Will Glenn Beck's TV Antics Tarnish the Gleam of Gold?

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" Wiener went further to state publicly that, "This really is about the consumers of Goldline's products and many of them take the rhetorical excesses of a Glenn Beck and his like when they talk up gold and then immediately go to the advertisements to get ripped off, there's no other way to put it. When you're advertising you're going to invest in gold and you wind up getting sometimes 200 percent more than the melt value of gold, that's just a bad deal. The only way for you to keep up is for the cost of gold to go up 200 percent before you put down the phone.""
Note: Never, ever, ever trust Glenn Beck. He is a miracle that showed up on the scene days after 9/11 happened - he's been dishing out a confusing array of lies, half-truths and truth. He has some goofy 9/12 movement which confuses the masses about important dates upon which we've been lied and manipulated into wars. He hijacked the Tea Party movement along with "Drill Baby Drill" Sarah Palin - WTF??? He cannot identify a building implosion (WTC7) - and has done everything in his power to trivialize the overwhelming evidence surrounding the fake story the government has sold the population of the world. He's used character assassination to discredit upstanding people who've only tried to present evidence in the face of a corporate media fakescape. Now he's a gold salesman.

Don't forget - Glenn Beck thinks in order to protect Americans and their way of life - we have to "shoot him in the head." Think about what he is saying on your airwaves. Is that what you teach your children - shoot him in the head?

Never, ever, ever trust Glenn Beck.

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