Two Norfolk teachers punished for wising-up students

helot |ˈhelət|
a member of a class of serfs in ancient Sparta, intermediate in status between slaves and citizens.
• a serf or slave.**

"Therefore, Pausanias calls them "slaves of the commonwealth". Strabo of Amasia says they were "some sort of public slaves", and other authors say they were a category between slaves and free people. Perhaps the best approach is to leave the niceties for what they are, and simply define helots as a class of unfree laborers."*

Consider this article by CLICKING here: (The video in question appears at end of post)

" The parent, who asked not to be named out of fear that her daughter could be ostracized or get a lower class grade, told The Pilot that she contacted the division and police after her daughter described the leaflet and video.

"She came home recently and said, 'You won't believe what we are learning in Government. They are teaching us how to hide our drugs,' " the parent recounted.

Last week, an Oakwood Elementary School employee was placed on leave with pay in connection with the distribution of plastic fetus models to children, which division leaders also considered unauthorized material. Oakwood's principal was also put on leave in connection with the incident, and an investigation is continuing

As I see it: The teachers give the kids, and yes they are kids (but soon to be adults), some real-world information educating them on how to protect their rights as CITIZENS and what do they get in return? Persecuted.

This is the typical treatment any truth-tellers or realists in America can expect from the establishment. The very establishment responsible for guiding us into, and now keeping us mired in, our current police state. These brave teachers recognize our perilous situation and through their actions are blazing the trail back to liberty. I wish to extend to them my greatest admiration.

The teachers were found using "unauthorized" material. And exactly who "authorizes" the material? How is anybody supposed to get creative or be effective as a teacher if everything has to be sent to some anointed medicine man for approval? It seems to me the teachers are expected to perform miracles with a pre-approved set of "stuff." Anything outside this set is off-limits? No wonder our schools are laughed at.

The daughter told her mother "they are teaching us how to hide our drugs." Question for the Daughter: "Well young lady - what are you doing with drugs in the first place?" Did her mother ask her that?

This parent obviously lives in a 50's style fantasy land where ALL police are your friends with nothing but the well-being of the citizen at heart. They help people across the street. They don't plant evidence, lie, steal or EVER do anything that might be dishonest. Anyone who thinks those thoughts, or corrupts the youth's minds with such thoughts should be reported to the "authorities." Yes - what a wonderful world. No critical thought required.

I don't see the world that way.

Hmmm.. thinking about the family's values: The daughter and the mother both "report" to the "authorities" any "suspicious behaviour." The "anti-authority" teachers vanish and punishments are given to suppress any further questioning of the system. Sieg Heil.

If a teacher exposed your kids to this video - THEY ARE FRIEND NOT FOE. Teachers with such courage should be given a pay raise and a promotion. The video presents an extreme example - but only for the sake of argument - to show the degree to which knowing ones rights can keep one out of trouble.

Teaching kids to mindlessly obey ANYONE - and yes that goes for police - ignores the possibility that the person wearing the uniform may not even be a police officer, but an imposter. By training young people to blindly put their hands up the moment a person in a uniform tells them to the child turns from Spartan to Helot.

" In fact, the creation of a great number of helots in Messenia caused great problems and led to the introduction of a strict military discipline among the Spartans, who became a specialized military class. They had to be permanently on their guard, and it is not surprising, therefore, that their magistrates (the ephors) declared war upon the Messenians every year. If a member of the Spartan elite happened to kill a helot, it was not considered to be murder but an act of war. Other acts of violence and terror are recorded, and it seems that Spartan society as a whole suffered from a permanent fear of a helot rebellion. Probably, the helots outnumbered their masters by some seven to one." *

Citizens must ASSERT their rights in order to have them. And in order to ASSERT those rights they must KNOW their rights. The teachers presenting this information were challenging the students to look at the bigger picture, the more adult picture, the picture that must be taken into consideration by the CITIZEN.

