U.S. Consulate worker in Juarez was targeted for assassination

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" Enriquez, who was pregnant, died of a gunshot wound to the head (a mark of an assassination); Redelfs was shot in the neck and arm; the couple’s child, an infant, was in the back seat – and left unharmed"


" In fact, many of the facts in this murder mystery keep changing across various media reports. For example, Enriquez’ daughter apparently ranges in age from three months to a year old; Salcido has either two or three children who were with him at the time of his murder; and Enriquez and her husband, Redelfs, have each been identified as the driver of the car on the day of their murders, depending on which media report you choose to read."
Note: I wish to thank all those involved in the phony war on drugs for yet more fine work keeping illegal drug prices high and murderers in power.

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