Don't know yet how many people the Israelis murdered

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" Sarah Colborne, director of campaigns and operations at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, was also on board the Mavi Marmara.
Insisting that no one on board the boat was armed, she said the attack was an act of piracy and a "massacre".
At one point, she saw a man being shot dead by an Israeli commando.
"We still don't know how many people were actually murdered because there are still many missing," she said.
"When I was on the upper deck I saw an injured person being brought to the back of the deck being tended to by a doctor and someone who is trained in first aid. He was shot in the head. It was clear it was not some paint ball. It was a bullet." Ms Colborne described scenes of chaos on the ship in the moments after the Israelis boarded.
"As I walked up, the dinghies the Israelis used were bristling with arms. I couldn't even count how many ships there were in the water. It was just literally bristling with ships, helicopters, gunfire. The whole thing was just horrific."
Note: "Attacks" from the UN etc... consist of a bunch of people speaking politely into microphones while the Israelis laugh. Time to open a can of whoopass on these clowns. Where is OUR military? A U.S.S. Liberty survivor was held in jail by the Israelis from the flotilla. Where is OUR Navy?

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