Human race 'will be extinct within 100 years', claims leading scientist

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"'Climate change is just at the very beginning. But we're seeing remarkable changes in the weather already.' "
Note: Sometimes I wonder if these are predictions or promises. If science had good answers or decent leadership how did we get into the situation we are in right now? By the way - climate change is as old as the Earth itself.

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  1. We don't have to be confronted with a human extinction event to comprehend that humanity is headed in a direction that is lessening the standard of living that accompanies human life with each succeeding generation.

    What we do have to realize, is that all our scientific conceptions of knowledge are self-defeating bear-traps that generations of scientists incredibly -labor to set- and position like pitfalls directly in the path of humanity.

    Humanity neither needs, nor does it have any sense of how to control technologies like genetic engineering, atomic energy, nanotechnologies, or even off-shore oil well-drilling.

    Science as a knowledge path, leads straight to Hell taking humanity with it -where humanity will all-too-likely drown in the vortex of the whirlpool science always, inevitably creates.

    I laugh at those who say there is no population problem.

    If there is no population problem, -then- at what point would someone who holds this head-in-the-sand view say there would be a population problem?

    What this scientist is saying is that science has given humanity the means to grow a world population larger than simple human hunter-gatherer societies could possibly sustain on this earth.

    BUT, that those scientific inventions, -beginning first with the plow- are themselves unsustainable, prone to breakage, and susceptible to catastrophic turns of events, the first of which was a plague of locusts.

    Our bloated human populations have always continued down a path of pragmatic fixes in an attempt to sustain these ever-increasing and now unsustainable levels of human population.

    This scientist is saying, it is already too late.

    I am saying, -No-. It is not too late.

    The moral imperative of life is to live a life that detracts not at all from the lives available to those who will follow us into this world.

    This requires some moral restraint.

    It requires we each recognize -while we are at the party of life, like all party-goers, we have an obligation not to wreck it for all the other party-goers.

    Those who are coming in the future to this party of life should be the focus of our moral restraint.

    Science is an abomination of our human potential for life on this earth.

    No one has the right to endanger the party of life on this planet with their intellectual curiosity.

    Science is the rabid dog in our midst.


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