Kagan took $10,000 "stipend" from Goldman Sachs

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" Much has been made, in particular, over the $10,000 “stipend” she received for being a member of the Goldman Sachs Global Markets Institute advisory council.

And while any connection to the toxic Goldman Sachs brand is likely to be political fodder during the confirmation process, the jury is out on how substantive the connection really is.

As the disclosure shows, the $10,000 was a pittance next to the $427,299 salary she reported as a Harvard Law School dean."
Note: The crooks can keep loading up the government positions with people they think are going to protect them - but it will only work to a certain point. With each action, each appointment, each crime left unpunished - the real culprits out themselves to an awakening public. The liars and murderers running the show, however, can't see how obvious it is all becoming to the rest of us. Unfortunately, until our corporate media is stopped, meaning they are forced to stop peddling lies for GE and the other war profiteers and foreign governments, we will have to endure more injustice and incompetency. Innocents will pay with their lives, the police will stamp on human faces and our economy and infrastructure will continue to rot.

The mechanisms for true leaders to make a difference by influencing public opinion, gaining access to public office via honest elections, and justice for all seem horribly thwarted at this time.

Perhaps people will wake up as the U.S. government licks the boots of the Israelis as they get mired in a showdown of Israeli machine guns vs. peaceful protesters trying to bring the goods to Gaza. You never know from where the catalyst of change will come.
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