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"That changed today: we saw oil in the deepwater. We sampled a station about a mile south of our previous stations (you can get our position and our ship track on www.marinetraffic.com, just look for the R/V Walton Smith in the Gulf of Mexico sector) and we saw the most intense CDOM signals that we’ve seen so far. The Pelican cruise sampled near here three weeks ago but the CDOM signals we are seeing now are much stronger."
Note: I haven't heard why they won't sink a ship into the hole. During a mine disaster in Pennsylvania years ago the authorities dropped railroad boxcars into a mine hole that broke into a river or some water body - can't remember - but somehow they must have got the thing stopped.


  1. AS SAD A STORY AS the Gulf incident is, you've got to understand, this was ALL fabricated seeking a specific impact.

    This was NO accident.

    The Gulf oil incident is meant to distract everyone from what is really going on -so putrid politics and rapacious, lying greed can continue a while longer.

    This IS exactly like Barnie Frank in a tutu doing his TARP-approval song and dance all over again. You cannot help but look, regardless how disgusting you think it all is.

    And it is indeed that disgusting. They have actually trashed the Gulf of Mexico to distract you for a little while longer.

    The Gulf was chosen to be sacrificed this way, because it was determined to be heart rendering ENOUGH amongst gullible Americans who would be easily distracted, IF A GULF OIL RIG WERE DESTROYED AND OIL WAS ALLOWED TO POLLUTE THE GULF OF MEXICO.



    In other "news" -Harry Reid just last year referred to Barack and Michelle Obama as "Sambo" and "his Aunt Jemima Misses," straining his public image among the crowds of color.

    THIS YEAR -Harry Reid was joined by a hugging Michelle Obama on a stage in Reno Nevada at an election campaign event for Harry -who is in election trouble and in danger of just being some has-been filthy-rich former-Senator like Al Gore.

    Michelle Obama-Soetoro called the -white-hooded- Harry Reid "one of my favorite people in the world." REALLY, she did!

    No fucking shit. Black voters just love to see "his Aunt Jemima Misses" scrubbing Harry Reid's floors like a char woman!

    Dragging-up a contorted memory of JFK's speech in Berlin when he said (in German) "I am a Berliner," Harry Reid said before a deathly-embarrassed Michelle Obama, "I'm a coon too!"

    LOL! Here's the article.


    It seems playing the race card of having Michelle Obama show up at such a campaign event dressed-up in orange ONLY like Michelle Obama-Soetoro can dress up in an orange, is good politics.

    Harry was heard to mutter to himself, "Wo, hot mama!" as he donned his white broad-rimmed hat for the crowd of mostly aging, fat, white folks.

    Michelle was a good sport, singing "Indian Love Song" to Harry Reid, even though she is not an Indian, and apparently cannot sing any better than a cat whose tail is caught in a meat grinder.

    Ya gotta love her though, her and her Kenyan-born rapper-husband, Barry Soetoro -who is apparently again in trouble with immigration officials for an expired green card.

    Oh well, the country is fucked anyway, so, -so what if we have a Kenyan liar for a President?

    I just wish we'd get to see Barry Soetoro's two daughters more often. Serena and Venus play some mean tennis!

  2. I've heard from numerous callers-in to show that this spill can be stopped with explosives. That it is not that novel an idea and that it has been done before. But I have no concept of the situation there and the information coming out is all fake.

    The spill did come at a perfect time to distract the masses from the ever-growing realization that 911 was an inside job with the crooks still in power, that Israel just murdered a bunch of civilians attempting the delivery of food to the hungry at the risk of war, that America condones this behavior even though her own citizens are being taken hostage by Israel, that our financial system is corrupt, that our food supply is a disaster, that our infrastructure is crumbling, that nobody has jobs - perfect timing to distract the masses from these and many other problems plaguing our police state.

    The monopoly media and the personalities polluting our airwaves are enemies of the republic. They are the choke-point that stands in the way of progress.

  3. The point being WHAT these people -human beings every one- will do -SOMETHING as diabolical as this in order to preserve their own life-style for a period of time that is so insignificant when compared to the reality in which every one today and EVERYONE IN THE FUTURE will come and look at what they did and gag and puke at what it REALLY MEANS to be human.

    That's why I say, shoot the bastards.

    Do not feel one ounce of guilt for having done it either.

    Shoot the bastards. Turn the hypodermic needles that litter the inner cities into micro bungee-sticks and booby trap every public place on the planet. If you work at McDonald's -shit in the soup. If you work as a mechanic -put Comet in the motor oil of everyone who drives a new or nice car. If you are a carpenter -throw roofing nails in front of your local town hall.

    The revolution has begun. Wreck the place, wreck it a little more every day -and- wreck it GOOD.

    FUCK THEM! They have already lost.


    And these swine think they have placated the masses by electing some fool Kenyan to be President.

    Well, folks, the party is over. Take them all out.


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