Obviously a SLAVE need not bother themselves with such high-minded things as UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. The school seems too weak to stand up for those bold enough to lead the way toward citizenship - and in so doing, punishes excellence - encouraging mediocrity. Now that I'm thinking about it - they'd might as well not even bother teaching the students to read: What for if they are going to be slaves anyway? So they can read the corporate policy manual telling them when to piss in a cup for their illegal drug test? Or keep quiet like a good little slave because we've now declared free speech is a privilege and can therefore deny it to you?

privilege |ˈpriv(ə)lij|
a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people : education is a right, not a privilege | he has been accustomed all his life to wealth and privilege.
• something regarded as a rare opportunity and bringing particular pleasure : I have the privilege of awarding you this scholarship.
• (also absolute privilege) (in a parliamentary context) the right to say or write something without the risk of incurring punishment or legal action for defamation.
• the right of a lawyer or official to refuse to divulge confidential information.
• chiefly historical a grant to an individual, corporation, or place of special rights or immunities, esp. in the form of a franchise or monopoly.**

Look at this recent article called Bloggers Beware – They’re Coming After You! by Rep. Tom Price of Georgia. I don't want to get into the political motivations of the Congressman here - but at least he is sounding a warning bell:

" Just when you thought it was safe to start expressing your right to free speech, Democrats in Congress are gearing up for a vote on a new piece of legislation to blatantly undermine the First Amendment. Known as the DISCLOSE Act (HR 5175), this bill – written by the head of the Democrats’ congressional campaign committee – is their response to the recent Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. In short, the Supreme Court found that the government could not restrict the free speech rights of individuals or other entities wishing to participate in the political dialogue.

... For many bloggers to exercise their free speech rights, they would have to jump through the same onerous new hoops as many businesses, nonprofit groups, and even such threats to democracy as your local chamber of commerce. If this sounds like an absurd overreach by one party in power, I invite you to take a look at their government takeover of health care, taxpayer-funded bailouts, and general hostility to private sector economic growth."

How many students know that this is unconstitutional? How many students, who are supposed to become citizens, would say:
"Hey pal - you can't restrict my freedom of speech because it is against the foundations upon which my country was built?"

How many would do anything about it when the example set for them by their school is to cave in, knuckle under and cower when uninformed critics start crying about UNPOPULAR methods used to wise-up some would-be chumps? Is that the goal? To stamp out chumps so we can keep our stinkin' job at a crappy school?

Here's the video:

Getting back to the blind obedience to a uniform: If you think ALL police are such noble servants watch the following video if you haven't seen it already.

When they say "survive" a police encounter - they are NOT kidding!

The Largest Street Gang in America

BoilingFrogs | MySpace Video

*Note: Read about Helots here
**Apple dictionary


  1. next, the government will be mandating all kids at all ages be hogtied with their eyes taped open so they can watch "Barney" episodes for 16 hours a day.

    this shit is getting absurd. sad the parents are such dickheads that they are fully on board with the fascist happy horse merde, eh? F*ck!

    people deserve what they're getting from these lying crank smokers in government, if this is how they deal with truth. more proof the ritalin and the fluoride worked, isn't it? obviously the only cavity that crap deals with is the one between your freaking ear lobes, in Amerika's case!

  2. That "Sieg Heil!" is inappropriate -- the Germans of the Third Reich were a thousand times freer than we are today! Our cops carry guns and tasers – and use them, too! Police in the Third Reich weren't even allowed to carry batons; Hitler considered it an affront to the dignity of the German people to suggest they would need to be beaten into submission like (mistreated) cattle. And the proportion of the population in prison was miniscule compared to that of the USA.

    Of course The Powers That Be would like you to think "Nazi" Germany was horrible, because

    1. it's always good for oppressed people to think there was a country much worse off than they are, so they won't realize quite how badly off they are (anyway, if you want to choose a worse off country pick the largely Jew-run Soviet Union).

    2. They Really Really don't want you to begin to take an objective look at the Third Reich, because if you did you would soon realize that the reason Hitler is so hated and reviled by the controlled media is that he kicked the banksters out of Germany. Not only that, he was trading with other countries through barter, bypassing all the fees the banksters liked to take out through currency exchange, etc. And not only that, but many countries, seeing that Germany had the best standard of living for its workers and ordinary people IN THE WORLD, would have followed suit, and the banksters would soon have been left high and dry. This is the real reason for WWII – the banksters had to stop the world revolution before it spread.

