Old News same as the New News: VIDEO: TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by Surface-to-Air Missile

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Note: Obviously the FBI is THE PROBLEM - a criminal organization - obviously infiltrated and controlled completely. This tells me that Mueller needs to be fired or he needs to resign - depending on if he is an honest man or one of the filthiest of crooks.

The CIA - c'mon - we all know they are our undoing. No hope at all for those immoral murdering swine. Especially with the Poppy George H.W. (read my lips no new taxes) Bush's name on the HQ of the murder factory. Murder Incorporated sounds really cool'n' shit in the movies - but in real life there are checks and balances, ups and downs, yin and yang - and payback.

When I see FBI involvement in ANYTHING I just tune out. Waste of time. Lies, deceit and cover-up.

When I see CIA involvement in ANYTHING I know I'm dealing with international bankers, Israel and drug-dealers. And I'm sorry - because I don't like giving drug dealers a bad name - POT NEEDS TO BE LEGALIZED. I'm talking about the stuff over in Afghanisan too. I'm also talking about the problems that come along with concentrating the stuff because you can't chew the natural product - the leaf of the Coca plant.

War on Drugs means war on YOU - your family - your savings - with police assault-rifles trained on you and your loved ones - to perpetuate the prison-educational-police-fatherland-fascist-media empire of liars, cheats and mass-media marketers of death, dispair and dictatorship - all in the name of "security." Does "contradiction" or "un-American" come to mind? Does "NAZI" come to mind? Does "jack-booted thug" come to mind? Does "SWAT raid on peaceful citizens growing a pot plant" come to mind?"

I hate all these oppressive liars.

It would be so nice to wake up tomorrow - and hear on the news that some bizarre form of lightning killed Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Neil Boortz, Thom Hartmann, Rush Limbaugh, Wolf Blitzer (and Donder), Alan (fake lefty) Colmes, Rhandi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller (and the Eunuch Bible scholars she has giggling along with her) - BECAUSE the lies would instantly stop and America would begin the healing process. But I cannot, will not, and won't ever wish harm upon anyone because it is simply wrong. But...

The healing would begin, since our Corporate Media is PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE - an enemy standing in the way of ANY PROGRESS WHATSOEVER. No matter what citizens do - these are the architects of the fake image presented to the unwitting public that exists in a state of mind-controlled quivering denial. Without the persistent, tireless, droning lie-factory to keep the population hypnotized - healing could begin. I wish this weren't the case - but that's the reality as I see it. Is it against the law to wish all of these people would just keel over and fucking die? I wonder - because I don't - but perhaps it is better just to fantasize than actually murder American citizens; as the Executive branch of our government claims the right to do.

Can you imagine that? Murder American citizens in order to protect the unalienable rights of American citizens? Doublespeak or Triplespeak - that is the question. No wonder the public is at the brink of violent revolution. We have madmen running the government openly stating that they intend to MURDER AMERICAN CITIZENS WITHOUT TRIAL. We also have Senators, representing Israel, not the US Constitution, like Joseph I. Lieberman, pushing laws to strip ME OF MY CITIZENSHIP if he, "HOLY JOE LIEBERMAN," with the insight of the divine right of kings declares me a terrorist. Message to the masses - that dummy Lieberman cannot DEFINE "terrorist" - throw the whiny bitch out of office.

It's getting windy here - thunder and lightning - so I'm gonna' sign off before the internet goes out.

Maybe my dreams tonight will come true - and our media in America will once again perform its duty as the watchdogs, owls and ultimate truthseekers they are supposed to be. And if my dream really does come through - Glenn "shoot him in the head" Beck will still be alive and well - but no longer serving as the modern day Joseph Goebells he really is - as a shill for AIPAC.

Good night.
Thanks to commenter for the videos and bringing my attention to this cover-up - a cover-up facilitated by Wolfie and the rest of our corporate lying media.
UPDATE MAY 28, 2010 Ray McGovern is a tireless champion of the truth - that's a former CIA guy - and that is why I think an Amnesty - as mentioned in a previous post would help us clear a lot of this up.


  1. Thanks, JR, it'll be a pleasure to see Mr. Mule Tool Mueller stick a gun in his mouth and suck real hard till hot lead screeches into his lying, covering up brain.

    Same goes for Bill Clinton, and every pile of garbage in the U.S. Government that not only obfuscated the hideous truth that the Navy did indeed shoot this airplane down, but also let Pan Am 103's bombing by the AL-CIA-DA go unpunished, after putting an innocent Libyan man in prison (who has now since been released by Scottish Authorities due to his innocence.

    I also want to mention the fact that in Pan Am 103's case, some of the cockpit crew died on the ground after surviving the fall to earth, and were left to die there on the grass in Lockerbie under direct CIA orders that they not be moved.

