Don't wait for America: Send another flotilla- This time escorted

The world is ready to face Israel. The world is awakened and angry. The world cannot wait for America. It will take the world outside of America to help awaken Americans to their governments one-sided stance on Middle Eastern affairs. This time others must do what American politicians are too weak to do - send more ships to Gaza - this time escorted.

Consider above picture and this article:

" Mehmet Kara, the deputy head of Humanitarian Aid Association, or İHH, which has members on the attacked ship, spoke to the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review as the group gathered in the Mecidiyeköy neighborhood and marched toward Taksim Square. “This is the end of Israel. After today, Israel can hardly explain what it did. I believe that after last night’s attack, all the people Israel killed and all property it seized would turn against [it.]” Kara’s statements were mirrored with less diplomatic words by several of the protestors. Kara also confirmed the rumors that İHH volunteer doctors were the first to assist the wounded Israeli soldiers."

Somehow we all knew this was coming. You would think the Israelis would try peace for a change - but ceaseless violence has finally struck a a resonant chord in-tune and on-beat with those who have been watching for Israel's behavior towards the Gaza aid flotilla. Although all the facts are not yet in - the body count rises: some reports claim as high as 19. What else is new when Israel gets involved?

The American media will do their best to play it down, but this time having a stranglehold on the Amerikan media may not be enough to prevent "blowback." It takes more than an iron grip on just one nation's (U.S.) media to prevent word from getting out that "shoot first ask questions later" is the norm for Israel.

Yes even Israel can suffer blowback - a phenomenon that can only occur after those who didn't want things to get this far finally wake up to the reality that things really have come this far.

Netanyahu cancelled his upcoming white house meeting with Obama - this might be a good thing as it will be harder to push Obama around via remote control from Israel.

" An Israeli official added to AFP on condition of anonymity: "He will not go to Washington."

Netanyahu had been expected to fly on to Washington for White House talks with US President Barack Obama amid a spat in relations between the close allies.

Will this latest "spat" be the event around which the world will rally to reign in the rogue state of Israel? Will this event focus enough world attention long enough to make the Israelis talk peace?

Maybe. But they'll have to be forced to. This means leadership -without any reliance, or hope for assistance from the United States.

Although the American political scene is changing rapidly away from a pro-Israel-no -matter-what sentiment, the political situation in America is controlled by AIPAC. If you think I'm kidding take a look at THIS LIST OF US POLITICIANS TAKING AIPAC MONEY.

So even if the politicians in America WANTED to do something they can't because they will not get their campaign check from Israel - so this means they'd have to risk their office in order to take a stand to do what is RIGHT for AMERICA and not for Israel.

Additionally AIPAC operatives seem in control of America's intelligence services. Don't believe me? Watch this:

But with extra-American leadership it is possible that the American political scene can be altered faster toward one favoring justice for all. That means this time it's up to the rest of the world to do something. This story from Haaretz informs us that the weak UN security council is calling a meeting to hold hands and figure out how to smooth this ship attack incident over:

" United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a full investigation and expressed shock at Israel's storming of the flotilla.

"It is vital that there is a full investigation to determine exactly how this bloodshed took place. I believe Israel must urgently provide a full explanation," he said at a press conference in the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

I won't hold my breath waiting for the NWO puppet Ban Ki-moon to act. It will be many moons before any conclusions will be reached by investigation. By then there will have been enough time for the Mossad to snuff out all the witnesses. Am I nuts for saying that? Read THIS article and make up your own mind. Here's a snippet:

" When Israel sent 27 Mossad agents to a 5 star hotel in Dubai to murder Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a minor Hamas figure, it had nothing to do with Hamas or Dubai. It was a warning to President Obama and anyone else that nobody is safe and no reason is small enough to justify a killing if key interests are involved, money, drugs, power and, least of all, the security of Israel."

So what should be done? Forget the UN - put together a coalition. Turkey looks like they are on it. If I were running the show I'd suggest saddling up another ship and sending it over TODAY with a naval escort as I see reported HERE:

"Two Turkish activists were reported to be among those killed in the flotilla. Ankara warned that further supply vessels will be sent to Gaza, escorted by the Turkish Navy, a development with unpredictable consequences."

A further confrontation would be to Israel's detriment - as the story could be correctly recorded with prepared videographers and reporters. If shooting starts public sentiment will go against Israel. If shooting doesn't commence the aid will get to the hungry and sick. Either way the bully on the playground will be confronted while the public eye is focused - not later after there is time for yet another diversion to develop on the public stage.

I am not always in favor of violence - but I'm not a pacifist either. But my experience tells me that the only way to make a bully stop is to punch him back. That's what I was taught. Actually had to do it a couple of times. The first time is the hardest but it works every time.

UPDATE JUNE 1, 2010 Israel should lead investigation into attack on Gaza flotilla, says US
UPDATE JUNE 1,2010 Cynthia McKinney Condemns Israeli Massacre and Mourns the Dead of the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza
UPDATE JUNE 2, 2010 Obama's Timidity and Deaths at Sea - RAY MCGOVERN


  1. Rest of the World? In case you hadnt noticed, the jews control that too via their paid sayanim and agents globally. Why nothing has been solved up to now.