    3. They don't want you to find all this out, because as soon as enough people learn the truth and throw off their rotten system of extortion they'll be finished. That's why people are brainwashed into thinking that anyone who defends Hitler or exposes the massive criminal fraud known as the “Holocaust” is a (gasp) “Neo-Nazi.” The ordinary person is so terrified of being considered “despicable” that they won't even look at the information, in case they get contaminated by contact with it. It is said that the best censorship is self-censorship, and that recipe has worked like a charm so far in keeping this forbidden history from seeing the light of day.

    If it hadn't been for the Internet, who knows how much longer The Powers That Be could have kept the truth under wraps? If you want to check out some of this “forbidden” history, an easy way is to go to http://historicalexactitude.blogspot.com, and click on the links to Revisonist History sites.

    You also might want to take a look at an article posted on the blog entitled “The Good Society.” It is relevant to the article above, as well, because – remarkably enough – it was a talk given to a high school political science class; and the teacher even managed to have the speaker give the talk two years running, before it was banned. Don't know what happened to the teacher – I don't think he was fired or anything.

  3. Hmmmm....

    NAZI Germany used slave labor - isn't that an agreed point? Isn't that why such weapons and the Panzarfaust, being boobytrapped by the slave labor making the weapons malfunctioned often?

    That was a totalitarian state, with the masses of people in it, like America today, enjoying the status of HELOT, somewhere between the slave and the elite.

    I am not against looking into anything regarding history - or any viewpoint - but I'll never defend NAZI Germany because their indoctrination, like that in America today - goes after the youth, and builds them, from a young age, to serve the state over the individual.
    they also, like Americas military today, have demonized the "enemy" as an animal form of life. Dehumanization, I think, makes the Sieg Heil appropriate.

    But I thank you for your thoughtful comments.

    We have a bill of rights. We need to keep it.


    If that concept isn't under consideration - you get what you get. And it will be ugly not pretty.

  4. Hitler was paid for, supported and ultimately sacrificed by the Anglo-American powers that be. Without Wall Street greasing his skids Hitler would have been just one more upstart drunk railing against his supposed oppressors in dark taverns. Brown Brothers Harriman had plenty of rackets running with Hitler's angel, Fritz Thyssen.

    Ditto for Ford, IBM and Standard Oil. So to ascribe some sort of economic miracle to Hitler's corporate socialist command model is to basically be licking the boots of the Wall Street elite on the down low. You should know better than that...

  5. Publius is right - Google "Banking with Hitler" and watch that.

    That's why we need a massive debt forgiveness in America and elsewhere.

    The people we owe are the crooks. Face it.


  6. I am with anonymous.. Germany had shed its
    chains and the bankers could not allow that..
    Jack Rabbit can write about 'slave labor' all
    he wants, the facts remain that Germany under
    Hitler had the highest standard of living and
    the workers were entitled to paid holidays and
    cruises to the Black Sea. Anything else is

  7. just as the propagandized U.S. Civil War had little to do with slavery, as virtually every turd in the U.S. government was a 'slave owner' without shame, you can also clearly see that the history the U.S. teaches about the reasons why the U.S. went to war against Nazi Germany had very little to do with the murder of jews as well as others, and had more to do with financial issues. Of course, one other point I want to make, is that 'murderous' Hitler kept his catholic faith, because the Vatican truly liked the idea that he was offing jews, who have always been a 'piece of the financial pie' competitor for money shedding followers the Catholic Church wanted. Take it one step further, Hitler truly didn't get into significant trouble until he started to change th financial landscape, per what the contributors above me, cited as 'barter system' bypass of the banksters. And truly, the germans did in-fact have better living conditions than you'll now find in the U.S., under this shining beacon of light called CAPITALISM.

    I'm not trying to paint Hitler as a misunderstood and ill-remembered poet or benefactor to the human race, I'm siding with the people above me that knew that demonization of Hitler had more to do with the ROTHSCHILDS and the zionist bankers having hot nuts for him, than it did with stopping Nazism in it's tracks. Just ask the Bush clan, as well as the weapons dealers Krupp and Thyssen (thiessen then). And if trading with Hitler wasn't indeed maybe an act of TREASON, how did Prescott Bush get off without a hemp necktie?

    Most of the so called 'history' you Amerikan's get, comes out of a zionist jew's arse hole, and not out of facts or reality. It's a wonder you all don't have mandatory Stars of David tatooed on your freaking foreheads, for all the allegiance to Israel you have, rejecting sanity, logic, and most of all, TRUTH.

