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"bradleymanning.org is intended to be a coordination point for support and aid to Bradley Manning.
Manning, 22, is presently said to be detained by the US military in Kuwait pending charges related to the release of the leaked classified video now known as “Collateral Murder“.
At present, the web services here include this blog, a discussion forum and a wiki.
Your contributions and suggestions are most welcome."
If he's the guy who leaked the video he's a hero. Bradley Manning is charged with leaking the video (embedded below) showing US personnel murdering people in Iraq - including Reuters journalists. What he needs is AMNESTY - after all - who can argue that he's actually done anything wrong?

For those defending the actions of the shooters I would argue that murder is not some recondite concept understandable only to the military-minded. Murder is murder - and I see murder in that video.

Unjustifiable unpunished homicide by the U.S. military lays bare the failure of the U.S. military leadership. Since the leaders cannot perform their duties in line with the values of humankind in general and the American public in particular - that is - the bringing to justice of those guilty of war crimes under their command - someone else must assume the leadership role.

Failed U.S. leaders place the American soldier in a difficult moral position - they know they must refuse illegal orders and work to out the morally deficient leaders who rely on the secrecy apparatus to cover their crimes. This logic morally justifies the actions of Bradley Manning since HIS LEADERS FAILED to right the wrong - in fact they are complicit in the cover-up.

Bradley Manning is one out a million soldiers with the guts to do what is right for America and humanity - at great peril to himself. These are the qualities of a great leader - no wonder the criminals in charge act swiftly to silence him and others who know they should follow his lead. I can only conclude from the actions in this case by military leadership that those who practice what the military preaches - duty, honor, and country - go to jail while the venal lying murderer can count on promotion. What other conclusion is possible?

Broadening ones view beyond this particular case of murder by helicopter - there is NO JUSTIFICATION for ANY KILLINGS by American or other soldiers in Iraq since the entire war, right from the start, was based on lies, deceptions and treachery. There were no weapons of mass destruction, there was no yellowcake, there was NOTHING. Just lies, deceptions, and treachery - all professionally packaged and fed to the mushroom masses of America via Pox News and other treasonous scum in bed with a morally bankrupt and corrupt-to-the-core Pentagon. Retired generals - too old to actually do any fighting- and lacking moral compasses beyond their tax-payer ensured bank accounts happily participated in the greatest fraud on earth. One million Iraqis are dead my fellow Americans and fellow human beings. And who goes to jail? The guy who does what everybody should have done a long time ago.
Everybody needs to understand that the treatment Bradley Manning and others charged with whistleblowing get is the exact treatment you can expect when you've finally seen enough and decide to do the right thing.

The guys in the helicopters do NOT protect me or America in any way. THEY inspire future "terrorists" who watch their kin die at the hands of OUR TROOPS - then come back to exact revenge. This cycle of violence serves only corporations and elites who watch the foot soldiers kill each other off while they rake in record profits and confiscate wealth. Soldiers on both sides end up the unwitting dupes of elites who care not a whit about human life - unless that is - it is their own.

If a family member of those murdered in this video performed an act of violence against America - it would be payback. That means morally justified. And that is exactly what our military encourages all over the world - justifying violence and hatred toward the fascist country called the United States of Amerika. Bradley Manning had the balls to try to stop the madmen running this genocidal bloodbath. Where are the rest of our brave uniformed heroes while their comrade-in-arms is stabbed in the back for doing what every single one of us knows is RIGHT? Where are the rest of you?

The American public cannot be an effective force in ending this war if they remain ignorant of the facts. When it comes to decision making - it is wise to remember the saying "garbage in - garbage out." Videos like the one shown below, and documents demonstrating illegal acts by the madmen expanding these wars based on lies will help bring an end to the senseless killing and wasted lives by dispelling the garbage piped into the brains of the unwitting public. Until these wars are stopped America will continue its spiral into the dark abyss of tyranny. Ending the war is the only way to "be safe." Ending the war is the only way to really "support the troops." Ending the war can only happen with an informed public - whistleblowers are our only hope.

So for the military folks who cannot find the courage to follow Bradley Manning's lead - remember that if we don't stop this war you can live with the fact that all that time you spent earning colorful ribbons and shiny bits of metal to pin on your colorful uniforms - that the shining light that America once represented was drained grey of its lifeblood of liberty ON YOUR WATCH.

Following illegal orders is for NAZIs. Americans stand up and take chances. Americans don't torture and murder. Not real Americans.

So the question you must ask yourself really comes down to: Are you on the side of liberty or on the side of tyranny?

Remember: Freedom is NOT FREE.

Here's the vid if you missed it when it came out:

Ellsburg discusses topic:

UPDATE JUNE 16, 2010 Wikileak Case Echoes Pentagon Papers

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