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A commenter left these thoughtful words on another post - they are here for your consideration.

I heard there would be a need to build a military base - to "assist" in the oil cleanup - just a blurb on the radio - no idea if it is actually coming to fruition. But what a convenient "koinkydink" as some bloggers say - just another catastrophe that brings us closer to a need for ever more draconian measures - kissing our liberty goodbye. And for what? Anyway here are the words of a commenter ....
Some part of the infinite complexity of the reality with which we ALL must contend, and with which public policy must become better aligned to avoid sure calamity -requires a better grasp of the human depravity and ignorance that can and will ALWAYS eventually manifest itself in reality due to human nature.

You can get rid of all those positive beliefs about human nature espoused most notably by John Locke -a long time ago.

These fantasies are all lies conjured up by the believers in the religious cult of the social psyche.

I am again thinking of the oil currently leaking into the Gulf of Mexico.

Americans must have their oil for their commuting road-rage, their Happy-Hour Homeward Bound preparations, and their Fast-Food-Fighting lifestyle.

Well, America has its oil now. It's washing up on shores of the Gulf of Mexico with no clear end in sight.

There has been raised the possibility, -even a considerable likelihood-, that this could have been an intentional sabotage rationalized, planned and affected in order to change the direction of too often misguided public policy.

The timing is certainly suspect, as if -right on queue.

The timing of this offshore oil catastrophe is as suspect as the timing of 9-11, which was clearly called-for, and planned with great political precision by criminally-inclined political operatives within the US. The patsies were chosen well in advance. Their passports were ready to be discovered in the rubble-strewn streets of NYC -the city that lies, greed and avarice built.

And both the Brits and the Americans are well-known for this sort of thing -turning out- as it often does -to be skulduggery.

Speaking of which -Billy Kristol should have been thrown in jail the day he called for another Pearl Harbor event. Kristol's feet should have been duct-taped to hot plates, -and they should have then been plugged-in, and he should have been left to cook until his eyes popped out onto his cheeks, DONE!

His execution for sedition should have long ago taken place. He has yet to be charged with anything.

Whether or not sabotage is the case in this specific instance, the leaking oil in the Gulf of Mexico, -public policy cannot discount this possibility, and even its guaranteed eventuality, -due to unrelenting human nature.

Has anyone really forgotten the images of the burning oil wells all across Kuwait?

Saddam Hussein was hung and beheaded when hung, -so we'll probably never know who really set those oil wells on fire.

But anyone who was at the time a true student of human nature, should have been able to predict -they would someday be set afire.

And you can make a similar prediction concerning nuclear power plants.

Someday, someone will blow one up -intentionally.

That's why it is immoral to build nuclear power plants, -because human nature predicts exactly -what will someday happen.

And when it does happen, nine times out of ten, human nature again predicts -it will be some government operative doing the dirty deed.

Ministry of Truth-in-Terrorism
May 1, 2010 6:39:00 AM

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