  8. A higher standard of living than the Swiss at the time? Ha ha.

  9. Sail the Wilhelm Gustav through the Baltic to exotic locales! Put 5 Reichsmarks a week into the German Worker's Bank and you too can own a brand new Volkswagen in 4 years! Oh, the HORROR of it all! BETTER than 100% employment. No street gangs or organized crime (including the banksters). Clean, safe streets! My GOD how did those Germans put up with it all!!!

  10. Our media has failed us - and the Germans you all are defending came under the same spell of a modern radio media - compliments of Dr Goebells - so the same things you criticize modern Amerikans for- while applauding the NAZI Germans for - is somehow to me amazing.

    Propaganda works.

    I know plenty of Germans who's parents/grandparents walked home from Russia - those that got away.

    I asked them: "What happened?"

    Their answer: "We were lied to."

    So the America bashing is not valid given the propaganda situation here.


  11. A higher standard of living than the Swiss at the time?

  12. Ah, JR, you be writing excuse notes for ignoramus' in the U.S. today, are you? Please, don't go that route, lest you and your blog then suffer the same fate of others who are trying to absolve the Amerikan public of their responsibility to be not only 'informed citizens' but watchdogs over their own government. Blaming the press is another sad, sad scapegoating way to dodge who's really asleep at the wheel in your country.

    YOU ARE, JR! Not necessarily you, per-se, but your fellow idiot countrymen are! Look around you. Most of your compatriots couldn't point to Kansas on a U.S. map, let alone tell you what the FOURTH AMENDMENT is. And to me, that's inexcusable.

    Yes, germans got lied to. But they also are 'excuse-less' as well, in an era where information didn't flow nearly as fast and free as it does on the internet.

    Amerika has no excuse for it's inherent stupidity, it's OVERWHELMINGLY ASTOUNDING IGNORANCE, or it's inability to rope it's illegitimate government in when it does horrible acts of criminality all over the globe.

    So, JR, don't, please, don't go that route about how you are ill informed by the press. That isn't washing in Europe, or the rest of the world. We all know better! You guy's are dumber and more ignorant than a box of rocks, and then some, and it's SELF INFLICTED, because if you gave a shit you would be informed, and care, but clearly, oh so clearly, you all just would rather sit and watch and pretend you have this lame excuse called; "my press lied to me" to not have one iota of a clue, or for that matter, the gumption or inkling to go get one!

  13. I haven't heard anybody talking about sailing a U-boat into Davy Jones' locker in the Atlantic. That must have been a lot of fun too.

  14. believe me, JR, I take no pleasure in excoriating you Amerikans for your apparent lack of a clue. It's almost like watching a painfully retarding child trying to open a tamper proof lid to a thing as simple as a soft drink. You want to help, but you don't, because neither is is appropriate to try to assist, nor is it necessarily wanted, either!

    Finding your own path out of this morass you are all in is something YOU WILL HAVE TO DO, not rely on people watching you falling on your collective swords over there, left and right, for lack of an understanding that Wilkinson didn't make them as ab sculpting devices, for sure!

    someday, after your country has totally collapses upon itself and rebuilt itself, we might have a useful chat about how rough and yet how invigorating it was to string up a few war criminals and watch them swing in a new breeze of freedom. string them all up you must, my friend, because until the day comes when they are no longer able to weasel their way into high office and harm you again and again and again, they're still dangerous to your plans to be free men and women.

    so, say, in five years, let us know how it went. we're undergoing our own struggles, albeit somewhat linked to yours. one day, after having dinner with a friend in Munich, I asked her; "do you ever think there is a chance that our friends over there in Amerika will ever learn the lessons our ancestors had to learn in 1937, before we were even a twinkle in someone's eye??", to which she responded; "Depends on how fast they can unlearn the cowboy mentality they're raised on, and how stupid that concept of kill it all till nothing is left to oppose you, truly is when you're trying to survive.."

    Indeed, she was right, but in a much more direct sense, she was hopeful that you would all 'lose the fake John Wayne' swagger and nauseating bellicosity and take on a thoughtful and kinder demeanor that means that perhaps some of your roots which, after all, grew in Europe a long time ago, just might not have all been bad ones. Our culture so much richer than yours, though we too are afflicted by the Rothschilds, they matriculated from here and spread death and destruction wherever they touched.