    To Robert Mueller, and the other low rent sleazes who did this cover up, I want you to know that the families of the slain will be looking for your asses someday, and I want to be there when they catch up with you all, and give you your just and fair reward for your aiding and abetting the murders of their loved ones by the U.S. Navy in one case, and the CIA in the other.

    and lastly, may you all rot in HELL after you're sent to your deaths by these families!!!

  2. I'm suprized that anybody would even pursue a career in journalism at this point. Why not study prostitution.

  3. Yes anon,

    I couldn't help getting a little mad after watching yet another cover-up - I remember reading some of the first books that came out on the missile theory. It was convincing then - but this video really puts it all together.

    Also: to JD - journalism is alive and well - it is visible in these videos, it is, in fact, very good - but the outlets have been hijacked - censoring the good information from making it out on General Electric Television, Rupert Murdoch television and the rest of the Corporate Ameriscam Media.

    the journalists are taking heavy casualties to bring the truth - only for our own government, FCC and corporations to deny this information to the audiences available with the most readily available media - radio and television. But times they are achangin' -

    It used to be that television and radio lent credibility to the information they broadcast - because they were the "real deal" - but with every passing day the wised up public is calling in , questioning them on the streets, and watching back with their own cameras to out the liars and misinformers. The public is indeed waking up.

    It's essentially a race now between the good guys who want to keep our bill of rights - and the bad guys who are desperately trying to deny those individual rights.

    Our media really is a BIG part of the problem. They must be relentlessly attacked from every possible angle to demonstrate their lies to their audiences -


  4. Clarification:
    I didn't mean to imply above that the drugs from Afghanistan need to be made street legal - that sentence didn't come across correctly.

    I was ranting about America's role in the Poppy crops in Afghanistan - and how we need to stop these drugs - not aid their spread.

  5. JR, one of the things you'll notice now about the technique that the Barry Soetoro gang, the Cass Sunstein 'cognitive dissonance' thought crime police will do, is not even get into the discussion. They don't want a visible argument on these blogs to highlight the fact the government kills people with cold, calculating intent, as easily as the rest of us might swat a mosquito on our arm for biting us. When they hire some asshole to crawl into the cargo hold and paste a C-4 or gelignite charge on the wall of the plane, as they did with Pan Am 103, to murder people that they didn't want to show up in hearings in Washingtoon, District of Corruption, they nary bat an eye when they send out the warning messages to the people they 'don't' want on the plane, as there was indeed warnings posted to a lot of government people, except the 'targeted' ones they had to murder with more than two hundred others on that flight. When they issue orders to the first responders in Lockerbie to not move the dying flight crew from under the crumpled nose wreckage, they don't flinch.

    So, you see, JR, they're rather deft at using the military as their fuck stick now. It's oh so clear to me that the military is just one more 'assassination' arm of the feckless, mass murdering, zionist jew run government that's really in charge here.

    When a pile of shit like Soetoro can nominate Mr. Sunstein as 'thought crimes czar' or make him the de-facto Joseph Goebbels, in the year 2010, you know something is indeed quite fucked up. When a zionist jew son of a bitch can tell American's that "nothing to see, move along, don't you dare look..move along.." then you know that we've rounded a bend somewhere.

    We're in the motherfucking 'Twilight Zone' now for damned sure. The only thing missing is the spooky music.

    They've ended this republic, JR. All the mass murdering, the feckless, nonchalant killings, the drone murderings, the no habeus corpus, the end of the Constitution as we knew it, the end of the Bill of Rights. They've utterly, totally destroyed the nation you and I used to call home.

    I no longer do. I'm no more american than Nikolas Sarkozy is american. I quit. And any sane person out there should also 'quit' and write the U.S. dept. of state, and say these words; "I owe you no allegiance, and I damned sure absolutely won't abide by your lawlessness and mass murder policies.."

    if about 320 million eyes wide open people here did that, I think they'd have to just leave peacefully and get the fuck out of the buildings they illegally, outside of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and human decency norms, 'squat in and hence occupy' in Washingtoon. And then, they should be rounded up and summarily hanged for their criminality and their treason, to the last person.

    That won't happen this week but it's coming. There is a storm, and it is coming.

  6. Hi Anon ,

    Thanks for your commentary - it makes one wonder what kind of person would follow an order like this:
    "When they issue orders to the first responders in Lockerbie to not move the dying flight crew from under the crumpled nose wreckage, they don't flinch. "

    ...not that the murderer that puts the bomb on the plane isn't bad enough, but you would think that the people who showed up at the scene would be first responders - and would have the human decency to say: "Hey - that's not a legal order and I'm not going to follow it."
    Or "I'm a human being and I don't watch victims die when I can give aid"
    or something...

    It's pathetic.

  7. I added a vid above and on new post where Ray McGovern and other are trying to get the word out that the far right Likud Party has just, via control of the appointments in Washington to the CIA, and the media they own lock stock and barrel, demonstrated their power over us.


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