Uncle Sam needs YOU: To help Expand the US Government's "List of People to be Murdered"

In light of the recent decision by U.S. government officials to murder an American citizen without trial I thought that I'd do my patriotic duty as a NAZI and help the Obama administration find people to add to the list. Extrajudicial killing is their preferred method - so an accurate list of terrorists is essential in making sure our government dollars spent will truly contribute to ending the war on horror. First take a look at this New York Times article where the decision has been taken to kill a fellow American citizen without trial:

" The Obama administration’s decision to authorize the killing by the Central Intelligence Agency of a terrorism suspect who is an American citizen has set off a debate over the legal and political limits of drone missile strikes, a mainstay of the campaign against terrorism."

Later in the article - thankfully - a lawyer from the Naval academy points out the absurdity of the logic applied once one takes a look at this Hitlerian "Night of the Long Knives" re-run:

" “Congress has protected Awlaki’s cellphone calls,” said Vicki Divoll, a former C.I.A. lawyer who now teaches at the United States Naval Academy. “But it has not provided any protections for his life. That makes no sense.” "

She's right - it doesn't make sense - none of it makes sense. It is quite possible that we have insane people calling the "shots" in American government since they are taking actions that are sure to destroy the Republic - that is - the denial of individual liberties via assassination of our own citizens.

Protection of the rights of the INDIVIDUAL is what a Republic is supposed to do - as compared to a "Democracy" (which is NOT our form of government.)

Tyranny of the masses, AKA "Democracy" (the Faux News mesmerized masses) - is what you get with a "Terrorism-scared" population of soccer moms who will agree to anything - including the forfeiture of their individual rights - to kill the "terrorists/horrorists" as long as it keeps us "safe."

The fact is that those who carry out this assassination will accomplish NOTHING - the war will go on. Another person, untried, another human life, without evidence will be blown out like another candle flame. So what are we to do? Is there some way to expand this "death list" so while we destroy our Republic and trample on the rights of individuals - we actually end the endless war too? Killing two terrorists with one stone is good economics.

Since we are going with "democracy" over "Republic" please watch the following videos and help identify more American citizens the Obama administration may wish to add to the murder list (or whatever euphemism the sickos call it.)

Personally I'm against murdering American citizens without trial, and I think it will set a dangerous precedent- but I must do my civic duty as a patriotic Amerikan by blindly contributing to this madness. So using the standard set by the Bush administration and now being continued by the Obama administration - perhaps you should too. After all the leaders set the example for the citizens to follow. Let's help.



update New target of rights erosions: U.S. citizens
Glenn Greenwald

UPDATE MAY 15, 2010 U.S. Government Can Execute Its Own Citizens With No Judicial Process And Based On Secret Intelligence


  1. All of these steps aren't there to make Amer'ka safer, they're there to stifle dissent in the population, make them wonder if 'they' (anyone who disagrees with mass murder, illegal wars based on lies, taxation without representation, government corruption) can't also be added to the list of those the guvmint want's forever silenced. In the international community, everyone knows their own government's have 'caved in' to Amer'kan aggression and unchecked hubris and villainy, and have no illusions about any of them being safe, but this is strictly a shot across the bow to those in the Untitled Snakes of A Merry Cow who think they have a beef with the government, and it's wars, and it's incessant drone murdering of innocent people on other continents.

    Soon, those drones will be turned on U.S. citizens, in U.S. cities, who, as they walk around and go about their business, don't realize they too are in the cross hairs of a 'mob hit' carried out by AL-CIA-DA, sanctioned by an illegitimate, treasonous puppet of the Rothschilds, named Barry Soetoro, aka Obomb'ya!

  2. Untitled Snakes of A Merry Cow

    This made me laugh. I love it.


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