    Someday, JR, when Amerika 'grows up' and rids itself of the fake invincibility and the fake and unjustifiable pride, we can chat.

    And know this, your own sorry scientists would never have made it to the Moon without our Von Braun and some Russian scientists. Never, without our help. Stow that in your inefficiently designed, gas guzzling land yachts you all like to drive! :)

  15. I say they all deserve whats coming, stick a fork in them, they are done - the 4th reich rises

    and I'll laugh at the whole dumb lot of them as I'm marched off to the chambers. WHo would want to live in a world where truth and justice are unachievable and nonexistant. Where's God? He's OK with it. Cant wait to see the fake thieving murdering hook-nose Jews (ESPECIALLY Queen E 2 and Pope Benny and every stinking ratschild) get theirs from all the "heathens"


    I'm penning a new book, its called YOUR SPECIES HAS NEVER BEEN FREE

  16. and to the forerigners, I'd LOVE to hear what enlightened, educated hole you're from. Ameriduh is a disgrace but unless you're from Iceland there's a REAL GOOD chance that you also have 80+% morons infested in whatever scab you dwell under.

  17. and if its Germany you are singing the praises of, yeah thanks for helping he "holy roman empire" dupes - thanks for allowing the British divide the world in two - I still have not met a German who doesn't expect absolutely everything from their government. Fact is no nation can be proud of their current leadership.
    Matter of fact, last I checked Germany doesn't even exist as a sovereign entity anymore. GO bow down to Brussels, chumps, again.

  18. ach du lieber! you Amerikan's sure are proud of yourselves! ha! you come in dead last in virtually every educational arena, except 'killing', which you excel at...with your School of the Amerika's down there. The poorest educated european is easily 8 years ahead of you all in scholastic achievement and college level education. Why do you think almost all of your patent holders have european last names?? Because they're stupid? I think not! Our not yet in college young citizens age 18 to 22 are eons ahead of you in virtually every endeavor! If you had to compete with us directly in the job market, you would be the slave labor class in my country, due to your lack of education and your skill levels. We are far from perfect here, but we at least know where our cities are in Europe, and our rights as citizens, from our own constitution. Our only mistake was to follow this stupid eurozone idiocy which is one step away from the New World Order your president Bush spoke about for the first time before the United Nations General Assembly, once again on that cryptic 9/11 date as the illuminati Skull and Bones frauds you elect to presidency all seem to fall in such deep abiding love with, for their false flag ops against you there in New York.

    Also, it's common knowledge here that your government did 9/11, not Osama. I think it's clear who's mal-educated and who's not. We are foolish to ever believe a word that your leaders say, and most of us do not, not even your new african american president. He is such a knave and such a liar, but so is Angela Merkel, another zionist puppet, like Sarkozy. So yes, we have our problems, but we are far ahead of you in virtually every sense of the measure. We don't wage war on innocent nations, either!

  19. one more thing mr lederhosen, while we were declaring independence from the 2nd most vicious dictatorship in history (second to Rome), your pissant country was trying to help put us down as well. If Russia and USA would have ever been able to be natural rivals your "lovely" German marx would not have ever been able to (along with international finance including in Nazi sympathetic USSA) subjugate that nation into the major threat that rthe British sent your joke of a country into and sacrificed them to achieve an EXTREMELY PROFITABLE fake cold war where the two maojr side divide up the world and we are all their cattle. Germany has never fought against this m they did the bidding of ENgland and ROme and were left to die AGAIN under half-rule of Soviets the other half by international ratschild bankers and now you are totally sold under their bus, no counntury at all. Go get yoprself a euroi jackass at least here the people will fight back when they take our counntury away. You dont see it in scheisskopf land because you are all too busy smelling each others' rears to realize that you were the bigggest dupes of the last 100 years and a once proud nation who could break the UK/Vatican monopoly instead did their best service. Just ask your new bitch queen of beat Europe a Hapsburg. Pope Benny two kids - German, you can't even say anything abouotu the holocaust wuthout getting locked up. Getting dissed bya a socialist british ruled underachiveing sellout nation like yours which could have benevolenlty brought the world good things instead you are more fake than the USA on its mother antichrist day. But please keep up with some ancient pride because nobody heres seen it for hundreds off years, your charlie chaplin mustache jew jesuit and british tool/patsy notwithstanding. Go on and diss USA I could shame them just as bad as any of the other corrupt and scared nations who let these fake emporers do whatever they want and dont dare utter a truth above a whisper and prosper from the crumbs that fall. Germany could be an economic and military powerhouse and a check against anglo-saxon-semitic-khazar domination but unstead their pride prevents them from even considering that while they think they are using somebody they are getting played for the half millenium tools they are. Hope the mirror looks nice.