  2. Netanyahu's interview last night with Peter Mansbridge of CBC (in Toronto) was a disgrace of which I as Canadia am ashamed of. It happened while all this was happening.

  3. Zionists Setting Up Jews for Holocaust Again
    Israel is the primary source of anti-Semitism in the world today, and jeopardizes the security of all Jews. Proclaiming itself the "Jewish State" but acting as a rogue state, Israel exposes all Jews to revulsion and retribution.

  4. How Illuminati Set Up Holocaust
    In 1938-39, just before Europe erupted in an inferno for Jews, all the exits were sealed shut. The Nazis had no problem allowing Jews to leave. The problem was that no country allowed them to enter.

    In May 1939, the passenger liner "St. Louis" carrying 900 German Jewish refugees was turned away from Havana. The passengers' costly tourist visas had been revoked by Cuban authorities. The liner lingered near the coast of Florida but FDR refused to let it dock. Reluctantly, the ship returned to Europe where the refugees were divided among four Allied countries, of which three soon were overrun.

    The image of unwanted Jews was seared into the collective Jewish psyche. It argued the necessity of a homeland in Israel as insurance against anti-Semitism. Millions of Jews devoted their money and lives to wresting Israel from its rightful owners and building a Jewish sanctuary there. Millions of non-Jews were recruited to this cause. World peace has hung in the balance ever since.

    FDR famously said nothing in history happens by accident. The possibility that this gruesome spectacle was staged to manipulate Jews, and give them a kind of moral impunity, is repugnant to consider.

  5. There are still 2 vessels left – The Irish ship, the MV Rachel Corrie and one other. I believe that they had been the object of Israhelli sabotage and that caused them to be lagging behind the main flotilla.

    It would be a great development if the Turkish navy decided to tag along for safe keeping.

  6. If nothing is done - disband all navies.

  7. Fair point JR. Let’s see if any of the so called “leaders” have the necessary balls to back up their words.

    The Turkish FM had plenty of hot air to share at the UN.

    I'm not holding my breath.

  8. Americans, get your country back. Don't die for an operation called Israel and don't spend your badly needed money on it.

    Turkey should indeed send another flotilla, this time guarded by Turkish war ships. This will lead that other nation will send war ships, too and this time the disgusting rogues Israel won't act.

    The fact that Arab states allow 3 Israel subs with nukes into the Persian Gulf it just crazy.

  9. Execute the Israeli ambassadors, -all of them -the Canadian -Mort Zuckerman too -and Mayor Bloomberg? The New Yorkers who voted for this thieving rascal should be shot.

    Too many unpardonable lies have been spent trying to justify this genocide.

    This is war.

  10. My question is simply, if the Jews control the media why is Israel getting all this bad press? Maybe it's the sites I go to. But even in the fateful days of "Cast Lead" the world seemed to treat the "unjustified" Israeli incursion as the lead-in event to the end of the world. Yet it seems to me that Hamas started that conflict, while the Israelis in their usual fashion acted indecisively. No, it wasn't genocide. Not at all. But how do you convince romanticists and hate fanatics that the numbers just don't add up? Talk about a tempest in a teapot! And this relief flotilla thing. Relief? This was clearly a provocation to start an international incident; and it just might end in war.

  11. The most cynical thing being said about all this -is this talk about International Law, laws, lawyers, and -justice-.

    This is the law-

    The "law" is some hung-over, lying, groveling Irish lawyer winking at some filthy, lying, haughty, motherfucking-kinky drunkard of a Jewish judge.

    Go fuck yourself.

    You want justice?

    Buy a gun and shoot the bastards -dead-.

    THAT works every time.

    And you'll be a hero too. God bless those who gun the bastards down and give us all justice -for once-!

  12. The flotilla was a success no matter how Israel acted. If the flotilla had arrived, it would have shown the world just how bad it really is in Gaza. Israel, however, decided that murder and mayhem in international waters would be better PR than letting the world see how bad Gaza really is -- so Gaza is far worse off than we realize.

    It doesn't help that Israel is criminally insane.

    As for the martyrs who died for those Semites, the Palestinian Arabs -- let's hope the world's collective ire brings a proper response to put an end to Israel's insantity for good, so that their deaths will at least have meant something.

    It's a sad commentary on the state of this world that we have to have martyrs to get any damn thing done.

  13. To Anon at 5:45. We are well aware of the ZOG tentacles around us. That’s one reason we get our news elsewhere and not filtered through jewish tinted glasses.

    The collective punishment of civilians is a war crime. The people of Gaza are being punished for freely exercising the right to vote for their own leaders and not the favoured quislings and puppets. Does that mean that IsraHell is no longer the only democracy in the ME?

    The use of banned and chemical weapons is a war crime. I am well aware that the rest of the megaphone and hasbara minions know exactly what I mean. They have a long list of shame to cover up.

    Hijacking and murdering civilians in International waters is not just a brutal act of Piracy. It is also an act of war on the sovereignty of the nation under which the vessel is sailing. Also, not a lot of visibility in the western “media” of the terrorist attack on the Turkish naval facilities that coincided with the Israhelli attack.

    Your little “nothing to see here folks- move along” routine is about as appropriate as handling radioactive waste with oven mitts. With 2 ships left to go and more on the way this could really get interesting.


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