs in the US...oh yeah..duh they're part of your narcotics/weapons running operation.

  6. Just one more step in making American Citizenship meaningless.

  7. Just a thought, but how would this effect those who have duel citizianship with one of our "allies"?
    Would the efforts of Senator Lieberman to retract the citizenship of those who "associate with the WRONG people" also effect these same individuals??

  8. As usual excellent discussions. I especially appreciate when commenters take the time, as above, to explain their positions - because we can get closer to the heart of the matter - and closer to fixing the problem.

    I am always amazed at the real gold that lies below the surface of what appear to be off-hand remarks - but when probed hold much more meaning.

    I have no problem with bluntness - in fact it is lacking in our society - and I sometimes take things the wrong way - so your explanations are helpful in my own American Journey as I search for the truth and the answers along with everyone else. Without readers and participants in these discussions - my efforts at raising issues would be a complete waste.

    As far as racial stuff - I think everybody is too sensitive about this stuff. If you look at the intermarriage and mixed couples of all sorts - the fact is that racism really doesn't exist very much at the individual level - it exists at the political level - and is whipped up by people like Hartmann et al when they need to use people's emotions to misrepresent their opponents for an upcoming election. I try to steer away from it - maybe a sign of cowardice - maybe a sign of fatigue - because my words have been taken out of context - or misunderstood in discussions.

    Anyway - I'm learning a lot so thanks all for participating.

  9. Jackrabbit, I agree with all you have said. One thing I wanted to make clear, is that when a political agenda gets pushed by 'vulcanizing' a candidate or office holder because they are 'african american' and not caucasian, something is wrong here. The 'alleged' LEFT WING of the mythological DEMS, who are about as LEFT wing as Ronald Reagan, by the way, start to criticize those of us in society for decrying INCOMPETENCY and HUBRIS in an 'african american' or 'two' or more, then you have to also see that Barry Soetoro had not a snowball's chance in hell of being 'selected' by the DNC and the DCCC as the 'shoe in' for the last sham we called an election in the end of 2007. We got 'hoodwinked' because nobody dare question the authenticity or the qualifications of a BLACK MAN, certainly not Barry, the well touted CONSTITUTIONAL SCHOLAR that he allegedly was but never was.

    One has to ask themselves whether the further destruction of the U.S. Constitution could be done under predominantly caucasian leadership without a lot of uproar as there was when Bush's criminal thugs and mass murderers and war profiteers began to flush the U.S. down the toilet?? I think that in order to totally sell the nation out to Israel and the zionist bankers Rothschilds, the powers that be had to have a highly VULCANIZED black candidate and give him an equally inpenetrable A.G. who presided over the whitewashing of the WACO massacre by the F.B.I. and DoJ. If a white guy would have done that, say, John Ashcroft, who did enough damage with his dominionist assholean approach to civil liberties, can you imagine how fast the hearings would have started towards tossing him out.

    With Soetoro and Holder, and untold other above their heads in their levels of incompetency due to being shoe horned into the positions and then hence, automatically ABOVE REPROACH due to their skin color, it's far easier to destroy what's left of the country because any dissent gets phase shifted into this fake rascism shit by shills like Hartmann and his fake progressive friends Maddow and Miller and Malloy. They all want to sell the; If you don't like this, you're a RACIST" gig because once you pull that out, the discourse suddenly ends for fear of evoking this racial angst in us all.

    Fuck the racial angst. Vulcanizing a political party using a race card is the ONLY way the DINOCRATS could ever have beaten a turd like McCain in the first place. And it won't end with this administration, either. It's now fashionable to push racially vulcanized and untouchable candidates into office strictly because YOU DON'T DARE NOT LIKE THEM, because THEY'RE BLACK.

    in Soetoro's case, only his skin is black. His policies are very Rothschillian and Goldman Sach'sian. He's so white he's almost a Bush clone.

  10. Here is an old blog post showing the problems with Eric (coward) Holder and Obama - if they haven't deleted the videos again - check it out - I think we are on the same page:



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