  20. I'm a a 9119 turthe r a programmer and my georgraphy and history skills would put your socialist junk to shame. You're a joke. Assume what you want about the millions and millions of retards posting on here but you don't know anything abbout me, typical high horse german, you have nothing to be proud of other than hot chicks retard. You are bigger slaves than we will ever be here. Mark that down.

  21. well, Amerikan's, at least you have started to awaken.

    but let this also be noted: my country was working on nuclear fission long before your manhattan project was a dream in Szilard's balls, or for that matter, Albert Einstein's. If not for a letter written by those two and signed by them, to President Truman, you would all, and I mean, ALL, be speaking deutsh right now, because we would have won the war against you had Hitler not insisted on opening a second front against the Russians. My country is barely the size of nebraska, and it had brought yours and most of the rest of your allies to your knees, from my tiny homeland. Had you not out produced us, you would be speaking german right now. And you probably wouldn't have your zionist occupation going on, either!

    sounds like tough noogies, Amerikans? I hope so, because one V-2 with a german nuclear weapon on it and you would have capitulated long before you could get your bomb to use on civilians in Japan. we would have beaten you and the british from our tiny, isolated country.

    think about that tonight as you sleep. One letter written by Albert Einstein and signed by Mr. Szilard, had it not been delivered, and you would ALL BE GERMAN CITIZENS TODAY!

    think about that!

  22. Hmmm

    Since when was Hitler a Catholic? Hitler was an Austrian JEW.

  23. Hitler was an Austrian and became German in order to take his place at the head of madness he was also autistic and a drug taker he was allowed to and encouraged to become what he became and he was bank rolled by Jewish bankers and Bush's granddaddy helped him as did the USA who did not want to fight the Germans but wanted to go after the Russians as the USA wanted to be the superpower of the world, not only did it take in many Jews but also many Nazis the beginning of the CIA is based on Hitler elite guards it also go much of what was happening in the camps the medical experiments it took eugenics off the English who gave it to the Germans Hitler was a fan because his mother and father were uncle and niece he set up a relationship like that with his niece who killed herself or was killed by him.

    I have never believed he did himself in in the bunker his wife Eva Braun was there but not him he went off to the USA and lived in South America for a good few years such is the Banality of Evil. Hitler was surround by and bank rolled by evil so he became like them, Hugo Boss made the uniforms many of these uniforms became American the pledging a legend to the flag was do by children with a straight arm in the USA. If you think that this is all over think again the world has never seen such power and felt so much fear the masses ruled by the few. We have a view of the German race as powerful but they are not this is why they talk about the Nazis as if they were a different race that invaded Germany well Prussia was the main ground for this.The USA is still a very immature country its never had a full war on it turf keep playing with Israel and that will all change. The UK is Anglo Saxon by the way the stiff upper lip is from this.

  24. "Being in traffic court is always better than being in criminal court" this video is fucking retarded.
    just blindly accepting speeding tickets is wack.
    "dont talk back to cops" this video is teaching us to be sildent upon our so called masters. fuck this.
    "officers job is to fine, convict and jail you" what ever happened to to protect and serve?

  25. Yeah - Germany can be proud of their WWII misadventures. Talk about revisionist history.

    That is complete and utter bullshit. Rotterdam. Are you proud of that? How barbaric and uninformed.

    America showed mercy on you. You are communicating on a system designed by DARPA -

    grow up with that trash talk.

  26. Here's another for the Germans that want to bash America:
    "In 1948, our politicians – the Americans and the British – staged an airlift into Berlin. A starving population (our enemies only three years before) were surrounded by a brutal army, the Russians, who had erected a fence around the city. The Berlin airlift was one of the great moments in the Cold War. Our soldiers and our airmen risked and gave their lives for these starving Germans."

    Yet another reminder that this is a good country - it is our leaders that are corrupt. I was reminded of the above reading this article:


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